Foote Fellows Meet Your Mentors!

Pre-Orientation Webinar
Presenter: Melissa Hechtman, Program Manager
Welcome to the University of Miami!
The Foote Fellows Program honors and reflects the
educational vision of former UM President Edward T.
Foote, who retired in 2000 after serving the University for
twenty years.
Within the framework and terms of each college’s
curricula and major programs, Foote Fellows are exempt
from the University General Education requirements. This
freedom allows you to build an education unique to your
goals and interests.
We will support you in creating a rigorous, dynamic
curriculum and enriching your education.
Designated academic advisors work with Foote Fellows within
each school and college.
College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. William Scott Green
[email protected]
Ms. Melissa Hechtman
[email protected]
Ms. Athena Sanders
[email protected]
School of Architecture
Ms. Ana M. Santana
[email protected]
School of Business Administration
Dr. Elisah Lewis
[email protected]
School of Communication
Mr. Luis Herrera
[email protected]
School of Education & Human
Ms. Gina Astorini
[email protected]
College of Engineering
Dr. Ram Narasimhan
[email protected]
Frost School of Music
Dr. Steven Moore
[email protected]
School of Nursing
Ms. Deborah S. Paris
[email protected]
Rosenstiel School of Marine and
Atmospheric Science
Dr. Gary Hitchcock
[email protected]
Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring
Pre-Health Advising Website
Dr. Michael Gaines
[email protected]
Dr. Tiffany Plantan
[email protected]
Pre-Law Advising
A&S Pre-Law Advising Website
Dr. Elisah Lewis (Business)
[email protected]
Ms. Eva Alonso (Communication)
[email protected]
Foote Fellows are EXEMPT from University General Education
Requirements within the terms of their school or college curriculum.
General Education requirements include:
Areas of Proficiency
English Composition*
Writing Across the Curriculum
Areas of Knowledge (Cognates)
Arts & Humanities
People & Society
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
*Schools/colleges may require Foote Fellows to take courses
such as English Composition or Mathematics as pre-requisites
for required courses.
Foote Fellows are not exempt from pre-requisite courses.
Some general education requirements may be necessary for admission
to medical/graduate school.
Foote Fellows may satisfy General Education Requirements by choice or
with AP/IB/Dual Enrollment credit.
Foote Fellows may choose to enroll in Cognates.
The Foote Fellows Program allows students freedom to individualize
their education and pursue unique academic goals.
Foote Fellows use this freedom in different ways, including (but not
limited to):
– Pursuing double or triple Majors*
– Pursuing multiple Minors
– Pursuing a dual degree*
– Choosing courses of interest across multiple disciplines
– Focusing solely on one or few areas of study
*Dual/Triple Majors and Dual Degrees must be approved by each
School/College. Foote Fellows must consider the required courses and
credits for each major in creating a feasible academic plan.
Foote Fellows may also use their academic freedom to:
– Study abroad one (or more) semester(s)
– Participate in undergraduate research
– Pursue internships
– Complete a thesis or special project
– You name it!
Double Major – A student completes the requirements for two majors
while earning one bachelor’s degree (B.A., B.S., B.B.A., etc.)
Dual Degree – A student completes the requirements for two bachelor’s
degrees (example: B.A. and B.S.)
– To obtain two different undergraduate degrees, you must complete
all the requirements for each degree.
– A second undergraduate degree on the same level requires a
different major and a different minor.
– If the degrees are in two different schools, you must meet the
requirements with distinctly different majors and minors, where ever
applicable, in each school.
– While certain general education requirements may be applied to
both degrees, you cannot double count a major or a minor to satisfy
the requirements for degrees in different schools or different
– Requires approval from each academic department and the Office
of the Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
Seminar for Foote Fellows
“Books that Matter” Course (FSS 199, HON 330)
FSS 199 and HON 330 are two courses created for our Foote Fellows and
taught by Drs. Green and Russo. The goal of the class, in which you will
read books in non-fiction prose, is to help us decide which books “matter”
and which books don’t—and why.
These seminars offer an opportunity to study major works of non-fiction,
under the guidance of faculty members from across the University. We
examine important works which, by means of their strong, connected
argumentation, challenge the way we respond to, interpret, and shape reality.
Emphasis in the course falls mainly on the logical structure embedded deep
within the text, and less on content per se, so that a student’s effort is not
directed towards a reading of “great books” but rather the discovery of
“significant arguments.”
By learning to read, question, and enjoy important intellectual studies of the
past and present, students will be able to read, question, and enjoy what will
be the influential books of non-fiction published in their lifetime, whether in
public affairs, science, social science, economics, history, film and media
studies, philosophy, psychology, etc.
Opportunities & Resources for Foote Fellows
“Books that Matter” Course (FSS 199, HON 330)
Foote Fellow Programming Board
Foote Fellow Mentors
Departmental Honors
University Honors (Summa cum Laude, Magna cum Laude, cum Laude)
Undergraduate Research
Butler Center for Service & Leadership
UM Civic Scholars Program
Toppel Career Center
The Launch Pad
Study Abroad
Office of Prestigious Awards & Fellowships
Prestigious Awards & Fellowships
The Office of Prestigious Awards and Fellowships:
Provides undergraduate students with a range of services to maximize
their candidacy for nationally competitive awards, fellowships, and
Promotes awareness and knowledge of scholarship opportunities
through campus media and information sessions
Provides individual mentoring to help students match their personal
qualifications and goals to nationally competitive scholarship programs
Meets with potential applicants to review and assist in refining the
application packet, personal statement and other materials
Coordinates campus review/nomination processes for awards requiring
institutional endorsement like the Rhodes, Fulbright, Goldwater, and
Conducts mock-interviews for fellowship finalists
Ms. Kefryn Reese, Director
[email protected]
Foote Fellows Program
Orientation Events for Foote Fellows
Tuesday, August 19, 5:00-6:30p.m.
Foote Fellow Welcome Reception (Students & Parents)
Fieldhouse Multipurpose Room, Bank United Center
All new Foote Fellows are invited to learn more about the Foote Fellows
Program at UM. Light refreshments will be served.
Sunday, August 24, 7:00-8:00p.m.
Foote Fellows Meet Your Mentors!
Student Activities Center Ballroom
All new Foote Fellows are invited to meet your Foote Fellow Mentors
(upperclassmen) at this casual peer networking event. Light refreshments will
be served.
Foote Fellows Program Contact Information:
Melissa Hechtman, Manager
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (305) 284-3428
Location: Hughes House 21Y
“Official Foote Fellows Facebook Group”