Charles H McCloy PowerPoint

Historical Presentation
By: Logan Sinnett
Life Span: 1886-1959
Marietta College (1907-1910, 1947)
John Hopkins Medical School(1910-1912)
Grinnell College(1955)
George Williams College(1957)
Ottawa University(1958)
Charles H McCloy, 1950
Historical time period:
The Emergence of a Profession
 He taught physical education at colleges and served at
Young Men’s Christian Association locations in China
and the United States between 1905 and 1930
 He was a professor of physical education at the
University of Iowa from 1930 to 1959
 McCloy’s specialty was anthropometry, the analysis of
motor skills
 McCloy agreed that physical education could contribute to
social and mental development, but he believed the main
significance and primary responsibility was to develop
students physically and make them more skilled
 The testing of motor skills was a part of McCloy’s
contribution to physical education
 Our profession would be different without McCloy’s
contribution because if we didn’t test motor skills, athletes
and students could be at risk of injury. Also, if we didn’t
test our motor skills, it could impact human development
 He wrote numerous books about physical education
in both the Chinese and English languages
During and after World War II he advised on physical
fitness for the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force
McCloy lived in China for 13 years and spoke Chinese
In China, he was a secretary within the Department of
Education and National Council of YMCA’s
In 1946 he was a member of an American educational
mission to occupied Japan.
 Introduction to Physical Education Fitness and
Sport/Daryl Siedentop. – 7th ed.
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