Program of Study Templates - National Council for Workforce

Online Program of Study Templates
(POSTs) in Oregon:
Career & Academic Planning Tools
for Students & Advisors/Counselors
National Council for
Workforce Education Conference
October 30, 2014
Agenda for this session…
• Learn about how to access more than 400+
Career Pathway Roadmaps for CTE programs
across Oregon’s 17 community colleges
• Learn about how to access Program of Study
Templates (POST) statewide site
• Learn about POST development,
implementation & outreach at Rogue
Community College
Career Pathways WebTool
Open Source Software with two online tools
Community College Roadmaps
Program of Study Templates (POSTs):
high school to community college articulations
(9th-12th grade high school coursework
articulated to community college certificates
& degrees)
Career Pathway Roadmaps
• More than 400 Career Pathway Roadmaps
available on all 17 community college websites.
• Include stackable certificates, degrees, high
school & university articulations, labor market &
“getting started” information
• More than 350 Career Pathway & 100 Less Than
One Year Certificates (12-44 credits)
• Xxxxxx + hits from July 2013 – June 2014
Program of Study Templates (POSTs)
• Maps coursework for 9th – 12th grades in
specific high schools articulated to specific CTE
certificates & degrees @ community colleges
• More than 500 POSTs developed
• Build out statewide through March 2015
• Access POSTs statewide through new
development site:
Rogue Community College
• Developing POSTs
• Updating & maintaining POSTs
• Alignment & Leverage with Perkins Programs
of Study (POS)
• Outreach to counselors & students
• Successes & Lessons Learned
A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words…
• Lane Career Pathways 90- second Career
Pathways video
• Mt. Hood Community College
Regional CTE Programs & POSTs
For more information…
• Mimi Maduro, Pathways Initiative Statewide
Director, Oregon Department of Community
Colleges & Workforce Development
[email protected]
• Serena St. Clair, Pathways & Articulation
Coordinator, Rogue Community College,
[email protected]