Verification of Lawful Presence Affidavit - galis

Verification of Eligibility
for Public Benefit
Technical College System of Georgia
Office of Adult Education
Georgia Law
 O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1
 Agencies of the State providing or
administering a public benefit (adult
education) must require every applicant
ages 18 and over to:
 Provide one secure and verifiable document
 Execute a signed and sworn affidavit
VOEPB Affidavit
 Name
 Age
 Status
 Secure and Verifiable
Document type
 City
 Signature and Printed
Name of Applicant
 Notarization
Secure and Verifiable Document
 Approved by the Georgia
Attorney General:
 U.S. Passport
 State-issued Driver’s
License or ID
 U.S. Permanent Resident
card or Alien Reg.
Receipt card
 Foreign Passport
 U.S. Birth Certificate
 Many more
Local Program Responsibilities
 Print the Verification of Eligibility for Public
Benefit Affidavit and the list of secure and
verifiable documents in duplex format (front/back)
 Distribute the affidavit to all students ages 18 and
over at the time of intake
 Provide a notary public, if able
 Collect a copy of the secure and verifiable
Student Responsibilities
 Provide a secure and verifiable document to the
local program
 Complete the affidavit and select a category
 United States citizen
 Legal permanent resident of the United States
 Qualified alien or non-immigrant
 Present the affidavit to a notary public and follow
his/her instructions
Local Processing of Affidavits
 Collect the notarized affidavits
 Review and identify affidavits with
qualified alien or non-immigrant selected
 Record information in GALIS
 Maintain the affidavits in the students’
permanent records
Qualified Alien status: Student
 Must submit supporting documentation
 Examples include, but are not limited to:
 Foreign passport with I-94 or I-94A
 Temporary Resident Alien Card (I-688)
 Employment Authorization Card (I-76, I688A or I-688B)
 Refugee Travel Document (I-571)
Qualified Alien status:
Local Program
 Copies of the affidavit and supporting
documentation must be submitted to
OAE within 20 business days of receipt
 Affidavits and supporting documentation
may be submitted hard copy or
Qualified Alien status: OAE
 Receives documents
 Reviews the affidavit and supporting
 Submits the information to the federal
Systematic Alien Verification for
Entitlements (SAVE) program
Refusal of Services and Appeal
 If a student is unable to be verified:
 Student and program are notified
 Services must end
 Student may appeal to OAE
 In writing
 Within 10 business days
 With additional supporting documentation
Keep in Mind
 Detailed directions for the VOEPB are available
with this presentation
 Applicants complete the affidavit only ONE time
 Qualified Alien applicants who provide
supporting documentation are eligible to receive
the benefit while in process
 Affidavits completed in 2010 and 2011 can be used
to satisfy the affidavit requirement
Referral Process
 Work with local community
 Develop a referral process
 Distribute contact information for
other providers
Thank You
Thank you for your time and your
attention. Please direct questions
about the VOEPB to your supervisor,
program administrator, or
designated state staff contact.