vTools – NCC Training 2014

Tools to support IEEE Volunteers
Technology Support for Volunteer Leaders
• eNotice
• Meetings (Registration & L31 Reporting)
• Setup/Vote an Election
• Report Officer Changes
• Vitality Dashboard & SAMIEEE
• Website Hosting Support
• WebEx
• Setup a Survey
• What’s New (PPCT)
• Facilitates email distribution
• Basic Process
– Organizational unit submits the mail piece request.
– Staff creates the e-mail list from the IEEE Business
Management System.
– Staff sends the mail piece using a high-volume
message-delivery system.
– Each message that is sent includes an unsubscribe
– The eNotice submitter will be included in the mailing.
– Submission approval is required.
E-Notice 2.0
eNotice organizational unit submission form
Your Name*
eNotice Subject*0 of 150 max characters
Target Type*Society/Region/Council/Section/Subsection/Chapter/Affinity Group/Student
Target Name* (e.g., Chicago Section)
Requested Mail-by Date*
Content Type*Plain Text/HTML
Mailing priority: Normal/High/Critical
*** Please use the Critical mailing Priority sparingly. It is meant for eNotice cancellations,
but can be used for others. We will do our best to accommodate your request during
business hours.
Would you like to schedule a reminder?*Yes/No
Comments/Special Requests for eNotice admins
eNotice Attachment #1
eNotice Attachment #2
To prevent SPAM please type in the following characters in the box below:
E-Notice Restrictions
• IEEE eNotice service restrictions:
• For critical eNotice requests (e.g., cancellations), please be certain to
select, “Yes” for the “Is this request critical?” field below. We will do our
best to accommodate your critical requests during normal business hours.
• IEEE organizational units using this service are strongly encouraged to limit
mailings to one per week.
• Processing time can be up to 5 business days due to the volume of
requests we receive daily.
• To use eNotice, you must be an officer of the organizational unit to which
you want to send notices. If you are an officer of the organizational unit
and your information does not appear in the online rosters, then please
submit your officer information to http://officers.vtools.ieee.org. If your
officer position does not appear in the online rosters, then approval from
the appropriate officers would be required.
vTools – Meetings
Used for Managing Section and Chapter Meetings
• Officers can create meeting announcements with no dependence
on webmaster availability and show them on your website.
• Members and the public may see and register for the upcoming
• Go to vtools-meeting-tutorials for:
Schedule a meeting
find, Edit, Cancel, and Delete an Existing Meeting
Using existing Meeting as a template in creating a new Meeting Notice
Registration functionality and Meeting Statistics
Creating Menu Tag and Name Tags
Creating and Searching L31 Reports
How to automatically fill in fields in similar L31 reports
Payment Functionality and Pricing Levels
Meeting Notice feeds and iCal Functionality
Finding a meeting in vTools and MyIEEE
vTools – Meeting System
Welcome to the IEEE vTools Meeting System
Please select from the following options:
About the vTools Meeting System
Find Meetings
Schedule a Meeting
View Feeds (RSS/HTML/XML/iCal)
Create an L31 Meeting Report (for meeting not in
• List Current L31 Meetings (in my Section)
• Search L31 Meeting Reports (across system)
• Log out
Elections – Setup & Voting
• Allows members to submit votes in their
Section/Chapter/Affinity Group Officer Elections
online (please note that this is different from the
general IEEE elections).
• Offers
voter authentication via IEEE web accounts
intuitive user interface for creating election ballots
ability to create professionally looking ballots
ability to send voting reminders via e-mail
IEEE branded look and feel.
Elections Tutorials
• Provides instructions for managing a ballot
and running an election (PPT) (PDF)
• Provides instructions for volunteers on getting
a voter list (PPT) (PDF)
• Provides voter Instructions (PPT) (PDF)
Ballot Dashboard
In order to create a ballot,
you must select an
organization that will hold
the election.
The Ballot Dashboard shows all of the ballots that you
have created including: Active, Saved (Drafts), and Past
You have an option to create
a ballot from a template that
has pre-defined officer
positions. Using a template
is not required.
• *Who can submit an electronic vote?
Any eligible member within the corresponding geographical area can vote
in Section/Chapter/Affinity Group election. Additionally you must have an
IEEE web account. Please note that you can only vote once. If you submit
your vote electronically, you can not vote again in the same election.
• *Who can create election ballots for electronic vote submission?
Each Section, Chapter, Affinity Group assigns an election manager who can
create electronic election ballots.
• *How do I get access to create election ballots?
Please visit https://voting.vtools.ieee.org and log in with your IEEE
Account. Not all officer positions have access to create ballots. If you do
not have access to do so and you require it, please contact
[email protected]
• *How long is the ballot open?
This is tailored to section needs. Election managers should follow
Membership and Geographic Activities Board Operations Manual (see
section 9.4).
Report Officer Changes
• Enables authorized volunteers to submit
officer change reports
• Automatic validation
• Updates the central IEEE database
• Volunteers can view/add/remove/update
Vitality Dashboard
• Provides Section and other organizational unit leaders
a monitoring tool that provides real-time, top-down
status view of their section vitality metrics.
• Access for Unit Leaders only (SAMIEEE access)
• Annual IEEE and Unit Statics
– Student Membership
– Society Publications
– Gender by Grade
• Unit Leadership – Current and History
• Members – Active, Arrears, Inactive, No Email, etc.
• Actual Recorded Unit Meeting Activity
IEEE Website Hosting
• WebInaBox (https://webinabox.vtools.ieee.org/)
– Simple Fill-in-the-Blanks Website generation
• WordPress Website Generation
Contact Khanh Luu ([email protected])
Several IEEE Themes and Configurations
E.G. See: http://sites.ieee.org/wnc
• Free – IEEE Hosted at: http//sites.ieee.org
Volunteer Remote Conferencing
• IEEE MGA sponsors web conferencing services for geographic
organizational units to conduct online meetings, webinars, training,
demos and presentations. The service is available to MGA Board
members and MGA Board Committees as well as region and section
EXCOM officers.
• Training Information:
Scheduling A Meeting (PDF)
Running a Meeting (PDF)
Participant Management (PDF)
Event Center User’s Guide (PDF)
• Register to use WebEX
– (http://sites.ieee.org/vtools/products/webex/webex-registration/)
To use the service Regularly – Contact Eugene Khusid ([email protected])
Setup a Survey
• This is a survey tool for
regions/sections/chapters/affinity groups. The tool can
be used to quickly create online surveys using intuitive
interface and distribute them via e-mail, web link, etc.
• Select a Template (lots from which to choose)
• Or , Import a Survey
• Select Questions (depend on Template)
• Numerous Expected Answer Formats
– Yes/No, Multiple Guess, Free flow, etc.
• Response Analysis in numerous forms.
Professional Productivity and Collaboration
Tools (PPCT)
• IEEE's professional networking / collaboration
• Integrated suite of features and productivity
tools that facilitate online communication,
collaboration, and networking
PPCT Objective
• Strengthen connections with the global
community of technology professionals
• Facilitate professional development and
• Remotely collaborate in a seamless way
• Access and manage the information they need in
their profession in a very efficient way
• Accelerate research and publication with
improved tools
PPCT Development Progress
• Release A (Apr)
– Programmatic community management
– Collaboration features
• Release B (Jun)
– Professional networking features
– Document management
• Release C (Aug)
– User profile & settings
– Research library management
• Release D (Nov – Final phase 1)
– Research tools
– Authoring
– Management tools
• Professional Profiles
• Privacy settings
• Peer-to-peer
• Activity stream
• Communities
• Notifications
• Integration w/ 3rdparty networks
• Member grade
• Enhanced privacy
• Exclusive
• Volunteer badging
• Vtools integration
Career Development
• Profile management / • Preferential
career history
placement in
• Communities
recruiter search
• Exclusive
• Content discovery,
library management;
importing citations and
documents from
multiple services
• Private collaboration
• Communities
• Cloud-storage
• Collaborative document
• Profile management /
published works
• Bibliography generation
• Communities
• Cloud-storage
• IEEEXplore
• Google Scholar
• Microsoft Academic
For example…
• Requirements or design
• Application notes,
• Consulting proposals
FAQs 1
Q. What is PPCT?
A. PPCT is IEEE's professional networking and collaboration platform, offering an
integrated suite of productivity tools that facilitate online networking, research
and collaborative authoring. Available to members and non-members, PPCT will
feature IEEE activities, events, and opportunities according to the users’
relationship with IEEE, and their self-defined interests.
Q. When will PPCT launch?
A. PPCT is scheduled to launch in late Q1 2015.
August 2014
PPCT Product Sheet || Sections Congress Preview
Professional Productivity & Collaboration Tool (PPCT)
Q. Can I preview PPCT?
A. The first opportunity to see PPCT will be to participate in the Pilot scheduled for
later this year. Members can sign up to participate in the Pilot by visiting the PPCT
booth at Sections Congress.
FAQs 2
How do I get started?
A. Volunteers, members, researchers and authors will receive communications in
2015 regarding the launch of PPCT. Members can preview PPCT later this year by
agreeing to participate in a Pilot. Visit the PPCT Booth at Sections Congress to
sign up and learn more.
Q. How can my Section leverage PPCT?
A. PPCT will offer a targeted outlet for volunteers to promote local opportunities
events, extend local services and engage non-members with the opportunity to
convert them to members.
Q. Is Google required to participate?
A. No, Google is not required to participate with PPCT. There are a number of tasks
to perform without the use of a Google account such as: networking, viewing
activity feeds, setting up profile and privacy settings, global searches, alerts and
notification PPCT community features to name a few.
Future Opportunities for PPCT
Conference attendees experience
Standards development integrations
Continuing Education offerings
Professional identity development through
certifications or “badges” in addition to
member status
• Apps for IEEE disciplines