SUNY Seamless Transfer Powerpoint

Seamless Transfer
Presentation to UAC
September 10, 2014
Elaine R. Cusker
Associate Dean
Academic Affairs/Undergraduate Education
SUNY Mobility
What is it?
• Seamless Transfer
• Degree Planning and Audit (DegreeWorks)
• Project Win-Win (Reverse Transfer)
• Open SUNY
• E-advising
• Online Course Finder
• Cross Registration Policy
• Early Alert Systems
Components of Seamless Transfer
Curriculum – General Education
Curriculum design:
• SUNY – General Education Requirements (GER) –
complete 30 credits and 7/10 requirements within first 2
• Additional campus requirements are allowed but cannot
extend time to degree beyond two years for those who
transfer with SUNY AA or AS or in bachelor’s programs
Components of Seamless Transfer Transfer Paths
• Foundation courses in certain identified majors – public
• “Typically taken during the first two years of study”
• Matched with actual courses at SUNY campuses
• Effective for Fall 2015 – both for outgoing and incoming
students: SUNY Transfer Paths
Components of Seamless Transfer Credit Requirements
• SUNY policy – maximum of 126 credits for all
bachelor’s degrees; 64 credits for associate’s
• Programs with a greater number must revise
curriculum or seek a waiver
• UB filed 10 waivers for credit threshold –
Architecture (128 – approved), Engineering,
Nuclear Medicine
• Students must be in a major at 60 credits
Components of Seamless Transfer Admissions
• Any SUNY AA or AS shall be guaranteed
admission in a parallel program at a SUNY
baccalaureate campus
• Transfer student is required to meet the
admission requirements expected of continuing
and returning students at a campus – UB review
and revisions
• AA or AS graduates accepted into parallel
programs will be afforded junior status
Components of Seamless Transfer –
Transfer Courses:
GER & Major
• SUNY GER completed in first 60 credits – UB filed
10 waivers for BS in Chemistry and Engineering
• SUNY GER courses are guaranteed transfer with a C
or better or less at campus discretion
• Major courses are guaranteed transfer with a C or
better or less at campus discretion
• Transfer Path courses equivalent to/replaces a
prerequisite – it shall fulfill the required prerequisite
UB’s Actions to Date
• Communication with SUNY leadership
• Faculty participation in all Transfer Path forums
• Completed SUNY Campus Inventory – regarding
• Maximum of 126 credits
• GER in first two years
• Policies equitable to transfers
• Catalog presents 8 semester detailed plans
• Filed 11 waivers
Next Steps
• Transfer Path course inventory for each
campus review - pending
• Waiver decisions
• Full Implementation – Fall, 2015
Impacted UB units:
• Academic Departments
• Admissions
• Financial Aid
• Advising
• Registrar
• General Education