High Speed Broadband in California Libraries: an initiative of

High Speed Broadband in California Libraries: an
initiative of the California State Library and CENIC
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High Speed Broadband in California
Libraries: an initiative of the
California State Library and CENIC
Joe Ford, Consultant
Chris Goodheart, Consultant
Jarrid Keller, Acting Deputy State Librarian, California State Library
Project Background
• What is the opportunity?
• Why are we doing the survey?
Key Players: who are the partners?
• California State Library
• CENIC (Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California)
• California Library Association
History: how did we get here?
Future: What are possible timelines for this project?
Project Timeline
• August 1-30: Survey conducted
• August 5-14: Webinars held
• Mon. August 5, 2 pm
• Wed. August 7, 11 am
• Mon. August 12, 2 pm
• Wed. August 14, 11 am
• August 5 – September 9: Help Desk available
• August 23-Sept. 15: Follow-up phone calls to libraries
• September 3 – 30: Survey results analyzed and draft report prepared
What is CENIC?
• CENIC is a 501(c)3 created in 1997 to serve California’s K-20 research &
education institutions with cost-effective, high-bandwidth networking
• Five Charter Associates: California Community Colleges, California K-12
System, California State University System, Private Universities, and the
University of California System
• 9,000+ K-12 sites, 112 CCC sites, 23 CSU campuses, 10 UC campuses,
Caltech/Stanford/USC, also medical centers, off-campus sites, etc.
• www.cenic.org
What is CalREN?
• 3,800 miles of optical fiber
• Members in all 58 counties connect via fiberoptic cable or leased circuits from telecom
• Nearly 10,000 sites connect to CalREN
• Over 10 million Californians use CalREN
every day
• Governed by Charter members
on the segmental level
• Provides 24/7/365 NOC services
specialized for research &
education communities
Benefits of Joining CENIC
• Faster internet service – up to 1 gigabit of connectivity to
main libraries
• 24/7 network support
• Enable state, nation, and worldwide collaboration with
much greater freedom, cost-effectiveness, and more
predictable budgeting
• Leverage libraries’ knowledge and expertise in research
and education via membership in CENIC
• Enable economies of scale for CA libraries: the cost per
bit is dramatically lower
What Does This Mean for My Library
• What impacts will CENIC connectivity have on:
• my current services?
• my current networks?
• Will my library need to change its other networks to fiber?
• Can CENIC support VoIP?
Survey Design
Two part survey:
1. Jurisdictional Information Survey: Filled out by Director
2. Library Branch Needs Assessment: Filled out by technical staff for
each branch
Survey Content
As a response to the Legislative request for a clear picture of the
state of connectivity and infrastructure in California Public
2. Branch Needs Assessment
1. Jurisdictional Information
• Contact Information
• Staff and Finance
• Desired/Planned Usage
Existing Internet Connection
Space and Equipment
Networking Equipment
Fire Suppression
Location Permanency
Tips for Completing the Survey
• Print pdf and use it to gather data
• Library Director completes Library Jurisdictional survey
• Branch Needs Assessment: Gather technical data from IT staff
and cost data from business office
• Enter data on Survey Monkey
• Use same computer and same browser
• Use the Help Desk for ANY questions
Questions about Completing the Survey
• This survey is complicated. Can I do it later?
• You want details I don’t have. Can you help me find them?
• My city/county/Board/IT isn’t sure we want this. Can you talk to
• We can’t break out the costs as you request. How much detail do
you need?
• We have plans to upgrade our connectivity. Should I fill out the
survey based on what we have now or what we will have in the
How Can I Get Help with the Survey?
• Overview of Help Desk process
• Ask questions at the Help Desk online at:
• Will find the answers and someone will get back to you within 2
business days
• This webinar will be posted online at the California State Library Site
• Questions?
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