Promotion and Tenure Plan Early and Often, BUT What do you need

Promotion and Tenure
Plan Early and Often,
BUT What do you need to know
to plan??
Susan K. Pingleton, MD
Robert Klein, PhD
Fundamental Principles of
Promotion and Tenure
• Time is crucial only for Tenure Track
• 7 year Probationary period
• Promotion is based on achievements!!
• Achievements MUST be documented
• In a manner that basic scientists can
• If it is not on your CV that is submitted to P & T
committee, it didn’t happen!!
• (some info from Chair, reference letters )
What do junior faculty need to
know (especially non-tenure track )
• Rank
• Track
– Tenure vs non-tenure track
• Academic expectations for each rank and
• “Early Career” corresponds to asst Prof
• “Mid Career”
corresponds to Assoc Prof
• “Established Career” corresponds to Prof
Tenure Vs Non-Tenure Track
Tenure Track
• Un-modified Title
– Asst professor, assoc
professor, etc
• Mandatory mid-cycle
– Year 3 in grade
• Mandatory Time for
promotion (7 years)
– Mandatory mid cycle review
– Must apply for promotion in
6th year
Non-Tenure Track
• Un-modified title
– Asst professor, assoc
professor, etc
• No mid-cycle review (may be
department dependent)
• No time restrictions for
• Contract - 1,2, or 3 years
rolling contract
Required Materials for Mid-Cycle Tenure
Track Faculty Review
• A current CV of the faculty member under review (in the
KUSOM format)
• A written summary evaluation, faculty member's past
performance and potential for continued progress toward
• Copies of faculty member's annual reviews since their start date
• Any other evidence the individual faculty member or chair may
wish to provide as progress towards tenure and academic
P & T Committee Structure
Kansas City
• 4 Basic Science
• 4 Clinical
• 1 At-Large
• 6 Clinical
• 6 Elected
• 1 Appointed
• 3 Elected
• 3 Appointed
Curriculum Vitae for P & T Review
• Four Sections
– Personal Data
– Teaching
Didactic, non-didactic teaching, clinical Course #, title, type, # students/session, etc
Educational Leadership
Educational course material development
– Scholarship
Grant and contract, scholarly publications (peer and non peer review), presentations
– Academic and Professional Service
Committee membership, RVU’s, local and regional referral, etc
Introductory Statement for Each Section
Documentation and Explanation of pertinent activities STRONGLY encouraged!
Letters from Departmental P & T
Committees and Chairs
• Provide perspectives on applicant
• Every applicant, no matter the track is
review by departmental P & T committee
before SOM P & T committee
• Emphasize data in the application
• Explain significance of achievements
Promotion and Tenure Process
Departmental P&T Committee
School P&T Committee
Executive Dean
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Required Materials for Original Paper
Copy of Application
• Nomination Form
• Department P&T Recommendation
• Department Chair’s Recommendation
• Other letters (e.g., center director)
• Curriculum Vitae (SOM format)
• Referee Contact Info for Support Letters
• Supporting Documents
2013 Timeline
• April:
• June 1:
• September 1:
• October 1:
• January:
• February 1
• April:
Call for Applications
Letter of Intent
Deadline for Dept P&T Committees to
Complete application (CV, names
of references, reprints, other
supporting documents)
Recommendations to the
Executive Dean
Recommendations to the Chancellor’s
Office in Lawrence
Confirmation of promotions
This is
what you
should be
This are
examples of
what you
need to do be
promoted on
the non
tenure and
tenure track
This are
examples of
what you NEED
to do to get
promoted on
non-tenure track
This are examples of
what you NEED to do to
get promoted on nontenure track
This are examples
of what you NEED
to do to get
Office of Scholarly, Academic
& Research Mentoring
• You are responsible for your career!
• We are here to help you!
• No matter how long you have been in grade, start
keeping “records” now!
• Review in detail, Matrix Expectations by year 1-6
• Your application for promotion (SOM CV format)
should be complete, thorough, and highly
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