Layoffs Reductions and Separations

Layoffs, Reductions and Separation Objectives
In this training you will learn to navigate the complicated
processes of layoffs, reductions in time and separations of
UC employees.
• To understand ANR’s layoff, reduction and separation
• To learn the supervisor’s responsibilities
• To become familiar with the employee complaint and
grievance rights
• To understand ANR’s employee separation procedures
• To become aware of ANR’s Career Management Services
Layoff/Reduction in Time
Layoff Process and Procedure
The University of California is committed to creating an equitable
environment for each employee and to administering all policies fairly
and properly. The Layoff/Reduction in Time process is based on title
code and layoff unit and must be completed for any percentage reduction
in time, or a layoff of a fixed percentage career position.
Layoff/Reduction in Time
Layoff Process and Procedure
1. Contact the Staff Personnel Unit and let them know of a probable layoff
or reduction in time.
2. An analyst will be assigned to work with you, and will provide you with
the layoff/reduction in time template.
3. Include: The employees name/title/appointment percentage, reason
for proposed action, effective date of action, justification of layoff .
4. The analyst will review the organizational chart to assist them with the
layoff/reduction in time approvals.
Layoff/Reduction in Time
Layoff Process and Procedure
5. The assigned analyst will begin to process the Seniority Points, and
review the layoff/reduction in time plan for approvals.
6. Once the plan is reviewed and found to be in conformance with policy,
and any relevant collective bargaining agreements the analyst will
send the letters notifying the supervisor.
7. The Layoff/Reduction in Time Notice Letter is to be finalized by the
County Director or Department Head.
Layoff/Reduction in Time
Layoff Process and Procedure
If for some reason the effective date has to be changed it should be
changed accordingly to match the number of calendar days notice
the employee is required to receive.
The employee should be given the phone number and website to
both the Staff Personnel Unit, and the UC Davis Benefits office for
information on Outplacement Services and the effect the layoff will
have on their benefits.
10. ANR Staff Personnel Services will keep a list of all employees
involved in a layoff/reduction in time, and be aware of new positions
in the Layoff Unit that should be available to them.
Layoff/Reduction in Time
Layoff Process and Procedure
• Temporary Layoffs or Reductions in Time
• Voluntary Reductions
• Exceptions to Seniority Based Layoffs
• Union Involvement
• Severance
• Preferential Rehire
• Notice Requirements
• Pay in Lieu of Notice
Layoff/Reduction in Time
Supervisor Responsibilities
Keep a paper trail of the paperwork process, ensure clear and consistent
communication with the staff personnel unit and ensure that all other
options have been considered.
Keep copies of the paperwork you send to the SPU and copies of the
paperwork that you give to the employee.
Layoff/Reduction in Time
Complaint and Grievance Rights
A former employee separated by layoff who is eligible for recall or
preference for reemployment as provided in each contract, may file a
complaint alleging violations of recall and preference for reemployment.
The grievance and complaint procedures are included in the union
contracts and in Personnel Policies for Staff Members.
Separation Actions
Employee Separations
When University employment is terminated for any reason or voluntarily
separates from employment, a separation occurs. Employees serving a
probationary period or holding limited, casual/restricted or floater
appointments may be released at any time at the discretion of the
University. The employee shall be notified of the release in writing.
Separation Actions
Employee Separations
Separation Policy
Discharged Employee – If an employee is discharged, all final wages
earned and unpaid at the time of discharge are due and payable
immediately. A discharge can be for medical, disciplinary and layoff
Voluntary Resignation without Notice – If an employee resigns without
notice the University must pay the employee all final wages no later than
72 hours from the date of separation.
Voluntary Resignation with 72 Hour Notice – If an employee resigns
giving at least 72 hours notice or has an appointment date, the University
must pay the employee all final wages on their last day of employment.
Separation Actions
Employee Separations
Separation Procedures
1. The supervisor determines or is notified that employee will be ending
2. Supervisor immediately forwards documents with employee’s
signature to the BOC: resignation letter, a Personal Data Form to verify
employee address and employee’s final timesheet/leave record.
3. The BOC verifies vacation, sick leave and compensatory time balance.
4. BOC processes on-line separation and prepares Termination Check
Request and faxes to UC Davis Payroll.
5. UC Davis Payroll processes final check and sends to employee’s unit
for distribution.
Career Management
Career Management Services
Benefits Information
Training Information
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