Managing Your Educational Investment Presented by Financial Aid

School of Medicine
Structure and Curriculum
This chart above outlines the structure and curriculum of the 4 year Medical Program in Grenada. For each loan
period, you will have to complete a new FAFSA, and you will be eligible for $20,500 in Federal Stafford loans.
School of Medicine
**This estimated Cost Of Attendance (COA) is for students entering the MD program in August Term**
School of Medicine
**This estimated Cost Of Attendance (COA) is for students entering the MD program in January 2012**
Additional Budget Increases
The cost of attendance may be increased for the following:
• Dependent Care
A student who has a spouse and/or children may request additional aid in order to meet some of the cost of their
support. Contact a financial aid counselor at [email protected] to request an increase in the cost of attendance and to
discuss the necessary documentation.
• Computer
If you purchase a computer, you may submit the receipt to the Financial Aid Office in order to document this additional
cost. This expense can be considered once during your Basic Science term and once again during your Clinical Terms.
• Airfare
If your airfare expense for a roundtrip ticket is more than the allocated amount for the term, you may submit the receipt to
the Financial Aid Office in order to document this additional cost.
• Health Insurance
The budget currently reflects the cost of SGU sponsored plan Policy 1, for students under age 24. If you purchase
health insurance through the SGU sponsored plan and the cost is more than what is allotted on the budget, you may
request an increase for the difference. This cost cannot be increased for dependents, however.
• Other
Based upon documentation of your special circumstances, your financial aid counselor may use Professional Judgment
in order to increase the cost of attendance. Contact a financial aid counselor at [email protected] if you feel you require an
increase in the budget.
Although your cost of attendance can be increased for these items, it is recommended that you are conservative in
increasing your level of debt.
Direct Loans
Direct Stafford Subsidized Loan
-Qualification based on need and determined by FAFSA information
- 6.8% Fixed interest rate
- 0.5% net origination fee (1.0% origination fee, 0.5% upfront interest rebate)
-Interest does not accrue while in school or during your grace period
Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loan
- Qualification is not based on need
- 6.8% Fixed interest rate
- 0.5% net origination fee (1.0% origination fee, 0.5% upfront interest rebate)
- Interest begins accruing on date of disbursement
Direct PLUS Loan
- Qualification is not based on need and is credit based
- 7.9% Fixed interest rate
- 2.5% net origination fee (4% origination fee, 1.5% upfront interest rebate)
- Interest begins accruing on date of disbursement
- Endorser/co-signer may be required
Applying for your Direct Loans
Applying for your Direct Loans
You will need your federal PIN in order to sign in and apply for your loans.
Applying for your Direct Loans
Banner Self-Service Document Tracking
Log into Banner self service
Click financial aid/eligibility/student requirements for the 2011/2012 year
Banner Self-Service Award Acceptance
Click Financial Aid/Award (enter aid year 2011/2012)/Award by aid year
Choose accept award offer tab
Managing Prior Educational Loans
If you have prior
educational loans, you
are eligible for In-School
Deferment as a full time
Medical Student
Contact your servicer(s) directly
for deferment paperwork
Complete student section(s) of
all forms and submit to
Enrollment Verification in the
Financial Aid office
• Enrollment Verification Officer:
Neela Samaroo
• Email: [email protected]
• Fax: (631)969-5936
**Please continue to make payments on your
loans until you have received confirmation
from your servicer that your paperwork has
been processed to avoid going into default
After you officially register
for classes, your
deferment forms will be
sent to your servicers for
Complete this form and submit to the Student Finances Office. The Student Authorization Statement must be
complete so that your disbursed loans can be allocated correctly to your Student Account.
**Student Account must be paid in full in order to be financially cleared for Registration.
Financial Aid Checklist
 Complete your 2011-2012 FAFSA (SGU School Code – G22333)
 Visit
Complete Combined Stafford and Direct PLUS entrance interview
Electronically sign your Stafford MPN
Complete Direct PLUS application/MPN
Add endorser to Direct PLUS if needed
 In-School Deferment forms (If applicable)
Submit your Loan Acceptance online (SGU Student Self-Service)
 Student Authorization Form
 Apply for Scholarships (optional)
 Information Disclosure Consent Form (optional)
 Health Insurance Enrollment / Waiver Confirmation
If your question is pertaining to your financial aid application, your budget, or the amount you should borrow,
please contact:
Diane Beltrani
Tami Vecchio
Director of Financial Aid
Associate Director
Ext. 1224
Ext. 1230
Tara Kindelmann
Laura Faylo
Margaret King
Michele Wulfken
Laurie Wagner
Financial Aid Counselor (A - D)
Financial Aid Counselor (E - KO)
Financial Aid Counselor (KR - PE)
Financial Aid Counselor (PH – V)
Financial Aid Counselor (W - Z)
Ext. 1227
Ext. 1228
Ext. 1349
Ext. 1391
Ext. 1350
Laurie Wagner
Cynthia Lessing
Assistant Director & Scholarship Coordinator
Assistant Director
Ext. 1350
Ext. 1364
Neela Samaroo
Angela Kuhlmeier
Beth Cohen
US Deferment Verification Officer
Student Health Insurance
Loan Specialist for Canadian Students
Ext. 1236
Ext. 1232
Ext. 1237
The e-mail address for the Financial Aid Department is [email protected]
If your question is pertaining to your refund check, the balance of your account, deferring your second deposit,
or your student bill, please contact via email at [email protected] or call:
Valerie Cascio
Gini Davanzo
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ext. 1268
Ext. 1271
Most Frequently Asked Questions – Federal Loans
Can I get full financial aid?
US citizens and permanent residents receive a combination of Direct Stafford loans, Direct PLUS (and in some cases
private alternative loans) and scholarship up to the estimated cost of attendance. A satisfactory credit rating is required in
order to be approved for a Direct Plus or private alternative loan.
What kind of credit do I need?
The Direct PLUS and private loan borrowers cannot have an adverse credit history, which includes: 60,90 days or more
delinquency on any debt, or having a credit report that shows default, discharge, foreclosure, repossession, tax lien, wage
garnishment or write-off of Title IV debt during five years preceding date of credit report. Before you apply for the Direct
PLUS loan or private loan it is wise to request your credit report from one of the national credit agencies. It is important to
know what your credit says about you, as there may be adverse or negative information that may or may not be correct.
You can check your credit at
What if I get denied the Direct PLUS loan?
If you are not approved for a Direct PLUS or private loan you will need to get a co-signer. A co-signer agrees to the
responsibilities of a credit application with you, which basically means they take on the liability for your debts. Your cosigner must be a US citizen or permanent resident and credit worthy.
Please note: The consequences for not being able to obtain the Direct PLUS loan or private loan on your own OR
with a co-signer could impact your ability to have the funds necessary for living expenses, as your Direct Stafford
loans do not cover your entire budget amount.
How long does it take to process my financial aid?
It may take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for Federal Student Aid to process the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA). Direct Stafford and Direct PLUS loans cannot be certified until we receive the Student Aid Report which results
from the processed FAFSA. Once all requirements are met (FAFSA, Stafford and Direct PLUS MPN, Entrance Counseling
and Loan Award Acceptance on Self Service Banner) your Financial Aid will be complete.
Are scholarships available, and how much could I expect to be awarded?
A completed application must be received by 7/1/11. The Scholarship Committee will review your application and determine
your eligibility and you will be notified of the committee’s decision.
Frequently asked questions – Federal Loans (continued)…
Do I have to make the $1,000 deposit, or can that come out of my financial aid?
You must make the $1,000 deposit in order to reserve your seat in the class. It will be applied toward your tuition
and fees for Term 1.
Do I have to make the second payment of $4,000, or can that come from my financial aid?
If you are borrowing full financial aid you may defer your second deposit of $4,000 by contacting the Office of
Student Finances at 800-899-6337 ext 1271 or by emailing them at [email protected]
How and when will I receive my financial aid?
Approved loan funds will be electronically transmitted to SGU 10 days before each term start date. Any refund
resulting from a credit balance will be mailed to your permanent home address.
How much refund will I get?
You will receive any funds in excess of the school billed expenses on your student account. The actual
calculation of amount is done by the Office of Student Finances.
Can I defer my previous loans?
Students can place previous federal loans in an In-School deferment status, as long as they are enrolled at least
half-time in a federally eligible program. During the In-School period, the federal government will pay the interest
on any Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan that you have borrowed. The student can download the In-School
Deferment Request form from their servicer's web site and submit it to the financial aid office for processing.
Students who have previous private loans are responsible for knowing and understanding the terms and
conditions of their private loan. If you have trouble we can assist you.
When do I repay the loans?
Direct Stafford loans and private alternative loans have grace periods of 6 months following completion of your
education. During residency, you may postpone repayment of the Direct Stafford loans by applying for an
economic hardship deferment each year of your residency. An Exit Interview prior to graduation will clarify your