RSO Orientation 2014 - Loyola University Chicago

RSO Executive
Board Orientation
Mapping out the 2014-2015 academic year
Presented By:
Joshua Metayer – RSO Coordinator for Programming
Big picture…
Need to introduce policies/procedure to RSO leaders
Important to share information and maintain transparency
Critical to include Advisors in RSO management
Need to emphasize SAGA as a RESOURCE…not an obstacle
RSO Orientation Agenda
SAGA & Important Policies
RSO Responsibilities and Expectations
Advisor Expectations & Responsibilities
Wrap-up & Questions
SAGA Staff Contacts For RSO’s
• Brian Houze – RSO Coordinator for Development Primary contact
for RSO event programming needs, USGA Allocations Committee
• Joshua Metayer – RSO Coordinator for Programming
• Primary contact for RSO organizational development, C.A.N. Advisor,
• New Student Organization Registration
• Kristin Ramey - Graduate Assistant for Student Organizations
• Primary contact for Activity Request submissions and ongoing event
programming needs
Brandon Matulka – Budget Coordinator
Katie Lesperance – Sorority & Fraternity Life Coordinator
Astrid Beltran– Sorority & Fraternity Life Coordinator
Leslie Watland – Assistant Director, ((dop)) & Special Events
Angela King Taylor – Director
Student Activities & Greek Affairs
• Mission
• SAGA aims to offer opportunities for students to connect, learn,
and engage beyond the classroom. Through shared experiences
students gain a greater sense of self and community to foster
positive social change.
• Purpose of Recognized Student Organizations(RSOs)
• Support academic, spiritual, and social development
• Provides a niche for student involvement
• Enhances the Loyola Experience
Within the SAGA Umbrella
• Recognized Student Organizations
• 200+ Student Organizations
• All Recognized Student Organizations REQUIRED to have an
• Offers support to both RSOs & SSOs
• Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)
• Primary supporting department: SAGA
• Sponsored Student Organizations (SSOs)
• Primary supporting department: an identifiable campus
department/office/school within the university
Within The SAGA Umbrella
• Sorority & Fraternity Life (SFL)
16 recognized Sororities and Fraternities on campus
Interfraternity Conference (IFC)
Panhellenic Conference (PC)
Multi-Cultural Greek Council (MGC)
Within The SAGA Umbrella
• Department of Programming
• Student run program board of the university
• SAGA Special Events
Welcome Week
Student Org Fair
Finals Breakfast
Senior Week
Campus Partners
• Student Diversity and Multi-Cultural Affairs
• Campus Ministry
• Student Leadership Development
• Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution
• Campus Reservations
• Campus Recreation Center
Campus Student Partners
• Unified Student Government Association
• The Green Initiative Fund (T.G.I.F.)
• Department of Programming
• Co-Sponsorship for events
• Damen Student Center Help-Desk
• Assistance with event logistics
Campus Activities Network
• The Campus Activities Network (CAN): an executive body composed
of six executive board members that are charged with advocating,
educating, and connecting Registered Student Organizations (RSO)
throughout the Loyola Community.
• Your primary resource for:
OrgSync Questions
Budget Request Assistance
New Student Org. Registration Assistance
General Student Org. Concerns
Contact Campus Activities Network at:
[email protected]
Campus Activities Network
CAN Assembly Fall 2014 Dates
• Thursday, September 18th
• Rambler Room - 5:00pm
• Thursday, October 16th
• Rambler Room – 5:00pm
• Thursday, November 13th
• Damen MPR – 5:00pm
Activity Request Form
• Registered Student Organizations are required to submit an
Activity Request Form for any and all events that are open to the
university community.
• Due at least two (2) weeks prior to the event date
• A.R.F. Events include but are not limited to:
• Fundraisers
• Social events
• Guest Speakers
• A.R.F. Events DO NOT Include:
• General Body Meetings
• E-Board Meetings
• Will receive correspondence from SAGA within one (1) week of
• Directions on how to submit an A.R.F. can be found on SAGA
website under “resources”
RSO Leadership
Transformational Series
Student Organization
• Weekly newsletter for student organizations
• Sections of the newsletter will include:
CAN Favorites of the Month
Important dates and reminders
Leadership Corner
Signature events from student organization community
Inspiration for the week
And More!
Advisor Appreciation
Scheduled for October 2nd, 2014 – 12:00pm – 1: 15pm DSC
MPR South
• Purposed to help foster a stronger relationship between our student
organization leadership and our Advisor support network
• Advisors and Presidents are invited!
• Visit OrgSync and SAGA website for more details
RSO Registration Requirements
• There are three annual, mandatory requirements that must be
completed by Registered Student Organizations to remain in
good standing:
• 1) Annual OrgSync Registration Renewal
• 2) RSO E-Board Orientation
• 3) C.A.N. General Assembly
RSO Registration Requirements
• Annual OrgSync Registration Renewal
• Three (3) step process (must be an admin on Orgsync Portal)
• Step 1) Update people section in Organization’s OrgSync Portal
• Update peoples section of portal to reflect new executive leadership.
• Click People > Click on the student member > Click Manage > Choose
‘Administrator option and update their position title underneath their
• Update members who are no longer executive leadership members and
remove their ‘Administrator’ status
• Step 2) Review of your organization’s Constitution
• Be sure to upload your updated constitution to the files section of your
OrgSync portal when submitting annual registration renewal
• Constitutional update information and sample constitution found on SAGA
website under the tab ‘resources’
• Step 3) Update organization’s public profile
• Click ‘Settings’ > Click ‘update and renew profile’ > Update all relevant
information > Click ‘next’ > Repeat until you can click ‘finish’
RSO Registration Requirements
• Annual OrgSync Registration Renewal deadline is July 31st
• All student organizations who do not meet this deadline are
subject to:
• A loss of start-up funding
• A hold placed on allocated funding
• Ineligibility to participate in Student Org Fair
RSO Registration Requirements
• RSO E-Board Orientation
• Required for ALL Registered Student Organizations to attend
(once per academic year) NO EXCEPTIONS!
• President and Treasurer are required to attend.
• RSO E-Board Orientation Dates/Times/Location
September 4th - 10:00am – Damen MPR South
September 4th - 4:00pm – Damen MPR North
September 5th - 10:00am – Damen MPR South
September 5th - 3:00pm – McCormick Lounge
• No RSVP required
• Two (2) e-board student organization members must attend to
receive credit for attendance.
RSO Registration Requirements
• Campus Activities Network (C.A.N.) General Assembly
• RSOs are REQUIRED to send at least one representative to the
monthly Campus Activities Network (CAN) Assembly Meetings
• Failure to attend a CAN General Assembly meeting will result in
the following penalties:
• 1st missed assembly meeting: Loss of Start-Up Funding for the
current semester
• 2nd missed assembly meeting: A hold placed on allocated funding
• 3rd missed assembly meeting: Ineligibility to participate in Student
Org Fair
• After 3rd missed meeting, the student organization must meet
with the RSO coordinator for Programming to regain privileges
Privileges of Registered Student
• The right to actively promote the goals, purpose, identity, programs,
and activities of the organization.
• Eligibility to be funded through the Student Activity Fund and the
Unity in Diversity Fund, once funding prerequisites have been
• Use of university’s name related to organization’s activities.
• Use of Orgsync for membership management
• Solicitation of membership on campus under the organization’s
Privileges of Registered Student
• Use of campus bulletin boards and other designated posting areas.
• Access to the staff, resources, and services of the Office of Student
Activities & Greek Affairs (SAGA)
• Eligibility to participate in the Fall and Spring Organization Fairs
• Use of university spaces and facilities
Must use 25live for all Campus Reservation needs
Campus Reservations Website:
RSO Responsibilities
MUST adhere to all applicable institutional regulations.
The university reserves the right to determine the appropriate
time, place, content, and manner for conducting activities, and
posting and distribution of materials on any of its campuses.
• Must refrain from hosting events/programs during all breaks,
holidays, or finals.
• Your organization can be held responsible for any members behavior
anytime you are gathered officially/unofficially.
Email Communication
• Student Email is private information.
• When sending information through email, please place all
emails through the ‘BCC’ line
• Organizations may only send OrgSync messages to members
in their own portal
Damen Student Center
• The use of “The Den”
• Multi-functional space for ALL students and the university
• Reservations done through 25live
• Available for reservation from 6:00pm – 12:00am (NO EXCEPTIONS)
• All programs and events must be open to the general Loyola
• Events include:
Open Mic & Spoken Word
Information Sessions (recruitment efforts (no private information)
Small concerts and comedy shows
Small performances (not rehearsals)
General body meetings
• NO furniture may be removed!
• Sandwich Boards in Damen
• Allowed OUTSIDE of DSC ONLY!
RSO SAF Funding
Student Activity Fund
• The Student Activity Fund (SAF) is comprised of a
portion of the student development fees paid each fall
and spring semester by full-time undergraduate
• The SAF has been established to promote activities
planned by student organizations that enhance the
quality of student life for the general student population
at Loyola’s campuses.
RSO SAF Funding
Funding Periods
• Semester Budget Request (SBR)
Can apply for funding to be used the following semester.
No request limit.
• SPOT budget request
Can apply for funding to be used during current semester.
Limit to 2 event sponsorship requests per organization.
$10,000 max per SPOT cycle
*All requests are approved by the USGA allocations committee
RSO SAF Funding
Budget Request Due Dates
• Fall
SPOT due dates – End of September, End of October
SBR Due date - End of November
• Spring
SPOT due dates – End of January, End of February.
SBR Due date – End of March.
• For the most updated SBR deadline dates, please
visit the SAGA website
RSO SAF Funding
Important RSO Funding Dates
9/12 – Spot 1 budget requests due
9/21 – Spot 1 hearings
10/8 – Spot 1 budget appeals due
10/17 – Spot 2 budget requests due
10/25 – Spot 2 hearings
11/4 – Spot 2 budget appeals due
11/7 – SBR budget requests due
11/15 & 11/16 – SBR Budget Hearings
11/25 – SBR budget appeals due
RSO SAF Funding
Fundable Requests
All SAF requests must meet the following minimum
eligibility criteria:
• The event or program must be planned primarily
for Loyola University Chicago undergraduate students
and be open to the general University community.
• The request is appropriate based on the mission and
goals of the organization.
• The SBR or SPOT request is submitted to the Allocations
Committee by applicable deadlines, using the
appropriate official forms and proper procedures.
RSO SAF Funding
Fundable Requests
All SAF requests must meet the following minimum
eligibility criteria:
• The event must fall between the first day of class and
the last day of class during the semester. No funding is
available for events over breaks, holidays, or finals.
RSO SAF Funding
Common Non-Fundable Requests
• Internal organization costs
• Expenses related to conference attendance (e.g.
travel costs, registration, etc.);
• Food at regularly scheduled meetings, receptions, or
dinners exclusive to that organization;
• Personal clothing unless it is considered integral to the
production of an event (i.e. costumes, but not club tshirts)
• Reusable equipment: athletic gear, reusable
decorations/supplies, etc.
RSO SAF Funding
Common Non-Fundable Requests
• Costs associated with prohibited events or
• Political activities or activities sponsored by an
outside political entity;
• Any costs related to or in support of raffles,
illegal gambling, or other illegal activity;
A full list of fundable/non-fundable requests
can be found in the RSO Handbook
RSO SAF Funding POP Quiz!
Pizza for an e-board meeting?
Decorations for a fashion show?
Catering for a philanthropy event?
Flights to a national conference?
The fee for a guest speaker?
Club t-shirts?
Requesting RSO SAF Funding
• The Budget Request Process
• A two (2) step process
• Budget Requests: process by which a student organization will
submit an application to receive funding.
• Spending Requests: process by which a student organization will
request to spend a previously approved allocated amount of funding.
• Both processes are done EXCLUSIVELY through
• For complete step-by-step instructions on how to complete
the Budget Request and spending request process, please
visit the SAGA website under “resources”!
Requesting RSO SAF Funding
The Payment Procedures
• Three (3)payment types
• Credit Card Request
• Vendor Check Request
• Student Reimbursement
Requesting RSO SAF Funding
Credit Card Requests
• Credit card purchase requests are to be submitted via
A) You place the order
B) SAGA will call/go online to pay!
• Credit card purchase request forms must be submitted at least
three (3) business days prior to purchase.
• Things to consider:
• *Shipping – include time/cost into purchase date
• *Tipping: Be sure to not exceed your allocated budget!
*Indicate tipping amount on receipt
• *Tax exempt form may be required by the vendor
Requesting RSO SAF Funding
Vendor Check Requests
• Used for any third party vendor that is providing a service for
campus. (ex: DJs and guest speakers)
• Check Requests are due 4 weeks in advance of the event
date at the absolute latest! Be proactive and submit BEFORE
the 4 week deadline or it will be DENIED!
• Contract amount should include service fee and travel
accommodations (if necessary)
Requesting RSO SAF Funding
Student Reimbursement
• Reimbursement forms must be submitted within four weeks
following the event on OrgSync
• Reimbursement is only for allocated funds
• Itemized receipts are required for all reimbursements!
• Sales tax will not be reimbursed!
• *Contact SAGA prior to purchases to have tax exempt letter
sent to vendors on your organization’s behalf
• Gift Cards can only be purchased through Student
Requesting RSO SAF Funding
Using Start-Up Funding & Revenue
• Start-Up Funding: an automatic allocation for
successful registration by July 31st and
attendance at RSO E-Board Orientation at the
beginning of the fall semester (will be allocated
for both fall and spring semester).
• Revenue: monies that are raised or donated to a
student organization and deposited into their
SAGA internal RSO account.
Requesting RSO SAF Funding
Using Start-Up Funding & Revenue
• Start-Up Funding
• $100 per semester, use it or lose it!
• NEVER rolls over
• Use for early semester needs such as
• Printing
• Org Fair materials
• First recruitment meeting (i.e. food)
• Automatically added to organization budget upon successful
student organization registration
• Revenue
• Rolls over from semester to semester, and year to year
• Revenue is secured in your internal account with SAGA…outside bank
accounts are PROHIBITTED
• For complete step-by-step instructions on how to complete
the Start-Up Funding and Revenue spending request process,
please visit the SAGA website!
• All receipts after any transaction are to be submitted to SAGA
no later than three (3) business days after the
• Remember to reflect tipping!
• Failure to submit your receipt on time can result in your
payment privileges being revoked for the remainder of the
Tipping: Be sure to not exceed your allocated budget!
*Indicate tipping amount on receipt
• Contracts are due 4 weeks in advance of the event date at
the absolute latest! Be proactive and submit BEFORE the 4
week deadline or it will be DENIED!
• A complete contract includes THREE (3) components:
1) Vendor contract + LUC Contract Rider
LUC Event/Performance Agreement
2) Contract must include a completed W-9 form (if contract is paid)
3) A Certificate of Insurance
To submit a contract, please upload it with your Check
Payment Request
• Contracts will only be accepted through
• Updated version of LUC performance agreement/rider on
SAGA Website
• SAGA Contract contact person: Leslie Watland
• Email: [email protected]
RSO Spending POP Quiz
• What RSO event planning element is due AT LEAST 4 weeks
before the event date?
• What RSO spending requirement is due WITHIN three (3)
business days after the purchase date?
• What payment request method is due AT LEAST three (3)
business days prior to the purchase date?
• True or False: EVERY contract must include a W-9.
• True or False: Gift Cards can only be purchased through
What is the Allocations
Committee Looking For???
• Documentation: Show the committee HOW
you arrived at the requested amount (quotes
or screenshots with detailed purchasing
• Advertising plan
• Organized Line Items
• How the request pertains to the mission of
your organization
• Please visit to reference the
documentations example packet!
Additional Options for Funding
• UID Funding: established to support and cultivate educational
events, programs, activities and educational opportunities
that specifically address social justice and human diversity
• Managed by the Office of Student Diversity & Multi-Cultural
Affairs (SDMA)
• Primary Contact: Ms. Gaby Ortiz | EMAIL
• For specific information regarding the application process, visit
• The Green Initiative Fund: established to fund student
initiated environmental sustainability projects at Loyola.
• Managed by your USGA
• To apply, visit
Additional Options for Funding
• Fundraising
• May conduct fundraising activities that are approved by SAGA
and must reflect the organizations purpose
• May not use SAF funds to fundraise for internal RSO use
• Collection of dues are permitted, but must be deposited into
RSO university account
• Prohibited fundraisers include but are not limited to:
Campaign solicitation or fundraising events
Events promoting and/or providing alcohol
Eating contests
Date auctions
Additional Options for Funding
• Fundraising
• Must complete an Activity Request Form and have form
approved prior to fundraising event
• The following fundraising options are allowed:
• Bake Sales (in accordance with Food Policy)
• Collection of dues or membership fees
• Cash Box Request Form
• Required for all fundraising activity. Form found on OrgSync and
must be submitted at least 2 business days prior to fundraising
• First come-first serve!
• Two (2) day limitation for cash boxes
• For a complete list of approved fundraising activities and
policies, please refer to the Student Organization Handbook
RSO Policy Requirements
• RSO Food Policy
• DO NOT PREPARE ANY FOOD AT HOME (includes residence halls) - home
prepared foods are strictly prohibited.
• Food must be purchased or donated from a vendor listed on the
Preferred Vendor List located on OrgSync
• Only prepackaged, store bought or donated items may be sold.
• Gloves must be worn when selling or serving food.
• No seafood of any kind.
• For a complete description of the RSO Food Policy, please
refer to the Student Organization Handbook
• If you would like to work with a food vendor that is not
currently on the preferred vendor list, please email request to
add vendor to [email protected]
Working with your Advisor
How to work with your advisor 101
• Meet with your advisor to:
Review constitutional edits/executive leadership updates
Outline goals for academic year
Set expectations for attendance at meetings/events
Collaborate on ideas/insights for future programs/events
• All Student Organizations are required to have a full time
Loyola faculty/staff advisor
• Be sure your advisor contact information is accurate on
• OrgSync Training Dates
• Tuesday, September 9, 2014 – 2:00pm – Damen MPR North
• Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 – 2:00pm – Damen MPR North
• Friday, September 19, 2014 – 11:00am – Damen 216
• For general assistance with OrgSync questions, please reach
out to C.A.N. at [email protected] for a one-on-one OrgSync
training session!
Closing “Power” Points
• Activity Request Forms are due at least 2 weeks prior to the
Event date
• Receipts must be submitted within three (3) business days
after a credit card purchase
• Contracts are due NO LATER THAN four (4) weeks prior to the
event date
• Annual Student Organization Registration Renewal deadline
is July 31st, 2015
• RSOs – Be sure to attend ALL C.A.N. General Body Assembly's
• Attend the Student Org Leadership Development Series
• For funding, OrgSync, and general questions, please email
C.A.N. at [email protected]
Thank you!
Follow SAGA on IG and Twitter! @LoyolaSAGA
See you at the next C.A.N. General Assembly on
September 18th!
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