UBC Library
UBC Library highlights
• UBC Library Collections include:
– Over 7 million items (print and electronic)
– Over 1.4 million e-books
– More than 229,000 journal titles
– Over 5.3 million microforms
– More than 890,000 maps, audio, video and
graphic materials
UBC Library highlights
• Features the first automated storage and retrieval
system in a Canadian library
• Holds the first book published in B.C., a legal work
that was the personal copy of David Cameron, the
one-time Chief Justice of Vancouver Island
• Has digitized more than 30,000 UBC theses as part
of the Retrospective Theses and Dissertation project
Association of Research Libraries rankings – North America
UBC Library’s highest ranking - ARL Investment
Top Canadian
Association of Research Libraries rankings – North America
Expenditures per students
UBC Library highlights
• What’s the name of the
collection at UBC Library,
deemed a national treasure,
that documents early British
Columbia history,
immigration and settlement
and the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company?
• The Chung Collection
Photo credit: UBC Library
UBC Library highlights
• Holds the extensive archives of
Douglas Coupland, one of
Canada’s most renowned
authors and an internationally
recognized visual artist who
popularized the term “Generation
• Is home to Xwi7xwa Library, the
only Aboriginal branch of a
university library in Canada
Photo credit: UBC Library
Electronic collections growth
Expenditures shift from print to electronic
Changing service models
Usage shifts from print to electronic
New collections
Changing Service Models
Number of reference questions
UBC Library – Teaching and Learning
• What do librarians do and how many
are at UBC Library?
• Teaching, Collection development,
Liaison, Reference
• Specializations: Digitization,
IT/Systems, archives, copyright,
community engagement, learning
Photo credit: UBC Library
UBC Library – Teaching and Learning
UBC Library – Teaching and Learning
• More than 1,600 classes taught, involving more than
40,000 participants – 38% increase over five years
• Topics include information literacy, citation
management, thesis formatting, copyright, social
media, and using digital collections
• 90 librarians available to help students & faculty
• More than 4296 tutoring & coaching interactions in
UBC Library – Technology
• 630 computer workstations
• Mac workstations available at IKBLC, Koerner and
Law Libraries
• Advanced multimedia software including Adobe
Creative Suite 6, Final Cut Pro and Finale
• Laptops, camcorders, LCD projectors, phone &
laptop chargers, and more available for loan
• New Digital Media Commons in IKBLC
UBC Library – Space & Usage
• Approximately how many
people do you think go through
the Irving K. Barber Learning
Centre each month?
• 225,000
Photo credit: UBC Library
UBC Library – Space & Usage
• 15 branches & divisions, 8 buildings on Point Grey
• 27 bookable study rooms
• 5398 study spaces across UBC Library, 1818 in IKBLC
• Gate Counts
• IKBLC | 241,116
• Koerner | 98,334
• Woodward | 39,247
• All branches ~2,834,245 (2011/12)
UBC Library – Space & Usage
• Learning Commons
• Chapman Learning Commons (IKBLC)
• Canaccord Learning Commons (David Lam)
• Learning support for first and second year students
• Equipment lending, tutoring, coaching
• Research Commons (Koerner Library)
• Emphasis on support for Graduate Students
• Thesis formatting, citation management, statistical
software, GIS lab
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
• True or false?
• The Program Services team in the Irving K.
Barber Learning Centre focuses on community
engagement work
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
• Emphasis on community engagement
• BC History Digitization Program: $1-million milestone
• Small Business Accelerator Project
• Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network
The Digital Agenda
Transforming into a 21st-century research library
• Digitization Centre opened in the Irving K. Barber Learning
• Highlights: the BC Historical Newspapers Digitization Project
(historicalnewspapers.library.ubc.ca) and the BC Bibliography
Project (bcbibtest.library.ubc.ca)
• Digitization of Tairiku Nippō newspaper as part of UBC’s
Japanese Canadian Student Tribute
• Activities co-ordinated through a cross-campus Copyright
Advisory Group
• Members of the copyright team worked with members of
the UBC community to ensure copyright compliance; more
than 100 workshops and meetings in departments,
attracting more than 2,800 participants
• See copyright.ubc.ca for more information
• start an evolution launched in 2011
• Library’s goal: raise $25 million by 2015 (nearly 65% of that
amount raised by fiscal 2012/13 year end)
• Library priorities: renovation activities at the Asian, Koerner
and Woodward libraries; expand and steward print and
digital collections
• Budgetary pressures for UBC Library and the University
• The rising cost of electronic resources
• Unstable business models in publishing world
• Competing sources of information – Google, Wikipedia
• Keeping pace with rapidly changing technologies
Trends and opportunities
• Consolidation of some Library services and branches
• Refurbishment of the Library’s physical spaces
• Approval for the BC Integrated Research Library
• Adapting to technological opportunities, such as social
• Implementation of the Flexible Learning Initiative
Tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis.
The times change and we change with them.
– John Owen, Fellow, New College, Oxford (c. 1564 – c. 1622/28)
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