These external program affiliates include the flight for semester

These external program affiliates include the flight for
semester programs only
 Arcadia
 Global Links
 TEAN/Study Australia
 UCC/Ireland Direct Program
You will need to inquire with the program about flight
arrangements, details and timing of flight purchase.
 J-TERM (winter session)
Short Term Study Abroad Polices 2012-2013
QU Office of Multicultural and Global Education policies governing Short-term study
abroad are as follows:
1. Students must be in good academic standing and must not have any existing or
pending conduct sanctions. Students with a conduct sanction or who have one
placed on them after being accepted to study abroad must submit a Request for
Waiver of Conduct Clearance. In special circumstances, QU may grant permission
to study abroad in its sole discretion.
2. The short term study abroad program must be pre-approved by the QU Office of
Multicultural and Global Education.
3. Students shall be limited to two courses taken abroad during their short term
program. If more courses are requested, then the student must file a variant
procedure with the Dean of their college or school.
4. Students are eligible to apply for financial aid if they are enrolled in six credits.
Please inquire with the Financial Aid Office for further information.
5. To receive credit for classes taken abroad on a short term program, students
must have pre-approval from the associate dean of her/his school prior to the set
deadlines stated in the QU Procedures for Studying Abroad.
Short Term Study Abroad Polices 2012-2013
5. A grade of “C” or better will be accepted for transfer credits for all short
term study abroad programs. No letter grade will be given for these
credits. If the short term program course grades are less than C, the
credits will not be accepted at Quinnipiac.
6. Students are not exempt from the Undergraduate Summer Credit Policy
as outlined in the Course Schedule and Registration Bulletin which
prohibits students from taking more than 7 credits during the summer.
7. Students who have not completed the Summer Study Abroad
Registration Form or complied with policies and procedures as outlined by
the QU Procedures for Studying Abroad, will not receive transfer credit and
will be ineligible to study abroad through Quinnipiac University.
Short Term Study Abroad Polices 20122013
 8. When studying through a QU approved short
term study abroad program, the student is required
to pay the program cost directly to the program.
The student is responsible for paying QU’s study
abroad health insurance, and an emergency
medical/security service plan. Payment must be
given to the Office of Multicultural and Global
Education by set deadlines. This fee will be paid for
each month the student is out of the country.
Failure to make the required payments will
disqualify a student from receiving transfer credit.
Programs for summer/winter session can range
from $5,000-$12,000 (depends on the program
inclusions, length, courses etc.)
What is the difference between an External Program
Affiliate & QU Direct Programs?
External Programs
API, CEA, AIFS, Global
Links, Arcadia
QU Direct Programs
Ireland, QU 301, Faculty
Application Process &
Program Requirements
Completed and found on
programs website via
QU’s study abroad portal
Completed and found in
the OMGE or with
Program Inclusions
Found on program
affiliate website or call
program manager (flight
inclusions may not
appear on the website)
Found in OMGE or with
Visa Guidance
Provided by Program
Provided by OMGE or
with Professor
External Program Affiliates
QU- Direct Programs
QU 301
Study Abroad Portal
(QU301 or Faculty led are not on the portal, contact OMGE for program
ABROAD 2012-2013
ABROAD 2012-2013
Step 1: Study Abroad Advising/Identifying a Study
Abroad Program
Attend a MANDATORY Study Abroad Information Session
Meet with your Academic Advisor
Research approved Program Options on QU’s Study Abroad Portal
This process can take time, and only YOU can make the decision about
which program will be most appropriate.
Schedule a meeting with your Academic Advisor to discuss your interest in
Studying Abroad and determine how you will fulfill graduation requirements
through a Study Abroad program
Get more information about the available programs, costs, etc., in the Office of
Multicultural and Global Education (OMGE). Schedule an appointment to talk
to the OMGE regarding choosing a program that meets your academic,
financial, professional needs and goals. Please check for available office hours.
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