PS Partner training module 2 - Planning Services Partner Portal

Software Assurance Planning Services
Partner Training
Module 2: Voucher Life Cycle Steps, Conducting the
Planning Services Engagement, and Getting Paid
August, 2014
The purpose of this partner training
The purpose of this 2-part partner training series is to provide Microsoft
partners who are enrolled in the Software Assurance Planning Services
program, or who are considering enrolling, with important program
value and execution guidance, as well as clarify the voucher life cycle
and the various process steps associated with Microsoft customer’s use
of their Software Assurance Planning Services benefits.
Training Agenda for Module 2
Customer eligibility and access to their PS benefit
 Voucher creation
 Reserving a voucher
 Conducting the engagement and scope
 Required deliverables
 Redeeming a voucher
 Getting paid: creating payment requests in SAVB
 Review & resources
 Appendix
Customer eligibility and access to their PS Benefits
Licensing Service Center (VLSC)
How to Manage Software Assurance Benefits - Video Instruction for Customers
Point system
determines PS days
Watch Steps 1 & 2 of the Voucher Life
Cycle Videos located here!
Voucher creation (Customer) in VLSC
Watch Steps 1-2:
Voucher Life
Cycle Videos
5 important facts about Vouchers
A voucher’s lifespan is 180 days from the date of creation in VLSC.
If a Customer’s enrollment expires before the voucher’s expiration date, the
voucher is still valid up to it’s own expiration date.
If the enrollment is still active when a voucher expires (the voucher has not
been used), the days will return to the enrollment’s available pool of days
(Planning Services remaining days). If the enrollment has already expired
when the voucher expires, the days are lost.
Assigned Vouchers should be reserved in VVR as soon as possible to
ensure that it is not reserved by another partner. (Note that you can
change the engagement start and end dates after a voucher is reserved.)
Partners must reserve the voucher, deliver the engagement, and redeem
the voucher in VVR prior to the stated expiration date of the voucher.
Reserve the voucher (Partner) in VVR
Access to VVR and User Authentication
Reserve the voucher (Partner) in VVR
Watch Step 3:
Voucher Life
Cycle Videos
Conduct the engagement
Visit each of the Planning
Services site to enhance
and streamline your
engagement process.
SA Planning Services
Partner Portal
Cloud + Enterprise (C+E)
Microsoft Office Division
Customer Program Overview/ Presentation
Pre-Engagement Questionnaire
Customer Fact Sheets
Sample WO/SOW’s
Agendas & Labs
Delivery Guides
Required Deliverables
Conducting the engagement
Look for
options within
each PS
Example: DDPS Options
SA Planning
Partner Portal
Office 365 FastTrack planning engagements
Windows 8.1 & Office 2013 deployment planning
Windows 8.1 Proof of Concept
Windows Mobility Proof of Concept
Windows 7 & Office 2010 deployment planning
Windows 7 & Office 2010 Core Jumpstart Proof of Concept
Scope limitations
Out of Scope:
Support of existing systems
Implementation of recommendations
Industry regulatory compliance requirements
Deployment of any products into the production environment
Review of current operational process
Customer development
Modification or stabilization of a current environment
Application packaging/sequencing
Formal training
Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
Providing economic justification for the new solution
Custom image creation
In Scope:
The Plan for a
upgrade or
After delivery of the engagement
deliverables and
vouchers within
60 days following
the engagement
The Completion Report Infopath form
Redeem the voucher (Partner) in VVR
Watch Step 4:
Voucher Life
Cycle Videos
Redeem the voucher (Partner) in VVR
Getting paid
Four Important Facts about the SAVB tool
SAVB tool
Getting ready to use SAVB
SA Planning Services Partner Quick Start Guide
SAVB Partner User Guide
Create a Payment Request in SAVB
Watch Step 5:
Voucher Life
Cycle Videos
Create a Payment Request in SAVB
The information in your
Company invoice must
match what is in the
Payment Request!
Your homepage in SAVB
Module 2 - In Review
Planning Services is on-site planning support for a deployment, upgrade or
migration. It does not cover actual deployment work.
Customers create PS vouchers in 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 day increments in VLSC. A
voucher is “assigned” to a customer employee. Vouchers live for 180 days.
Customers find partners in the PS Provider Directory.
There are multiple engagement options under each Planning Services
offering. Explore them!
PS Partners reserve and redeem vouchers in VVR.
• Vouchers must be reserved before the engagement start date.
• An engagement must be complete and customer deliverables delivered prior to
redemption of a voucher.
• When redeeming, partners must upload the two required deliverables.
PS Partners submit Payment Requests through the SAVB tool.
Training/Guidance, Tools and Sites
SA Planning Services Partner Portal
PS programs portal including information on the value of the benefit, “howto” resources for selling and delivering by PS type, required deliverables,
process templates and resources.
Required Deliverables by PS Type
Access the Required Deliverable templates by PS type, and the link to the
Completion Report.
Planning Services Completion Report
Link to InfoPath Form; one of the 2 required deliverables.
Planning Services: Voucher Life Cycle Videos
Short 5-part series of videos demonstrating the end-to-end voucher life cycle
steps including Creating, Reserving and Redeeming PS vouchers, and creating
a payment request.
Frequently Asked Questions
List of the top Frequently Asked Questions about the Software Assurance
Planning Services
Partner Eligibility Requirements
Complete list of the certifications, by each PS type, that must be obtained by
a partner organization and its consultants in order to become approved as a
SA Planning Services Customer Web Site
Customer-facing site on // where customers can learn about
their SA benefits including Planning Services.
Training/Guidance, Tools and Sites
Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)
Customer-facing volume licensing portal where qualified customers access their
SA benefits; used by the SA Benefits Manager to create and assign PS vouchers.
Voucher Validation & Redemption (VVR) Tool
Partner-facing internal tool used by Planning Services’ partners to reserve and
redeem vouchers.
Software Assurance Voucher Benefit Tool
Partner-facing internal tool used by Planning Services partners to create a
Payment Request for vouchers they have redeemed in VVR, and get paid.
SA Planning Services Online Enrollment on
MPN site where qualified partners can enroll online in the Planning Services for
which their organization is eligible.
Planning Services Providers Directory
List of all active Planning Services partners by service type and country.
VSLC Support or [email protected]
Website or email alias for customers to get help with questions about their
Contact Us
Contact the help aliases for each of the Planning Services.
Thank you
Step 7a: First-time Registration in SAVB
SAVB Partner User Guide
Registering your Organization in SAVB
Important: If your organization is active in more than one voucher program (for example, SATV and Desktop Deployment Planning Services), you must go through this
registration step for each voucher program.
You must have vouchers in REDEEMED status in VVR before attempting to register in SAVB
A Global Administrator is required to complete the initial process by logging into
On the initial Registration page, select the Organization name from the drop-down menu. (If this is your first time in SAVB, you will not see anything listed in the
“Programs Registered” section of the page.)
In the Programs available for Registration section, click on the program(s) for which you are now registering. Then click “Register”.
View the Confirmation page. Check to make sure the listed program is the one you just registered on the previous screen.
Click on the “Return to Home” link to go to your program “Home Page” in SAVB
You have now registered. If this is the first time registering for this location, you will receive a New Vendor Application within 5-6 business days. If not, please allow 24-24
hours to map your payment profile to your location.
Step 7b: Obtain a New Vendor ID
Step 7c: Assign Vendor ID