Florida Gulf Coast University U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering

Florida Gulf Coast University
U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering
Student Transition
Workshop Preparation
• You have been transitioned to the U.A.
Whitaker College of Engineering (WCE).
• You will be advised in the College of
Engineering from now until you graduate.
At the end of this tutorial, students will:
• Be aware of University and WCE policies
• Understand WCE degree requirements and make a plan to
• Be familiar with FGCU and WCE websites
• Understand how to search for classes and plan a course
• Understand how to register for classes
• Use the appropriate technology to find more information
about degree requirements
WCE Advising Team
• Office Support – Rachel Boyce
239-590-1445 – [email protected]
• Academic Advisor – Mary Swanson
239-590-7395 – [email protected]
We are located on the second floor of Holmes Hall in Suite 207.
Please call Rachel to setup an appointment.
Check Eagle E-mail!
This is the way we communicate all information to students.
We will not send e-mail to your personal account.
When e-mailing faculty and staff make sure you are sending to
@fgcu.edu NOT @eagle.fgcu.edu.
If you do not check your Eagle e-mail you may miss important
information regarding your education.
The WCE Advising office will send e-mails regarding: mentoring,
holds, scholarships, internships, registration and graduation.
In addition to your eagle email, please check the following
places frequently as they will contain important information
about upcoming events and deadlines:
• Please like our Facebook Page: FGCU U.A. Whitaker College of
Engineering Advising Office
• Follow us on Twitter: FGCU Engineering
• Keep an eye on the TV in the 1st floor lobby of Holmes Hall
(near the student lounge)
Degree Programs
• Bioengineering (B.S.)
• Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.)
• Environmental Engineering (B.S.Env.E.)
• Software Engineering (B.S.)
The BS in Bioengineering, BS in Civil Engineering, and BS in Environmental are accredited by ABET,
Inc. After the first students graduate with the BS in Software Engineering degree in May 2015, we
will apply to have this degree accredited by ABET, Inc. See Mary Swanson if you have questions
about accreditation.
Pre Majors
Degree-seeking students are classified as pre-majors prior to
formal acceptance into a U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering
(WCE) major. As pre-majors, students may enroll in:
Lower level (1000-2999) courses to satisfy General Education
and Common Program Prerequisite requirements;
Lower level electives; and
EGN1006L, EGN1041C, and EGM3420C from the Engineering
Common Core courses, if course pre-requisites are met
(does not apply to Software Engineering majors).
Pre Majors may not take Engineering classes beyond the
three listed above.
Pre to Full Majors
Admission to Florida Gulf Coast University does not guarantee acceptance into
a WCE major. Students are accepted into a WCE major upon satisfaction of the
• Admission to FGCU as a degree seeking student in good academic standing.
• Attendance at a Freshman Transition Workshop or Transfer Student
Orientation session.
• Completion of one semester at FGCU with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and
completion of at least 30 earned hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0.
Pre to Full Majors
• Bioengineering, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering must
complete the following courses with a grade of C or higher and the four
courses denoted with an asterisk (*) with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
ENC 1101 – Composition I
ENC 1102 - Composition II
MAC 2311 - Calculus I*
MAC 2312 - Calculus II*
CHM 1045 and CHM 1045L General Chemistry I and lab*
PHY 2048C - General Physics I*
• Software Engineering must complete the following courses with an overall
GPA of 2.5 or higher and a minimum grade of C or higher in each course.
COP 2006 – Intro to Programming
MAC 2311 - Calculus I
MAC 2312 - Calculus II
PHY 2048C - General Physics I
And one science class for science majors (choose from BSC 1010C, BSC 1011 and lab, CHM 1045 and lab,
OR GLY 1000C).
Faculty Mentors
 Students will be assigned a faculty mentor when they
are registered for EGM3420C OR COP 2006.
 Students must meet with their faculty mentor, each
semester in conjunction with the academic advisor
prior to registration.
 Attendance at mentoring sessions will be mandatory and
by invitation.
 An Advising Hold will remain on your account until you
have met with your mentor . This hold will prevent you
from being able to register for classes.
Degree Requirements
Free Electives
120-129 hours
Major Electives
Major Requirements
Common Prerequisites
General Education
To include 48
credit hours
in upper level
Free Electives
Number of Free Electives in each program:
Bioengineering: 0 credits
Civil Engineering: 1-2 credits
Environmental Engineering: 1-2 credits
Software Engineering: 13-14 credits
Engineering students who take math classes lower than
MAC 2311 (Calculus I) may have already used all their free
Degree Requirements - FGCU
• University Colloquium
• Service Learning
• 9 Summer Credits
• General Education
• 4 Communication Skills Courses (intensive writing)
• Foreign Language
• Residency (32 of the last 60 hours must be earned at
*Software Engineering majors only need 30 of the last 60 hours for residency.
Degree Requirements - Major
• Common Prerequisites
• Major Requirements
• Major Electives (called technical or restricted electives)
• C or higher in all major courses
(Please note a “C -” will not count)
• Grade Forgiveness (Can only be used twice your entire
career at FGCU)
Course Prerequisites and Scheduling
Engineering Students are responsible for their own
• You may not take a class that you do not have the
prerequisite for with a “C” or better (remember a
“C-” is not a “C”).
• You will be dropped from the class even if it is after
the drop/add period.
• You will not be permitted to add any classes after
the drop/add deadline.
Drop/Add Deadlines
• Your schedule cannot be changed after the drop/add deadline listed in the
academic calendar.
• You will owe the full tuition for the classes you are enrolled in after the
drop/add deadline.
• Please be aware the Academic Calendar is subject to change, so check it
• You may NOT drop from a class on-line after the drop/add deadline. You must
turn in a drop/add form to the Registrar’s Office after that date, but before
the Last Day to Drop/Withdraw without Academic Penalty.
• Please see your academic advisor to see if you are eligible and the
procedures to Appeal for a Late Withdrawal (there must be extenuating
• Withdrawing from a class could put your graduation off by an entire year.
Please consult with your academic advisor.
Degree Evaluation - CAPP
• The degree evaluation is to be used as an unofficial advising tool in
conjunction with your Academic Advisor.
• A degree evaluation produces a detailed view of how FGCU courses
(completed/in progress) and transferred courses apply toward a student’s
declared or proposed degree requirements in a major.
• This report can be accessed in Gulfline under:
 Student & Financial Aid
 Student Records
 Degree Evaluation
The next 13 slides will show in detail how to access your degree evaluation
To Access the Degree Evaluation…
First, login to Gulfline
Click on Student & Financial Aid
Click On Student Records
Click On Degree Evaluation
Select the current term from the dropdown menu to view your most
up-to-date coursework. Then click the “Submit” button.
Click on generate a new evaluation
Click the radio button next to program and click the generate request button.
If you have more than one program, you can only click one button at a time.
Display Options
What If Analysis
What If Analysis Continued
You must select an Entry Term. NOTE: This is the catalog
year you will follow. Click the Continue button.
What If Analysis Continued
Select your desired Program for which you
would like to run an evaluation
What If Analysis Continued
Select the major option that
appears in the First Major drop-down box
What If Analysis Continued
Keep in mind…
Priority registration dates
The university does not offer all of the courses listed in the catalog each
term. You must consult the schedule of classes each semester to
determine which courses are offered.
Many Engineering classes are only offered once a year
The earlier you attend a workshop, the more options you will have
regarding class choices.
If you are unsure of what classes you should be taking always be sure to
consult your Academic Advisor. Missing a class could put you off track
by a year or more.
Terms To Remember…
Prerequisite: Required course that needs to be
completed with a satisfactory grade before taking
another course
Co-requisite: Required component of a course to be
taken during the same semester
Common Prerequisites: Lower level courses required in
a major
Class Restriction: Example - The class is restricted to
Juniors only and you are a Sophomore
Locating The Course Schedule
• You can access the Course Schedule by going to:
• Gulfline
Click “Course Schedule” found on the page where
you login to Gulfline –Do not login to Gulfline to
access the schedule
Make sure you select the correct term – the
system automatically defaults to the semester a
year in the future
Be sure to sort the schedule by “Course”
You can click on the Blue CRN link for a course
The next 9 slides will show step by step how to locate courses
Accessing the Course Schedule
through Gulfline
Do not login to Gulfline!
Click on Course Schedule
Select the correct term
Click sort by “Course” and “Search”
Click the CRN to look up
Click the CRN to view:
Course Description
Fees (if any)
Corequisites or
Textbooks required
Course Description & Course Fee
If there was a fee for this class it would show here
Course & Textbook Information
Click on Course Information to see specific meeting
dates, locations, prerequisites and corequisites
Click on Book Information to see
the textbooks for this course
View Description, Prerequisites &
Notice there is no corequisite listed for this class
Course Schedule Continued
What If Recommended Courses Are Full?
• If the section has an active Waitlist, please follow the instructions
provided in the “Comments” section
• If you get on a waitlist be sure to check your Eagle e-mail at least 2
times a day. You will be notified of your registration time via e-mail
and will have 24 hours to register for the class once you have
received that e-mail.
• Be very careful if you see a open seat with a course that has a
waitlist. This may not be a true seat. It may be waiting for the next
person on the waitlist to add it.
• If the section does not have a Waitlist
• Continue checking Gulfline for open seats
• If the course is an Engineering course you should contact your
Academic Advisor. Chances are she may be able to override the
capacity and put you in the class.
2013 Registration Dates
The hours listed below are for completed hours only and do not
include hours currently in progress.
How to Register – Login to Gulfline
Click on Student & Financial Aid
Click Registration
Select Term
Click Add/Drop Classes
After you click this link you will then enter the 5
digit CRN for the class you wish to register for.
If term states 'View only' when you attempt to select a term,
no Add/Drop is allowed.
Taking Classes at Another Institution
• Check with the engineering advisor to make sure that courses
will be accepted by FGCU.
• Directions on how to become a transient student can be found
here: transient student form directions.
• If this course serves as a prerequisite for a future FGCU
course, please contact the engineering advisor regarding
registration permits.
• You must send your advisor proof of grade and an official
transcript to the FGCU Admissions Office as soon as your
grades are posted at the host institution.
Student Organizations
• Florida Engineering Society (FES) is open to all engineering students.
• American Society for Civil Engineering (ASCE) is open to students interested
in civil engineering.
• Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is open to bioengineering students.
• Computer Science Club is open to all software engineering students.
If you are interested in gaining access to the
“Engineering Internships & Jobs” Group on Angel
please send the following information to
Dr. Lisa Zidek:
•Angel ID
• University Catalog
• U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering Website
• The U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering
Advising Team (HE 207)
• Center for Academic Achievement
• To register and attend a Transition Workshop
• To check your holds early and often
• To view your holds:
Login to Gulfline
Student and Financial Aid
Student Records
View Holds
• You currently have an – Advising Hold which will be
removed when you attend a transition workshop
Plan to Graduation
Please see your academic advisor
to develop a plan to graduation.
Welcome To The U.A. Whitaker
College Of Engineering!
Mary Swanson, Academic Advisor II
Rachel Boyce, Office Support
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