St. Vicents Family Medicine Residency

 Founded in 1972
 Graduated 285 family physicians who work throughout
the country in a variety of practices
Obstetrics, Geriatrics and Sports Medicine Fellowships
Metropolitan and Rural outpatient practices
Incorporation of obstetrics with C-Sections
Mixed outpatient and inpatient care
Family Medicine Hospitalist
 Dually accredited by the Allopathic and Osteopathic
Family Medicine Center
Family Medicine Center
Outpatient center operates on an appointment, fee-for-service basis and
provides care for a balanced population of private pay, managed care and
indigent patients.
Family Medicine Center Features
 The Family Medicine Center, located across from St.
Vincent's Medical Center, is the focal point of the
residency program.
 30,000 square-foot building
34 exam rooms
2 dedicated OMT rooms
4 dedicated procedure rooms
NST and ultrasound
X-ray and Full laboratory
 Treatment and minor surgical rooms
 Dermatology Procedures
 Cryo, biopsy, excisions
 Joint Injections
 Flexible Sigmoidoscopy/ Direct Laryngoscopy
 Cast and splint application
 Colposcopy , cervical cryosurgery and LEEP
Academic Conference Room
Exam Room
Preceptor Area
St. Vincent’s Medical Center
Large metropolitan 528 bed hospital
Wolfson Children’s Hospital
Ongoing relationship with WCH where we receive training in
both inpatient pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine.
Unopposed Residency
- Only residency in the hospital
- Admit patients through the ER and
follow them throughout the stay
- Continuity of care for obstetrical,
newborn, pediatric and adult
- Inpatient nursing home care
- Work one on one with specialists
during inpatient care and on
specialty rotations
- Intensivist program to aid in care
of ICU patients
- Opportunities for procedures and
- Opportunities to teach rotating
medical students
OB/GYN and Pediatric Faculty
 Full Time Pediatrician in house
 Nursery care including circumcision training
 Inpatient and outpatient pediatric experiences
 Full Time OB/GYN in house
 Advanced Obstetrics Track
 Facility accredited by National Ultrasound in
 15+ continuity deliveries
 Two Part Time private OB/GYNs
 Allows for additional deliveries and GYN experience
 Off site training in IUD/Implanon placement
Fantastic Faculty and Staff
2.5:1 Resident to Faculty Ratio
Wide variety of faculty interests
In house psychologists
1 MA/RN per 2 residents in clinic
Referral Coordinators, Scheduling
Team, Financial Advisors, OB
Evidence Based Medicine
Morning Medicine Rounds on “Flapjack Friday”
- Resident-led case reports
each morning
- Faculty and specialist led
lectures/workshops over
- Pharmacists available on
rounds/in hospital
- Monthly Journal Club to
keep up-to-date on Family
Medicine topics
- Monthly optional EBM
meeting to learn data
- Practice Management in 2nd
and 3rd years
- Faculty with Medical
Informatics Masters’
Cutting Edge Family Medicine
 EMR system, Allscripts, in place for 7 years
 Upgrade to latest version planned for 2011
 Continually developing templates for ease of use
 Citrix PowerChart used in hospital
 Areas of Concentration
 100% match rate for fellowship positions
 Dual Osteopathic and Allopathic Accreditation
 Newly updated DO curriculum
 OMT used in outpatient and inpatient settings
 Research project required for graduation
 Multiple residents with publications and presentations at national
AAFP/FAFP Affiliation
Multiple opportunities
for conference
Proactive residents,
including former and
current FAFP
Proactive faculty
including current
FAFP vice president
International Missions
- OB Faculty make yearly
trip to Haiti
- Other hospital groups on a
monthly basis, residents
are welcome
Outreach Opportunities
- Jacksonville’s
pioneer site
for Reach Out
and Read
- Provides
books for
each WCC
from 6
- Yearly Fall
Kickoff at
- Last year’s
emcee was
Olympic Gold
City of Jacksonville
- Fortune Magazine “Best Mid-Sized
City in America”
- Avondale named one of best
neighborhoods in country
- Abundant and affordable housing
- Multiple colleges and universities
- Two High Schools on Top Ten List
- No state income tax
NFL: Jaguars
Minor League Baseball: Suns
Arena Football: Sharks
Museums, Concerts
Park System
Short drive to hiking and state
- International Airport
Humane Lifestyle
 Night float system has been in
place for 25 years
Home call as a 3rd year resident
4 full weeks of paid vacation per
1 week of CME time
$800 CME per year for
conferences, books, software,
laptop; $3000 relocation allowance
Florida license, Step 3 fees and
malpractice covered
Multiple moonlighting
possibilities available
Great Faculty Support
- Residents treated like
- Resident input for program
Family Atmosphere
Social Residents
In Summary…
 33,000 office visits last
year at the FMC
25,000 of those were
resident visits
499 Obstetrical
285 board certified
graduates since 1972
Well over 99% board
passing rate
Great Balance in Office
2. Supervision of Normal
3. Well Child Check
Contact Information
St. Vincent's Family Medicine Residency
Telephone: 904-308-7374
Address: 2627 Riverside Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32204
We look forward to hearing
from you!
Top 10 Reasons to do YOUR
Residency at St Vincent’s
The Residents
We are from all over the country and really work well together
The Faculty
An experienced and diverse faculty with a wide array of interests and passions
OB/GYN and Pediatrician on Faculty
They are specifically there to teach YOU
St Vincent’s is in a great neighborhood and ONLY 20 minutes to the beach
Activities – Jaguars, Minor League Baseball, arts/crafts fairs, great restaurants, etc
5) Mission Trips
Haiti, Africa, Dominican and on away electives you can go anywhere
Great Curriculum
Systems based for each rotation at noon conference and well organized morning reports, including OMM rounds
Procedure room in clinic with a dermatologist/pathologist on faculty
Dually Accredited - Osteopathic and Allopathic Residency
Integrated learning between MD and DO faculty and residents, new curriculum for OMM rounds and report
After graduation
Well prepared to succeed in any setting from an outpatient clinic to a hospitalist in any region of the country
Fellowships - recently matched graduates into Sports, Geriatrics, Public health and Neuromuscular Medicine(OMM)
10) Teaching Medical Students
Come rotate with us! Apply online at, Spots fill up quickly
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