Commuting & Off Campus Students

Tips for Success
The Main Ingredient
 Professional
Staff: Executive Chef, Dining Chef,
Catering Chef, Pastry Chef, Sous Chef
 Registered
 Offering
Dietitian, Amy Moyer RD, LDN
over 23 on-campus locations
off campus partners will deliver, or you can dine-in
or carry-out
 Ghassan’s
 East
Coast Wings
 Papa John’s
 MiMi Sushi & Hibachi
DIK…Offering Healthy Meals
Balanced U
Headed by Chef Gerald Hyatt & Amy Moyer RD, LDN
Monthly subject focus
Balanced U in both retail & dining
Whole wheat pasta options, low fat dressings, gluten free
products, vegan & vegetarian options, and more.
Health Magazine top healthy brands
Au Bon Pain, Jamba Juice, Subway
Amy Moyer- RD appointments
MyfitnessPal on site
Menu Options with Nutrition information on website
Join us at Fountain View
 Meal
+ flex plans or Flex only plans
Plan changing available up to first week of school
 Lower buy-in as low as $150 in Flex
Sign-up via website, SpartanCard Office, w/ Food
Crew, Dining Services Office
 What
is flex? Monies on your SpartanCard or
attached to your meal plan used throughout
campus & with flex partners.
Flex rolls over - fall to spring semester
 Benefits:
Convenience, Flexibility
DIK…Program to fit your life
 Dining
in Your Hands
 Fountain
View Dining
Open until 8:30 pm Monday- Thursday
 Open at 9 am on Saturdays
 Continuous dining from open to close
 Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Wing Street open until 1am
 Bojangle’s open until 11pm
Going local…
Thai Garden in the EUC Food Court
Ghassan’s in the EUC Food Court
We’re Social Butterflies
Office of Campus Activities
& Programs (CAP)
Where to find us:
Elliott University Center (EUC)
 2nd
floor of the EUC between rooms 236 &
By phone: 336-334-5800
By Email: [email protected]
OnTheGo…with Commuters
Family-Friendly Programming
Daytime Programming:
Coffee Carts
 Spartan Hour Tuesdays
 Food Trucks (before fall break and after spring break on
 Commuter Appreciation Week (April)
Online Resources:
• Off-Campus Housing &
Options of Greensboro
• City of Greensboro
• Transportation
• Weather/Safety
• Eating on Campus
• Campus Resources
• Childcare Resources
“Like” UNCGCommuter and
UNCGAdultStudents on Facebook
Weekly “OnTheGo” Announcements
Getting to Campus: UNC-Greener
Getting to Campus:
Where to Park for Less
UNCG Commuter Parking
E Permit for Park ‘n Ride -1720 West Lee Street near Greensboro Coliseum
C Permits are required to park on campus from midnight Sunday until 5
pm Friday. About $311/year
Least expensive permit for commuters about $180/year
E permits allowed in C lots after 3 p.m. weekdays; until midnight on Sunday
After 5 p.m. no permit required in lot 7 at corner of Tate & Oakland
5 p.m. Friday – midnight Sunday, no permit required in C/E lots
Request Parking Permits:
Non-UNCG Parking – Pay Attention to City Regulations
Churches around campus – fee for permit, contact church
Streets around campus Tate, McIver, Oakland, etc. Park at your own risk.
Don’t park in apartment complex lots - towed
Lee Street Park ‘n Ride Shuttle
The Park & Ride open Monday-Thursday 7 a.m. – 10
p.m. Friday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
 All
vehicles must be removed nightly before the gates are
locked or will be ticketed and/or towed.
 Make sure you lock cars and hide valuables
Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 9:40 p.m.
and Friday 7:30 a.m. - 6:40 p.m.
Stops at 2 designated campus locations plan your walk:
Spring Garden across from School of Education
Spring Garden Street in front of the Graham Building
Plan B
What is your plan if your primary mode of
transportation breaks down or is unavailable?
Start planning now:
research on bus routes, take a trial run before classes
Check out Zimride and carpool at least once
Have faculty phone number/email entered in your phone
Get Motor Assistance Plan (i.e. AAA).
Ensuring Success for Commuters
Attend CAP, CAB, OnTheGo, other campus events;
Interact with faculty;
Meet other students in your classes;
Be focused on Time Management;
Give yourself a break between classes;
Utilize campus resources: Library,
Student Success Center, Writing Center - you
paid for it!
Things You Might Not Know
Spartan Cash (different from Spartan Express
which is Flex): Bookstore, Library Copiers,
Walker Deck, Rec Center (pro-Shop and guest
Locker Rental:
(semester or academic year; CAP office 2nd Floor
EUC between rooms 236 & 238) $5 sem/$10 yr
 Rec Center (semester or academic year; check-in desk)
 Library (academic term; see check-out desk).
Places to Hang Out Between
 All
sorts of lounges and sitting space on all three levels, Food
Court - microwave.
Bryan Business Bldg.
 Au
Bon Pain Food Court and Bryan Study Lounge
 Individual
and Group Study Rooms (reserve at check-out desk)
 24/5 access
 All floors in Tower
 6-9th
floors quiet floors
 2-5 group study floors
If You Are Living with Family
Set aside a time and place for
Evaluate household responsibilities/chores
Bring Family to UNCG Family-Friendly events.
Motor Assistance Patrol
Call (336) 334-5681 for motorist assistance on campus
provided by UNCG Parking Operations
 air
for a flat tire
 jump start a dead battery
Monday - Friday
6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Safety Awareness
Adverse Weather Line (336) 334-4400.
UNCG Switchboard (336) 334-5000.
UNCG Police – emergency (336) 334 - 4444.
UNCG Police – non emergency (336) 334-5963.
Safety Escorts (336) 334-5963.
Receive SMS Emergency Text Messaging –
through UNCGenie.
 Motor Assistance Patrol (336) 334-5681
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