Winter Session 2014
Tentative Dates:
2, January – 6, February
Finance 392 & BUAD 393
Volterra, Tuscany & Paderno del Grappa, Veneto
Program Leader & Instructor: Tim Detwiler, UD
Instructor: Dominic Standish, CIMBA Italy
• Finance 392, Seminar on
International Financial
– Lecture & discussion
– Case based – application
– Excel models
– Written & oral case
• BUAD 393 Business, Culture,
& Society in Western Europe
– Lectures & discussion
– Workshops, company
tours, & cultural events
– Professional/cultural
Fall 2009
students in
lab with
Week 1: Volterra
Arrive Tues., 3 January at the
SIAF campus in Volterra,
Required Schedule:
Class meetings
Guided tour of Volterra
Guided coach tours to
Florence and Siena
Visit to Piaggio, maker of
Italy’s famous Vespas
• An ancient Etruscan hill town,
located in the Pisa province of
Tuscany, just southwest of Florence
• Population: 13,000
• Elevation: 1,742 feet
• Highlights:
Alabaster artisans
Ancient Roman theater
Museo Guarnacci, an Etruscan museum
Pinacoteca, art museum featuring
Tuscan artists
– Excellent restaurants and cafes
SIAF : Scuola Internazionale di Alta Formazione
• Located just outside Volterra proper, the SIAF campus
– Double rooms with cable tv and internet connection
and private baths
– Self-serve dining (Tuscan cuisine)
– Multi-media classrooms with wireless internet
– Gym
– Free shuttle service to Volterra centro
• See more at
(pictures from SIAF site)
Guided Tours of Florence &
Above, Santa Croce,
Florence; below, Il
Campo, Siena
Above, Santa Maria del Fiore,
Florence’s famous Duomo;
above right, the Duoma’s
dome at night;
right, Siena and country side.
Visit Piaggio
• Located in nearby Pontedera,
Piaggo is one of the top 5 scooter
and motorcycle companies in the
• Piaggio manufactures 7 popular
models, including Aprilia and Vespa
• Piaggo website (English version)
Weeks 2 – 5: Paderno del Grappa, Veneto
Arrive Thursday, 9 Jan.
Required Schedule:
 Class meetings
 Company trips & guest
 Leadership activities & sessions
 Instructor-led visits to Venice &
other nearby sites
At your leisure:
 2-3 extended weekends for
free travel
Paderno del Grappa
Location: Treviso province of Veneto region at
the foot of Mt. Grappa
Population: about 2,000
Elevation: 236 feet (Mt. Grappa is 5823 feet!)
Features: Al Sole ristorante; Alpina pastry shop; 2
Tabacchi; a hotel, bank, & gift shop; the CIMBA
undergraduate campus at the Instituti Filippin
Italian boarding school;
& 1 traffic circle
Nearby: Crespano’s Sunday market
(walking distance)
CIMBA Campus
Instituti Filippin, PdG
Generously-sized dorm rooms
w/ private baths
Cafeteria & dining room
Small library
Computer lab
Really good coffee machines
CIMBA Dorms w/ Mt. Grappa behind
CIMBA campus (Fall 2009)
Visit to Venice
St. Mark’s, Doge’s Palace,
Grand Canal & Gondolas;
museums; Vivaldi concerts; fish
market; Carnavale masks
Above: courtyard of Doge’s Palace; below,
Piazetta San Marco; right, Rialto Bridge
Veneto Sites for Day Trips:
Verona’s Roman Coliseum
Asolo, Bassano del Grappa,
Verona, Padua, Treviso,
Piazza Bra, Verona
St. Anthony’s Basilica, Padua
Bassano & Palladio’s Bridge
Mt. Grappa
Piazza Garibaldi, Asolo
Geographical Perspectives
Image from
Image from
Image from SIAF
Business & Commerce in the Veneto
• Some Companies in the
Aprilla ( motorcycles)
Benetton (Apparel)
Diesel (Apparel)
Northface (Apparel)
Geox ( shoes)
Luxcottica ( eyewear)
– Technica ( ski boots &
– Electrolux ( home
Northern Italy is the
economic engine for the
entire country!
Baggage Information
• Baggage – Think light, versatile, practical; you will be hauling it.
You are allowed the following for free:
– One (1) checked bag free if less than 50 lbs ($50 if over 50
lbs); maximum of 70 lbs. See British Air website at for complete travel information on
extra and overweight baggage.
– One (1) carry-on bag no larger than 22in x 18in x 10in,
including the handle, pockets and wheels
– One (1) purse/computer bag no larger than 18in x 14in x 8in.
Odds & Ends
• January weather in Tuscany and the Veneto? Similar to Delaware, but
just a bit warmer in winter.
– In Jan., Tuscany temps range from 40-50 F; snow is rare
– In Jan., Veneto temps range from 30-50 F (think cold nights). Snow
is rare on the Veneto plain, but the Dolomites/Alps will naturally
have the white stuff for skiing! Expect some chilly, rainy days mixed
with warm sun.
• Time: Italy is on CET (Central European Time) which is 6 hours ahead
of EST (Eastern Standard Time)
• Phones: Most US carriers are not viable in Europe. AT&T and T-Mobile
can be viable IF you have an international plan. Blackberries & Iphones are usually compatible, but – again – check your plan.
• SKYPE is your best bet, given internet accessibility. Skyping computer
to computer is free; computer to phone is less than 3 cents/minute.
Checklist & Miscellaneous
• Passport current to at least September 2013; if not, renew NOW!
• Medical prescriptions, checkups, dentist?
• Extra contacts/glasses ordered
• What clothes to bring – more on that later. But for now, think
– versatile warm coat & jacket/hoodie type for warmer days.
– a notch above typical campus gear for casual wear around campus:
jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts; sweat pants okay for dorm room only.
– business casual apparel for company visits and tours
– a dressy outfit/suit for formal dinners
– pair of comfortable shoes/boots/non-white sneakers for walking plus a
couple pair of casual to dressy shoes
Cultural Etiquette & UD Standards
• European vs. American culture – often a significant difference.
– Manners & etiquette are valued in Europe – appropriate greetings, appearance,
& other appropriate public conduct are important.
– If Americans live to work, then Europeans work to live.
– Americans (think college students here!) too often drink to get drunk; Europeans
drink primarily with meals and share those times with friends and family;
drunkenness is not accepted or customary in Europe.
• Students will be dismissed from the program and lose course credits if they
– drunk/stoned or are behaving in an objectionable manner (e.g., disorderly,
offensive, rude, or noisy) in public settings; at a company visit or tour; or with
peers/instructors in social settings including class.
• Minor infractions (determined by professors) will result in one letter-grade
reduction for each occurrence and in each course.
You are representing UD, the US, and yourself –
what image do you want to project?
Contact Information & Program
• Faculty Director
– Tim Detwiler, Instructor
& undergraduate
adviser, Department of
– 321 Purnell Hall
– (302) 831-6820
– [email protected]
• Deadlines
– Application and $300
deposit deadline : April
25, 2013
– $1,500 Deposit – may
15, 2013
– Final program fee
balance due: November
5, 2013
– Tuition & Registration
Fee due: December 1,
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