New Student Meeting Presentation

Montgomery College
Office of Academic Initiatives
Early Placement Program
Fall 2014
 Your
college record begins now!
 You will earn college credit for college
 You are responsible for your registration,
application, and other college processes.
 You are responsible for utilizing
Montgomery College privileges &
 Set
up your my MC account-click “MyMC”
button on main MC webpage. For assistance,
contact IT Service Desk 240-567-7222
 Get your Montgomery College photo ID*.
 Get parking permit (via MyMC)*.
 Purchase your textbooks and supplies.
 Request accommodations through MC’s
Disability Support Services 240-567-5058
*Note: You must provide proof of payment to get photo I.D.
or parking permit
 Check
the Ways to Pay Sheet (MCPS/NON-
 If you have not paid for your college
course(s), please pay now!
 You can pay by mail, in person at the
Cashier’s Office, or online through MyMC.
 If you have applied for MC’s High School
Grant, you should have received notification
from MC’s Financial Aid Office. (Grants received last
week may still be processing).
 Check
your Student Schedule/Bill for the
last day to withdraw with a refund.
 Students must notify the College IN
WRITING of their intent to withdraw from
a course (check refund policy).
 Non-attendance does not relieve student
from financial obligations associated with
course registration.
 If
taking the course at your high school, go to
the campus bookstore nearest your school.
 If taking the course on campus, go to the
campus where the course is offered.
 If taking a Distance Learning class, check the
course syllabus (via Blackboard) for details.
 Make
sure you have the course 5-digit CRN!
 Come
prepared with textbook and supplies.
 Make sure you are on your professor’s official
class roster.
 Make sure you receive and understand class
Quizzes & tests
How to contact your professor
 Attendance
 Come to each class prepared to participate!
 Make note of important dates and
 Follow your syllabus - keep up to date on
Share telephone numbers with classmates
 You are responsible for obtaining any information
 You may be expected to submit your work even if
you cannot attend a class.
 “Excessive Absences” is defined as one more
absence than the number of classes per week
during a fall or spring semester
MCPS Calendar
MC classes on
campus & WEB
MC Classes at
MCPS high school
MC Classes at USG
Mon, 8/25
First day of high
school classes
Fall semester college
classes begin
Final preparation for high
school site - No MC classes
Final preparation for high
school site - No classes
Wed, 8/27
Regular MCPS
No classes
Regular MC schedule
MC classes begin
MC classes begin
No MC classes
No MC classes
No MC classes
Early release day for
MC classes held
MC classes held
MC classes held
No high school classes
Rosh Hashanah
MC classes held
MC classes held
Not applicable – no
scheduled classes
Fri, 10/17
No high school classes
MSEA Convention
MC classes held
MC classes held
MC classes held
Fri, 10/31
No high school classes
Professional Day
MC classes held
MC classes held
MC classes held
Tue, 11/4
Election Day
No high school classes
MC classes held
No MC classes
Not applicable – no
scheduled classes
11/26 – 11/28
No MC classes
No MC classes
No MC classes
Week of Mon,
Early release on
11/26, no high school
classes on 11/27 & 28
Regular MCPS
Final week of MC
classes - exams
MC classes held
Final week of MC classes
- exams
Mon, 12/15 &
Tue, 12/16
Regular MCPS
No MC classes
Final day of MC classes
No MC classes
Mon, 9/1
Labor Day
Wed, 9/24
 College
classes remain at the same time,
regardless of high school schedule
 If high school is closed due to holiday or
weather, college classes held at the high
school will not meet
 If high school is open, attend college class
 Sign up for MC Alert to get text and e-mail
messages about MC’s delay openings or
 Every
MC student has an official college email account.
 You are REQUIRED to check your MC E-mail
regularly for all college communication.
 Professors may not respond to personal email addresses.
 Go to MYMC to set up your account and learn
how to forward MC e-mails to your personal
 Take
the initiative.
 Meet with professor before/after
class or at on-campus office hours.
 Professors want to hear from you
Not your mom or your DEPA
 Use
email effectively
Understand capitalization and punctuation
Include your name, M number & class
Don’t use abbreviations/texting language
 Your
MC grades are not on your high school
 Mid-term grades are only available on MyMC.
 Final grades are posted after final exams.
 Official transcripts will be available after
final grades have been posted and you have
fulfilled your financial obligations.
 You
are bound by both the MC Code of
Conduct as well as the high school rules in
your college class.
 – search “Code of
students taking classes during the
regular school day may have unscheduled
time in their week.
 MCPS students check with your DEPA for
information about where and how to spend
the time you are not in class.
 MC
Early Placement Program staff
 High School Dual Enrollment Program
Assistant (DEPA)
 Your Professor
All MC services are available to you:
Learning centers
Programs on campus
 Disability
Support Services for all
accommodations for your college class
 Shows
 Is
Attendance is critical
Notifies professor if absent from class
prepared for class
Checks syllabus for assignments
Plans ahead for projects, quizzes & exams
 Acts
like a college student.
Addresses professor respectfully
Is courteous to all
 Asks
questions, as needed
 When
does the MC semester begin?
 When does your class meet for the first time?
 What is the deadline for submitting a high school
grant application?
 How do you receive your official grades?
 Do your college grades appear on your high school
 What are your next steps to be ready for the first
day of classes?
 Absent
from class due to illness?
 Weather emergency causes school closing?
 Days when high school has a different
 If
you are having problems, discuss with your
 Students must adhere to MC deadlines for all
admissions/enrollment matters.
 A student is not officially dropped from a
class until the withdrawal is recorded by
Montgomery College.
 Depending on deadlines, you may be
responsible for tuition and fee payment even
if you drop the class.
 To
register for the spring semester:
Receive “C” or better on all college courses
Complete EP Approval Form
Complete EP Registration/Schedule Change Form
Fulfill your financial obligations
 Registration
begins in late November
Testing and completion of paperwork begin in
Early Placement Program
 Akima Rogers, Associate Director of Academic
Initiatives and Early Placement Program Manager
 Yolandra Johnson, G’town Academic Coordinator
 Yvonne Hu-Cotto, Rockville Academic
 Angela Wright, TP/SS Academic Coordinator
 Nykolle Crosby-Black, Administrative Aide
Check out our website at:
 240-567-4140
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