Technology Inventory Power Point

Technology Inventory
You have questions? I have answers!
What is a Computer Station?
*Please do not include the keyboard
or mouse*
There is a difference
Student Terminal
Looking at the front of
the computer, you will
find the Manufactuer
and Model #
(i.e. Dell OptiPlex 745)
The Serial # we are
requesting is the
SERVICE TAG located at
the top of the cpu.
The back of the
monitor will have all
the information you
• Some new monitors
have a card that pops
out of the side with
all the information.
WYSE Terminals
This is the information
you will need when
looking at the
Model No: VXO
Serial No: 6W0D___
Classroom Printers
• The classroom printers will be from the manufacturer KYOCERA.
They look like the bottom picture. (Keep in mind that Digital Office
Systems is the company that services these printers. That
information does NOT need to be included in the Inventory form.)
Classroom Printers
The Manufacturer and Model number of the printer are located on the top
left corner of the device. The Manufacturer is Kyocera and the Model
number is FS-4100DN.
Classroom Printers
The Equip. ID located in front of the printer will serve as the barcode needed
to inventory the device.
Classroom Printers
To get the Serial Number for the Kyocera Printer open the top cover.
Classroom Printers
The Serial Number and Model Number will be located inside the cover.
Library/Computer Lab Printers
Library/Computer Lab Printers
Library and Computer Lab printers are the same as Classroom printers for
the exception of the Model Number. The Library and Computer Labs have a
Kyocera FS-4300DN.
Library/Computer Lab Printers
To get the Serial Number for the Kyocera Printer open the top cover.
The Serial Number will be either
on the right side, or underneath
in the right lower corner. You
will see a white strip with the
number. “SB680” is the model
number for this particular
SmartBoard. The serial # is the
full number including SB680.
Please document SmartBoards
in the classroom. If they are
mounted, it may be difficult to
get a Barcode. If no barcode is
visible, please make sure we
have the serial number.
Document Cameras
Data Projectors
NEC Projectors
EIKI Projectors
Example Inventory Form
Example Inventory Form
Karla Lara
[email protected]
Stephanie Rodriguez
[email protected]
Technology Department
Phone: (956) 464-1660
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