selection - Babette Wagenvoort

C.V. - Babette Wagenvoort*
Fine Artist, Illustrator, Tutor, Editor
[email protected]
Master of Art, Royal College of Art, London (2000)
Stipends (selection)
2008 Basis Stipend, Fonds BKVB
2003 Basis Stipend, Fonds BKVB
1998 Study Stipend for RCA, Fonds BKVB
* Born 1970, lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands
Exhibitions (selection 2000-2014)
RCA Secret, group show, Royal College of Art, London (every year since 2008)
N.a.t.u.r., festival/group show, Bochum, DE
Drawn to BeTekenis, group show, Gemak, The Hague, NL
Re: Rotterdam, group show, Rotterdam, NL
Super & Co, group show, Brussel, BE
Mood Swing in Zeebelt, window drawing, Theatre Zeebelt, The Hague (2009-2012)
Caught @ Todaysart, group show, Todaysart, The Hague, NL
SummerNest, group show, Nest, The Hague, NL
MetAmorPhosis, group show, Onno van Toor gallery, Rotterdam, NL
‘Precaution for food and product safety. A look into the future’, presentation of animations
and drawings, Vrije Academie, The Hague, NL
Ladies from The Hague in the window, group show, Haagse kunstkring, The Hague
Notes on Narratives, group show, Nest, The Hague, NL
Volkskrant Oog op de zuidas, screening of animation, CASZuidas, Amsterdam
Een absolute mus - sparrow words in text and drawings, group show, Central
Library, The Hague, NL
De Etalage, Museum voor Overbodig Beleid, traveling group show organised by
Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten.
Tekenen 8, group show, Quartair, The Hague, NL
Nieuwe Uitleenschatten 2008, group show Der Aa-kerk, Groningen, NL
Independent Drawings Gig 4, group show, Volkskrantgebouw, Amsterdam, NL
Haags Kapitaal, group show, Affiche Gallerij, The Hague, NL
Video Vortex II, group show, Montevideo, Amsterdam, NL
‘Where are you stupid beast?’, solo, Galerie 16, Hengelo, NL
‘A-weblog-in-the-flesh’, group show, Zoete Broodjes, Amsterdam, NL
‘Spring-Bal-Se-Mien’, group show, Pictura, Dordrecht, NL
‘Domesticated’, series of drawings, ‘guest artist’ at
Animation, Onedotzero festival, Filmhuis The Hague, NL
Quartair, Tekenen VI, drawing group show, The Hague, NL
Noordbrabants Museum, proverbs, group show, Den Bosch
Museum voor Overbodig Beleid - traveling group show organised by Inaxis
Don Quichot, group show, Nieuwspoort & Bibliotheek, The Hague, NL
Rectilinear Stories – A Drawn Environment, <tag>, solo, The Hague, NL
If the Gods are with me…, Galerie De Buytensael, group show, Arnhem, NL
Public Document, Hoogstraatmakers, group show, Vlaardingen, NL
Rectilinear Personality, solo, Galerie Zechs (1646), The Hague, NL
Drawing the Process, group show organised by Leo Duff, traveling show, UK.
AKI Ontplooid, group show, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede, NL
H.D.I.Y.L., with Joan Molloy & Susan Roan, House Gallery, London, UK
Heden, The Hague, NL ; CBK, Groningen; Baarsma Wine Group, Oudeschoot
Private collection, New York, USA; Private collection, New Zealand
Several Private collections Netherlands
Several Private collections, London, UK
Commissions in public & private space
‘Mood Swing’, drawing and research for rent, Het Nieuwe Huren (2009)
‘1x a day one drawing’, animations, drawings and design for teaching programme for school in South of Holland, Kunstgebouw (2007)
Transformatieproject Fort-Zeekant, Stichting [KidOR], Bergen op Zoom (2006)
‘Zo verkruimelt het koekje’ basisschool ‘De Buutplaats’, The Hague, NL (2005)
Metro Station Reigersbos, painted boards, GVB, Amsterdam (2003)
Interactive film ‘The Meetings’ for WHSmith’s Swindon/London (2001)
Published work (selection)
Regularly illustrations in VPRO TV Guide (since 2007) and drawings in literary
magazine Hollands Maandblad (since 2005)
Drawings in literary magazine Extaze (2013)
‘Barbapapa The Next generation’, poster, Super & Co, Brussel (2012)
Illustrations & animations, Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit, The Hague, NL (2009-2010)
Poster & flyers for WhyNot! festival W139, Amsterdam (2010)
Several illustrations for Sparknow, London (2003-2010)
‘Mood Swing’, book, own publication Het Nieuwe Huren (2009)
‘Days When Nothing Happens’, online animation for Volkskrant/oog Diffusion Books, eBook ‘The Octuplet: Story of Our Lives’ & storycubes, London
Een absolute mus- sparrow words in text and drawings, publication (2008)
Kissing Wallpaper 1 en 2, wallpaper design, Maxalot, Barcelona (2008)
Oog in de Vrijplaats, De Volkskrant, publication in newspaper (2008)
Several illustrations for DUF 2 (2004-2008)
Several illustrations for Opzij (2007-2008)
Several illustrations for Intermediair (2004-2007)
‘070707 - Impove Your Environment’, online project for Volkskrant/oog (2007)
‘Dagstemming’, two weeks daily, Vrijplaats - Volkskrant Newspaper (2007)
Drawing in Le Gun, London, UK (2007)
‘Ik ben rustig lief en goed’, online project for Volkskrant/oog (2007)
Several illustrations for Vrij Nederland (2006)
‘Rectilinear Personality’, selection drawing. Own Publication (2004)
Dazed & Confused, January Issue, ‘new illustrative talent’ (2004)
The Sorrel Foundation, London, Illustrations ‘Personalized Learning’ project (2004)
BBC White City Move Campaign, Sparknow and BBC, London. (2003)
‘Subjet Trouvé’, Book idea & design about 2 Willow Road, The National Trust, London
‘Rechtlijnige Persoonlijkheid’, selection drawings, Own publication (1996)
Tutor, editor, curator, etc. (selection)
Right now
Chief Editor & fellow-initiator, (since 2012)
Tutor Drawing & Image, Graphic Design, KABK, The Hague, NL (since 2007)
Initiator ‘The Hague Women in Art - meetings (since 2006)
Commitee member, broedplaats de DCR, The Hague, NL (since 2012)
Production & Administration, Bies BV, The Hague, NL (since 2012)
In the past
Commitee member Art & Culture, Rotterdam Council (2013)
Initiator & drawer ‘AanTekeningen ‘on (2012 - 2013)
Curator Volkskrant Oog - online platform for artists on news and current affairs (2007 2009)
Tutor Digital & Monologue Illustrative Design, HKU Academy, Utrecht (2004 -2008)
Jury member Stroom Prize KABK, The Hague, NL (2008)
Extern examinator, FIne Art, HKU Academy, Utrecht (2008)
Editor ‘Online Imaging’, Color Bites (2006)
Tutor, Graphic Design, Camberwell College of Art, London (1999-2002)
C0-curator, ‘Writ Large’, RCA college-wide lecture series, London (2000-2002)
Co-ordinator ‘Strange & Charmed’, Gulbenkian Foundation/ RCA, London. (1999-2000)
Editor & Production, RCA newsletter, ‘J-News’, RCA, London (1999-2001)
Initiator & editor, ‘Zeg het met bloemen’, magazine, AKI, Enschede (1995-1996)
Selection of presentations and workshops
Lecture with Pawel Pokutycki about Illustration Daily, Gemak, The Hague, NL (2013)
Illustratie Biennale, one of the main speakers, Haarlem (2012)
Lecture about own work, Beeldende Kunstenaar in de klas, Villa Zebra, Rotterdam (2010)
Lecture about own work, Symposium Tekenen, BK050, Groningen. (2010)
Lecture about own work, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (2010)
Volkskrant OOG presentation, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (2009)
Vertekening, with Dick Tuinder and PJ Roggeband, Stroom The Hague, NL (2006)
Lecture, HKU, de Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht (2004)
Workshop, MA Drawing as Process, Kingston University, London (2003)
Workshop, Drawing Studio, Royal College of Art, London (2000)
Lecture about own work, Buffalo State College, USA (2000)
Lecture about own work, AKI, Enschede (1999)
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