Triathlon Fjatfallen Idag är det dags att kanotpaddling, vandring och

Triathlon Fjatfallen
Today ´s activity is canoeing, hiking and biking.
These activity´s takes us to some breathtaking reaches of the Osterdaläven and
Fjätan Rivers. We walk towards the picturesque Fjätfallen, where we eat and
rest by gentle cascading waterfalls surrounded by green forest. Before
heading back on the bike. We take it easy and do not rush.
When: 10/07, 16/07, 23/07, 27/07, 10/08, 20/08, 24/08 2011
Start: STF Turistgården in Särna 10:30 am
Sign up: +46 253-10437
Price: Adult 750 kr / Child ( age 5-15 ) 375 kr
Incl.: ca 6 hrs tour incl. guide, MTB, kano ( incl life jacket),
transport kano and bike, fika (coffee/tea) , sausages and bread
Landscape Walks
Sjukstugevägen 4,790 90 Särna, Norra Dalarna, Sverige
Tel: +46 253 10437