52 - New Church Lifeline

Come let us
remember the
joys of the town
Come, let us remember
the joys of the town:
gay cars and bright buses
that roar up and down,
shop-windows and playgrounds
and swings in the park,
and street-lamps that twinkle
in rows after dark.
And let us remember
the chorus that swells
from hooters and hammers
and whistles and bells,
from fierce-panting engines
and clear-striking clocks,
and sirens of vessels
afloat in the docks.
Come, let us now lift up
our voices in praise,
and to the Creator
a thanksgiving raise,
for towns with their buildings
of stone, steel, and wood,
for people who love them
and work for their good.
{Final verse}
We thank you, O God, for
the numberless things
and friends and adventures
which every day brings.
O may we not rest
until all that we do
in towns and in cities
is pleasing to you.
Doris M Gill c. 1975