Home-Start Hillingdon

Home-Start Hillingdon
Presentation to HCFT
Showcase Event
• Staff team
Scheme Manager
Office Manager
1 f/t and 2 p/t co-ordinators
1 p/t Family Support Worker
• 38 trained volunteers
• Current Volunteer Preparation Course ends on
20th May, potentially providing 12 new
• 94 families supported in 2009/10
Home-Start Volunteers
• Selection process
• Preparation Course
• Checks undertaken
• Supervision
• Support groups
• Ongoing training
What Volunteers Say
• The course has increased my confidence
and I now know that there are people who
need help and I am able to do it.
• My life, perhaps, has not addressed other
people’s problems/issues so it has been
good for me as a person.
• I have definitely gained confidence
through the course and support from staff.
Referral Process
• From any professional or self referrals
• Referral form and process
• Monitoring and evaluation
• Duration of support
Reasons for Referral
• Isolation
• New to the area or country
• Depression/mental ill health
• Illness/disability (parent and/or child)
• Learning difficulties
• Low self esteem/confidence
• Inexperienced parent
• Play/stimulation
• Child’s behaviour
• Practical help
• Multiple birth or several children under 5
Case Study 1
• Lone mother of 4 children under 5 years, including twins
born during support. Asian mother came to UK for an
arranged marriage during which she experienced severe
domestic violence.
• I valued the support given as 10/10. The main
difference that Home-Start has made to my family is
a lively impact – we all felt that we started a new life
full of fun and activities…thank you. (Mother)
• Thank you for the support – the client had great
things to say about the service. (Domestic Violence
Floating Service)
Case Study 2
• Mother, initially diagnosed with ‘baby-blues’, who suffered ‘postpartum cardiomyopathy’, a life threatening condition, after the birth
of her baby. Anxious about her prognosis, needing reassurance and
a listening ear.
• I was very unsure at first if I wanted a helper but I cannot thank
you enough for all of your help.It was the best thing for me and
the family. My volunteer became part of the family – she is a
wonderfully kind, generous and warm person and really helped
us in our time of need……you do an amazing job. (Mother)
• Home-Start was the only support I could get for this mother
who was very ill post-delivery. Very positive support in all areas
of need. (Health visitor)
Case Study 3
Teenage asylum seeker, mother of 2, who arrived
in UK as an unaccompanied minor – has
since been given indefinite leave to stay.
• It has helped to teach me how to look after
myself and my kids. (mother)
• Home-Start has been a life-line for this
family. The mother has blossomed since
receiving this support. (health visitor)
What is special about
Parents tell us that they value our support because
• give their time freely
• engage with the family on a ‘parent-to-parent’
• offer visits of 2 ½ - 3 hours weekly
• are able to be flexible about the day and times
of their visit
and because the service:
• is their choice
• is not time-limited
• is ‘tailor-made’ to their needs
Any Questions?
Contact us at:
Home-Start Hillingdon
01895 252804
[email protected]
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