Francisco José Goya y Lucientes

Francisco Jose Goya y Lucientes
Francisco was born in a small village Fuendetodos.
Goya was the son of Jose, his mother, Don Vicente
Gracia Lucientes Spanish came from a poor noble
family. In 1763, Goya moved to Madrid, where he
tried to get into the Academy of San Fernando.
Seven years later, in 1770 the young Goya went to
Italy. He visited Milan, Bologna, Naples and Rome.
In Rome, he studied at the Polish artist Tadeusz
Kuntze - Konicz.
In April 1771, took part in a
competition announced by the
Academy of Fine Arts in Parma. His
work has received the second prize
in recognition of the skills of the
young painter's colors. He returned
to Spain as a distinguished painter in
In 1773, Francisco de Goya
married to Joseph Bayern. They
had five children, of whom only
one survived: the son Javier.
In 1783, the painter went to Arenas de
San Pedro. This is where the recognition
of members of the royal family marked
the beginning of the meteoric rise of
Goya. Since then, everyone wanted to
have portraits painted by the royal
painter .
The stunning success of the painter, but the
dependence on the monarch in 1792 was interrupted
by serious illness of a Goya. He fought for almost a
year of death, paralysis and blindness.
After some time he came to health, but only
partially, still remained deaf, but deaf sharpened
his sensitivity even more visual.
After a year he returned to Goya painting.
In 1795, he was director of the
Academy of San Fernando. Two
years later, abandoned Goya
returned to the capital of Spain and
created a series of 80 etchings
published in 1799 Follies.
During the Napoleonic Wars
Francisco created its most
dramatic series of etchings The
Disasters of War.
In 1824, 78 - year-old Goya Quinta del Sordo left,
and Spain and settled in Bordeaux, along with the 36
- year old Leokadia and 10 - year old Maria del
There was a series of drawings Tauronachia. There is
also a series of Goya etchings Disparates ended,
which was released along with the horrors of war
after his death .
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