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Get Britain Working
Jobcentre Plus support
Get Britain Working measures
Work experience
Sector-based work academies
Flexible Support Fund
Work Programme
Youth Contract
Jobcentre Plus
Jobcentre Plus support
• Greater focus on diagnosing customers’ individual needs
• More flexibility and responsibility for Jobcentre advisers
• Increased autonomy for local managers
• Raised expectations of customer commitment to finding work
• Extending range of digital services
• Clear focus on getting customers off benefits and into jobs
• Option for advisers to mandate suitable customers to Mandatory Work
Jobcentre Plus
Get Britain Working measures
A menu of flexible support options to encourage:
• more sharing of skills and experience through Work Clubs;
• volunteering as a way of developing work skills through Work
• self-employment as a route off benefits through the New Enterprise
Allowance and via Enterprise Clubs offering community based and locally
led support for unemployed people.
• greater insight into the world of work through Work Experience, and
• pre-employment training and work placements through sector-based
work academies
• Partnership between voluntary sector, colleges, employers and
Jobcentre Plus
Work Clubs & Enterprise Clubs
• These Clubs will provide unemployed people with a place to meet and
exchange skills, share experiences, find opportunities, make contacts and
get support to help them in their return to work.
• Work Clubs help those looking for a job, Enterprise Clubs for those wanting
to start their own business.
• Jobcentre Plus does not aim to set up or run Clubs – but we will provide
practical advice and guidance to those wanting to establish or support a
• Clubs can be set up anywhere in the country - but availability and the
opportunities offered will vary.
• JCP will signpost customers to appropriate Clubs where available.
Jobcentre Plus
Work Together
• Voluntary work can help an individual stay or move closer to the world of
work. It can also help them develop valuable work skills whilst they are
looking for paid work.
• Through Work Together, we will help unemployed people who are interested
in volunteering so that they can find suitable opportunities.
• Work Together is available to all benefit recipients from the start of their
• Jobcentre advisers will encourage and signpost customers to sources of
information on volunteering, local voluntary organisations, to online services
and to particular opportunities.
Jobcentre Plus
New Enterprise Allowance
• The New Enterprise Allowance will help unemployed people who want to
start and grow their own business. It will provide access to business
mentoring, and offering financial support of around £2,000.
• Launched offer in Merseyside from 31st January.
• Now being rolled out and will be available nationwide from August.
Customers will get:
• access to a business mentor who will provide guidance and support as they
develop their business idea and through the early stages of trading
• once the customer has demonstrated they have a viable business idea and
is ready to register as self-employed they can get:
• a weekly allowance based on the basic rate of JSA for 3 months, and then at
half that rate for a further 3 months;
• Can apply for a loan up to £1,000 to help with start-up costs.
Jobcentre Plus
Mandatory Work Activity
• Mandatory Work Activity is part of the Get Britain Working measures now
• Jobcentre Plus advisers will have the flexibility to use Mandatory Work
Activity, where they feel this is appropriate, as part of a wider range of
support options.
• Contracted providers have been appointed to deliver 19,000 placements per
year, which will all be of community benefit
Jobcentre Plus
Work Experience
• 100,000 Work Experience placements for 18-24 year old
unemployed people
• Offer of 2-8 weeks work experience
• Taking a placement is voluntary – sticking with it is mandatory.
• Participants continue to receive their benefit whilst participating in
Work Experience and, if required, will be provided with contributions
towards the costs of travel and childcare.
• .
Jobcentre Plus
sector-based work academies
• sector-based work academies to be launched in England from August 2011
• Will offer pre-employment training and work placements for unemployed
• Districts will be are free to deliver flexible sbwa models to meet local needs
of employers, claimants and training providers
• Academies will combine:
– sector-specific pre-employment training, primarily funded and delivered
through the skills system leading to the achievement of one or more units
on the Qualifications and Credit Framework,
– a work experience placement
– offer of a guaranteed job interview for participants completing both of the
above elements.
Jobcentre Plus
Flexible Fund Support
• The new Flexible Support Fund will give managers and advisers a
greater say in how they help customers back into work.
• A new fund, of about £147 million, will help Jobcentre Plus Districts support
their customers back into work.
• The Flexible Support Fund will give Districts more control over how they use
their budgets.
• The fund is aimed at helping people into work by paying for a variety of
activities. These include payments to customers to help with things that
make looking for a job harder, such as travel costs, tools or training.
• It will also include a grant funding mechanism, enabling District Managers to
award funding to local partnerships.
Jobcentre Plus
Work Programme
• Work Programme is now available nation-wide
• Local provision designed & delivered by providers.
• Radical change to payment by results and performance measures
• Will help people with a wide variety of needs
• Forms a coherent package complementing Jobcentre Plus support and Get
Britain Working measures
Jobcentre Plus
Youth Contract
• Announced on 25 November 2011
• Worth almost £1 billion to help young people to prepare for work and find
• Over three years from April 2012 the Youth Contract will provide nearly half a
million new opportunities for young people
Jobcentre Plus
What Opportunities Will Be Available
• 160,000 wage incentives worth up to £2,275 each for employers who recruit
an 18 to 24 year old through the Work Programme;
• 250,000 work experience or sector based work academy placements;
• A further 20,000 incentive payments to encourage employers to take on
young apprentices
• Additional support through Jobcentre Plus by way of more Adviser time
• An opportunity to be referred for a careers interview with the National
Careers Service
Jobcentre Plus
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