Jamaican Migrants Set Foot In Tilbury

The Daily Daisy
Friday 22nd June 1948
Price: 3 shillings.
Jamaican Migrants Set Foot In Tilbury
Earlier on this morning, many
Jamaican migrants came to
Tilbury and are keen to share
their thoughts. A large number
of migrants expressed the way
they missed their more tropical
environment, but one particular
49 year old man seemed
impressed by his first sightings.
“I’m liking what I see, and I
can’t wait to arrive at
Hampstead N.W.1 as I hear
there is a job free as a
mechanic,” commented Arthur
It’s very uncommon for a
migrant to settle right away, but
this man, he seems like he’s
been here for years! Each and
everyone’s next step will be to
start almost a whole new
beginning in England; a new
life. Seeming as they have been
living here for a bit, many
people hope to be re-distributed
to new addresses. Arthur
Falkes, being one of them, is
known to be a very resourceful
man as a mechanic, as he hopes
very much to be.
The Milky Moon
Welcome Home Windrush
Written by Henry
Robinson 22nd June, 1948
Yesterday at 6:15 we met the
sight of the S.S Empire
Windrush pulling into docks
carrying many Jamaicans with it.
S.S Empire Windrush
At long last the windrush has
arrived home bringing the
Jamaicans to help rebuild the
‘The Motherland’.Cecil Fong
one of the many Jamaican
migrants, quoted ‘What a ride im
almost sorry to leave the ship we
had good food and plenty of
singing ive never had such a
jolly time’But will the Jamaicans
settle in this urban enviroment.
2 shillings
We can only suggest that the
migrants will fit in but official
statistics show that over 490
black migrants arrived and they
may encounter serious race and
Many where rearing to go to
there newfound jobs but are the
english happy about this? An
ambitious young business man
commented ‘If theyre stealing
our jobs they may as well work
hard we don’t want no slack
.Experts are saying many people
find it unacceptable to have
black people in their community
therefore they may expect abuse.
The Sunshine
Windrush Arrives
By Ben Hackney
The Jamaicans arriving
Yesterday at Tilbury
harbour the
Jamaican migrants
moved off the the
SS Windrush keen
to tell us what it
was like on the
ship. We can only. A
few of them were
suppose that they
settle down and
find a job in London
or elsewhere.
And find a place to
stay many of them are
hoping to stay for
about five years but
some might stay
longer. earlier on
today I spoke to
Edward Granville. one
of the migrants he
said “its great to be
off the ship and in
London my next step
is to be excepted only
time will know…