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A closer look at consultative sales opportunities in the PACE 2.0 Program
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PACE 2.0 (Professional Alternative Career Entry)
About Steelcase
Steelcase is the global
Program overview
What’s next?
The Steelcase PACE 2.0 (Professional
Alternative Career Entry) program provides
a unique opportunity for a select group of
talented college graduates. This
comprehensive training program (which
begins in June 2012) is founded on our
commitment to learning and development.
As part of PACE 2.0, you will train with
other recent college graduates to prepare you
to join our dynamic sales team. During this
fast-paced training period, you will work
with industry experts and cross-functional
teams at our global headquarters in Grand
Rapids, Michigan.
Following the approximate four-month
training period in Grand Rapids, MI
with your PACE 2.0 class, you will
begin your career as a Steelcase sales
professional contributing to and in
support of sales activities including
account strategy planning, business
development, etc.
What’s in it for you?
PACE 2.0 participants develop transferable
skills and learn how to create value for our
dealer partners and customers. As a member
of the PACE 2.0 team, you will gain a broad
knowledge of Steelcase products, services
and solution-based selling prior to assuming
sales responsibility in an area office. You
will experience first hand a range of
Steelcase operations - including
manufacturing, marketing, customer service
and sales strategies. You will also enhance
your skills in oral and written presentations,
computer technology, budgets and
financials, and business acumen. The
program provides a unique opportunity to
build relationships with not only your PACE
2.0 team, but also with people in various
positions throughout the company.
Available locations
West Coast location (SF, LA or Seattle)
New York
leader in the office
furniture industry but
we’re in the business of
helping people do what
they do better. We study
Want to know more?
For more information about Steelcase,
visit us at
the ways people work,
then use that knowledge
to develop products and
services that help people
Completion of a Bachelor’s or Master’s
degree preferably with a degree in a
business-related field (e.g., marketing &
sales, design, etc.)
You can also find us on Facebook
(Steelcase Inc. Careers), LinkedIn,
Twitter and YouTube.
work more effectively and
organizations use space
more efficiently.
To submit your resume:
Founded in 1912,
Successful candidates are team players
with high work standards, leadership
qualities, great communications skills,
initiative and a drive to learn and win.
Go to and register
your interest by clicking on Company >
Careers > Opportunities and creating a
profile. You can attach your resume
here as well.
Steelcase is a $2.4 billion
company with more than
11,000 employees and
dealers in more than 600
locations around the
“PACE gave me exposure to Steelcase Inc. that I would not have
gotten with a direct transition to my field sales role. It was invaluable
to make connections with people at all levels and areas in the
company, and the program was a great example of the company’s
investment in my development.”
Amalia Matthews
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