Puritans were people categorized by their work
towards achieving social, religious, and ethical
reforms. They believed that the Church of England
had become a product of political struggles, causing
the Puritans to flee to America in order to escape
religious persecution as well as to achieve freedom of
religion. Once the Puritans began arriving in the New
World, many of them settled in the New England
Led by John Winthrop.
Wanted to live quiet, simple lives
Puritans were the first
people to write books
specifically for children.
They didn't have
parties, or listen to music
or dance
They didn't celebrate holidays including
Christmas and Easter.
In 1620 the first Puritans came to
Massachusetts on the Mayflower
Puritans founded and supported Harvard
The Puritan faith is still active on the
international scale
The descendants of the Puritans today are
called Congregationalists or Presbyterians.
The puritans were behind various witch
scares, hunt, and trials (organized the Salem
Witch Trials).
They dressed in all dull colors.
The Puritans loaded more beer than
water onto the Mayflower before they
cast off for the New World
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Puritans & Interesting Facts