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The Storytelling Instrument:
The ultimate in building world class brands
A Consultancy Programme
Moving Towards Business Excellence
Inspired Transformations (Pvt) Ltd
Lead Consultant: Ernest M Kadembo
MBA (Mktng), MSc ISM, HBS, PGCE, Cert E-Mod, Cert
Case Writing, PhD (Story Based Branding-Ongoing)
England based Academic and Management Consultant
Profiling Ernest Kadembo
• An academic and independent consultant who has
worked with nearly 200 organisations and more than
25 academic institutions
• Has expertise in Marketing, Strategy, Quality, Service
Excellency, Story-based branding and Entrepreneurial
• A specialist in story-branding pursuing a PhD
• A big contributor to the marketing discourse with
various journal publications.
• Are connected to multitudes of organisations and
individuals pursuing an agenda for excellence.
The Greatness of Storytelling
Great stories make great people
Great stories have a lasting impact on people’s minds
Great stories make outstanding products
Great stories make great brands
Great brands lead to corporate excellence
So, ultimately the great story of the product becomes
the world class brand and yields the excellent
Kadembo (2013)
The Promise
• Discovering the truism about storytelling has provided me an
answer to the greatest treasure in communication
• Storytelling permeates every facet of humanity; creation,
education, research, socialisation, history, leadership, management
religion, branding etc.
• Storytelling like breathing defines all humanity and is a
commonality, and understanding effective storytelling is an
assurance to win in business
• The seminars, conferences, mentoring and coaching programmes
provided are your vehicle for excellence. Small or large groups, a
plan can worked out for the best results. The desire is to see your
organisational story lived by all in the organisation; ie., an
organisation-wide agenda for excellence. This is tantamount to
being mission or purpose driven set alive across organisational
Applications of Storytelling: An Insight
Denning identifies different types of stories which
are:• Sparking action (springboard stories)
• Communicating who you are
• Transmitting values
• Communicating who the firm is – branding
• Fostering collaboration
• Taming the grapevine
• Sharing knowledge
• Leading people into the future
Understanding the role of Storytelling:
An Insight
• Denning (2006) comments that, “With the
discovery of the central importance of
narrative, the role of the brand manager
becomes one of creating, extending and
continually reinventing the brand narrative,
while making sure that the narrative actually
reflects what the company is delivering.”
Denning (2006, p. 45)
Why Stories
• The human thought process is a web of stories
and therefore the story should be central to
organisational functionalities, management
and leadership
• Every entity is known by a story, the same
applies to organisations, products and
individuals, hence managers need to be
equipped with the use of storytelling in
Story based Branding
• Stories are the heritage of the brand, the
better the stories are told, the better the
• Therefore every organisation needs to know
how to best tell their story
• The training programme on offer broadly
seeks to strengthen the brand, making sure
the brand is a winner.
Way Forward
• If this is of interest to you please make contact
• The service philosophy is Your Success is a
Priority to me and Your Success Story is my joy.
• We want to share in your story in business
excellence through storytelling.
• This is your opportunity to transform yourself,
your team and your organisation.