Staff duty analysis: Cap*s rubix cube senior member

By Captain Jay A. Sliwinski, CAP
Cut to the Chase:
What do you think about SDAs?
 ________________________
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Some Answers?
 They are dumb.
 They Kill cadet careers.
 Useless paperwork.
 Confusing.
 Exercise in futility.
Why do we have SDA?
 Staff Duty Analysis
 Official answer from CAPP52-14
 Improve critical think skills
 Improve communication skills
 Comprehend Leadership and Teamwork
CAPP52-14 PAGE 1
Why do we have SDA?
 Staff Duty Analysis
 My Answer
 To give the cadet officers a more global view of the
squadron by learning how a variety of senior staff
positions work and evaluating what they do.
 Teach cadet officers WHERE and HOW to find
answers to your own questions.
 Did you ever wonder why a Cadet Lt. Col. Or
Cadet Col. always seemed to know where to
find the answer?
Different Phases of the
Cadet Program
 It is important to understand the changing
leadership skills needed in each of the four
phases of the cadet program.
Phase 1: Learning Phase
 Achievement 1 – 3
 Ends with Wright Brother’s Award
 Stresses “Followership”
Phase 2: Leadership Phase
 Achievement 4 – 8
 Ends with General Billy Mitchell Award
 Stresses Supervisory Leadership
Phase 3: Command Phase
 Achievements 9 – 11
 Ends with Amelia Earhart Award
 Stresses Junior Management
Phase IV: Executive Phase
 Achievements 12 – 16
 Ends with General Ira Eaker Award
 Stresses Upper Management Skills
General Carl A. Spaatz Award
 Completion of the Cadet Program
 Comprehensive Leadership Test
 Comprehensive Aerospace Test
 Written Essay
 Physical Fitness Test
 Often transition to Senior Member
Whom Should You Seek Help
From in Completing Your SDA?
 A former CAP Cadet Officer
 Someone who understands how CAP Manuals and
Regulations work.
 The senior member who will be grading your SDA.
Two Facets To The SDA
 Staff Duty Report
 Staff Service
CAPP52-14 PAGE 1
Staff Duty Report
 For each achievement as a cadet officer, they
must complete a Staff Duty Report.
 Non-achievements that don’t require SDA:
 Amelia Earhart (Cadet Captain)
 Ira Eaker (Cadet Lt. Colonel)
CAPP52-14 PAGE 1
SDA Reports By Achievement
Phase III (C/2Lt – C/Capt)
 Achievement 9: C/2Lt Dead Rank
 Cadet Flight Commander
 Achievement 10: C/1st Lt
 Administrative Officer
 Achievement 11: C/1st Lt Dead Rank
 Public Affairs Officer
CAPP52-14 PAGE 3
 You will receive some materials from National
on the SDA Process. It is quite confusing to
sort out.
 CAP P 52-14 Staff Duty Analysis Guide
 Tools I will provide you
 SDA Phase III Checklist and Promotion Review
 SDA Phase IV Checklist and Promotion Review
CAPP52-14 PAGE 1
CAPP 52-14: Instructions for
 Intent of the SDA Program
 Exposure to Squadron Staff
 Not a memorization drill in policies / procedures.
 Not to train them to fulfill senior staff position
 Opportunity to learn to think critically, develop
communication skills and improve their
understanding of teamwork.
CAPP52-14 PAGE 4
CAPP 52-14: Instructions for
 Mentoring Duties
 Senior staff should explain how their duties relate to
the overall mission of the squadron
 What leadership skills are essential for their job
 Create an environment where the cadet can ask
 The senior member should LET YOU DO IT.
 You will learn by doing, not by watching.
 If they don’t let you do the job, ask them.
 If that doesn’t work, contact me. I’ll call them.
CAPP52-14 PAGE 4
CAPP 52-14: Instructions for
 How will you be evaluated on yourSDA Report
 National does not provide formal evaluation
 Evaluated by Leadership Staff or Staff Officer
Do you answer the questions asked?
Are the performance requirements completed?
Are they in the your own words?
Is the report neatly prepared?
 Doesn’t have to be a Doctoral Thesis, but should be
grammatically correct.
CAPP52-14 PAGE 4
Format of the SDA Report:
 Part A: Overview of Requirements:
CAP Publications
2. Suspenses Required
3. Performance Requirements:
 This will vary from SDA to SDA
 This is a little confusing in CAPP52-14 in Attach 1
 The SDA Report items 1,2,3 etc are all part of section 3
of Part A.
Format of the SDA Report:
 Part B: Narrative (300 – 500 words)
What are the essential duties of the … officer?
2. How does the … officer help the squadron fulfill
its mission?
3. How do … officers affect cadets or the overall
Cadet Program?
4. What leadership skills to … officers need most to
Review and Evaluate
 Class will look at some examples of SDA
Reports and evaluate them using SDA
Checklist and Promotion Review Forms.
Staff Service
 Required Once Per Phase
 During each phase, a cadet must service in a staff
position that was studied in that phase.
 4 – 6 weeks required.
 This allows the cadet the chance for an in-depth
look at what that job does and assures they will
learn more about the position than just the
bookwork aspect.
CAPP52-14 PAGE 3
Staff Service: Which to Pick
 The decision is up to the squadron
 Often delegated to the Deputy Commander for
Cadets (CDC).
 What is in the best interest of your career?
 Often cadets want to do “Flight Commander”
 Will this really expand your horizons, or replay what
you’ve always done.
 Pick one that is out of your comfort zone.
 You will learn more.
CAPP52-14 PAGE 3
Staff Service:
How You Will Be Evaluated:
 Not formally evaluated.
 Feedback through mentoring.
 Use the following guidelines are used:
Performance requirements completed?
2. Were you attentive to staff officer’s OJT?
3. Did you actively assist in completing routine
tasks as opportunities arose.
CAPP52-14 PAGE 3
Checklist and Promotion
Review Form
 To evaluate Staff Service, there are to
sections to check.
 Each promotion worksheet has a list of what is
required for the staff service at the bottom of the
 This only needs to be completed if that staff service
is selected.
 The last page under Amelia Earhart or Ira Eaker
lists common tasks for all Staff Services.
Review and Evaluate
 Class will look at some examples of SDA Staff
Services and evaluate them using SDA
Checklist and Promotion Review Forms.