Propercomm Powerpoint

What is ProperComm®
ProperComm® is a web-based email
and text message editing company.
We edit text messages and emails
between co-parents who are required
to communicate but are unable to do
so appropriately.
Mother’s message:
Billy has a doctor appointment
tomorrow, can you pleases drop off the insurance card and
half of the co-pay?
Father’s response: Your boyfriend can pay now that you are
sleeping with him. Since you got that ridiculous order of
protection granted, I can’t go to the doctor so I’m not
dropping off the card or the money. You chose to exclude
me from your life-deal with it (you’re probably sleeping with
the judge).
With ProperComm®:
Father’s reply:
I won’t be dropping off the card or the
What does ProperComm do?
ProperComm® intercepts emails and text
messages between co-parents and edits them to
be free from hostile, angry, abusive and
inappropriate communication.
ProperComm® then forwards the appropriate
message to both the intended receiver and the
original sender.
Before ProperComm®
Michael, Beth’s next doctor appointment is Oct. 9 at
9am. I scheduled it on my day as usual and I intend to
take her as I always have. If you’re not too busy with
your skank girlfriend or traveling with all the money you
tell the court you don’t have feel free to show up since
you told your lawyer you always to. You are such a liar.
After ProperComm®
Beth’s next doctor appointment is Oct. 9 at 9am. I
intend to take her. Please feel free to show up.
How Does ProperComm®
Help Co-Parents
1. ProperComm® teaches the parents to
communicate more appropriately and
2. ProperComm® reduces abuse and conflict
between co-parents.
3. ProperComm® reduces litigation thereby
saving co-parents money.
Father’s email to Mother before ProperComm®
Stephanie – get over your anorexic self and move on. If you
really didn’t want me you wouldn’t be saying those things.
Felicia is not a skank whore – she is very sweet and caring. You
should be thankful that she cares so much for Beth. Beth even
calls her mommy. Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch you
would try to see what is best for Bethy and not you. I will be at
the appointment.
After ProperComm®
Thank you. I will be at the appointment
How ProperComm® Teaches Parents
By Example – ProperComm® sends the edited
version along with a communication tip to the
original sender;
Before ProperComm®
You are a bitch!
After ProperComm®
Your message is not editable and was not
TIP: Make sure to keep it about the kids.
How ProperComm® Teaches Parents
By Positive Reinforcement – After 20
consecutive appropriate emails over at least a
90 day period or 40 consecutive appropriate text
messages over a 90 day period or a combination
of 40 consecutive appropriate emails and text
messages over a 90 day period, the client
receives a certificate acknowledging his/her
ability to communicate appropriately, which can
be provided to the Court;
Before ProperComm®
I will be able to pick up Johnny at 5pm. Please
let me know if that works.
After ProperComm®
Good message – no edits !
How ProperComm® Teaches Parents
By Negative Reinforcement – Emails cost $5 for
the first 70 words – text messages cost $1 for
the first 70 characters. The parties must decide
if the next word is worth another $5 or $1. This
teaches the parties to be brief, direct and to the
It also provides for a negative
consequence for long rants.
Before ProperComm®
I am taking Dustin hunting. Please dress him appropriately, in case you do not
know, he needs to wear his camouflage outfit. I am not sure when we will be
On a separate note, Kandi will take care of Ava while I am gone with
Dustin. Please don't make a big deal of it. Your constant bitching just
aggravates the situation.
As far as paying you the amount owed per the decree, you only bring that shit
up when there is an issue with the kids. Take me back to fucking court,
because I am done with you bitching about it. (102 words = $10)
After ProperComm®
I am taking Dustin Hunting. Please have him wear his camouflage outfit. I’m
not sure when we will be back. Kandi will be taking care of Ava while I’m gone.
As far as paying the amount from the decree take me back to court. (47 words
= $5 and an appropriate message towards certificate)
ProperComm® reduces abuse
and conflict
It is often necessary for victims to continue to
communicate with their abusers and they can
become anxious and afraid to open emails
and/or text messages.
ProperComm® eliminates that fear because the
abusive language never finds its way to the
victim unless there is a threat. All threats will be
sent through without editing.
Before ProperComm®
Debbie – You are a bitch, you have always been
a bitch and no man is ever going to want to get
near you. You ruined this relationship, not me.
Your constant whining about shit is what
caused me to go elsewhere. That and your fat
ass! I want nothing to do with you! I don’t
even want to see you. I will get Billy from
daycare today.
After ProperComm®
I will get Billy from daycare today.
Example of Threat
Before ProperComm®
Lori – I love you . . . I have always loved you. Please do not
do this to me. I cannot take this anymore. If I can’t have you
no one will. I cannot live knowing you are with someone
else. You are putting nails in both our coffins.
After ProperComm®
Message to Sender – Your email was forwarded to the
intended recipient as a threat and without editing.
The intended recipient would receive the entire unedited
Reducing Co-Parent’s Expenses
When the parties are constantly sending hostile
messages to each other they are more likely to
end up back in litigation with many email
exhibits showing the other parties’ abusive
Costs incurred in litigation include but are not
limited to attorney fees, filing fees and often
times mental health professional fees.
Reducing costs
Attorneys are often required to revise clients
emails at their regular hourly rate. For example,
an attorney charging $300 per hour with a
minimum billing of .2 would charge the client
$60 minimum to revise an email.
That same email could be edited by
ProperComm® for as little as $5 (for the first 70
Reducing costs cont . . .
Parenting Coordinators often review emails between
co-parents and send tips and/or suggestions on
better communication.
However, the intended
recipient may still receive the inappropriate email.
If the parenting coordinator charges $200 per hour
with a minimum billing of .1 the cost would be $20
for an unedited email.
ProperComm® would edit the same email for as little
as $5 (for the first 70 words) and the recipient would
not be subjected to abusive language.
How ProperComm® Help Judges
Judges are often bombarded with hundreds of
emails and text messages provided by litigants
as exhibits, reducing the amount of time
available to handle more emergent situations.
ProperComm® actually eliminates the emails.
They no longer exist. This allows the parties to
intervention because the harassment is
ProperComm® Costs
Lawyer Costs
Parenting Coordinator
$Reviewing 50
emails in a year
(70 words or
Reviewing 100
text messages in
a year (70
characters or
ProperComm Costs
Attorney Costs
Parenting Coordinator
$Reviewing 5 emails a
Reviewing 20 text
month (70 words or messages a month (70
characters or less)
There is more than one right answer
The emails and text messages do not need to be
perfect and there is more than one right answer.
The message need only be appropriate. The
parties need not say please and thank you;
however they can not be hostile or abusive
About our Auditors
Our auditors are trained to take the hostility,
anger and passive aggression out of emails.
The auditors are tested on hundreds of sample
emails and text messages before they edit a real
The auditors are regularly tested and their edits
are reviewed randomly.