Hassan Fathy

Hassan Fathy is an Egyptian architect who designs and builds mosques,
schools and homes for Islamic Egyptian people. Hassan was born in
Alexandra in 1900. Hassan only uses economical materials such as mud
bricks and wood to make simple constructions. Hassan likes to
encourage people to participate in the construction in their new homes
or mosques. Hassan uses thick walls, shade and natural animal skin to
make it comfortable living in a desert. Hassan Fathy died of old age on
November 30th, 1989. Just before Hassan died, he was given the Aga
Khan Award and became Egypt's most well known architect.
It stands out.
It is organic.
It is beautiful.
It is a wonder.
It is inspirational.
The elements and principles of designs in Hassan Fathy’s work are Line, Texture,
Shape and Unity. His work has line from the use of mud bricks. Texture because
the buildings have a rough surface. Shape is made by the domed roofs . Finally,
unity because his buildings look complete and connected.
Hassan uses spherical (dome) shapes on all his mosques. He also
uses rectangles, squares and arches in his architecture. These shapes
give his work a 3D and 2D look.
My masterpiece is an Egyptian mosque.