Grand, ornate style of art and architecture popular during the age of

Grand, ornate style of
art and architecture
popular during the age
of Louis XIV.
Light and delicate
artistic style popular
during the reign of
Louis XV.
What rules discoverable
by reason did
Enlightenment thinkers
try to apply to the study
of human behavior and
Principal author of the
Declaration of
Chosen to command the
American forces during
the American Revolution.
An enlightened despot
was a ruler who …
Principle that all
government power comes
from the people.
Helped spread
Enlightenment ideas by
compiling articles by
leading thinkers into a 28volume work.
Enlightenment writers
often faced censorship
because they …
Proposed the idea of
separation of powers in
Informal social gathering
where Enlightenment
thinkers exchanged
Physiocrats supported a
government policy of …
His government made
policies that helped bring
about the American
In A Vindication of the
Rights of Woman, Mary
Wollstonecraft argued
that women and men
should have equal …
Argued that the forces of
supply and demand in a
free market can regulate
business activity.
What Enlightenment
thinker argued that the
purpose of government is
to safeguard the natural
rights of the people?
Diderot’s Encyclopedia
was important because it
According to Thomas
Hobbes, the best form
of government is …
American leaders
gathered in Philadelphia
in 1787 to revise …
Britain passed the
Navigation Acts to …
Which enlightened
despot traveled among
the peasants in disguise
to learn about their
Because the American
colonies were home to
diverse religious and
ethnic groups …
The battle of Saratoga
marked a turning point in
the American Revolution
because …
Enlightenment thinkers
were influenced by the
idea of natural law that
emerged from the …
The system of checks and
balances in the United
States Constitution was
influenced by the ideas of
which Enlightenment
Economist Adam Smith
argued that, in a free
market, business activity
would be regulated by the
forces of …
The idea of separation of
powers in the Constitution
was borrowed from
Enlightenment thinker …
What was an advantage
of the colonists in the
American Revolution?
In the 1700s, British
merchants gained
enormous wealth by
dominating what type of
trade with Spanish
Elegant compositions by
Handel, Haydn, and Mozart
reflected a new musical
style of the Enlightenment
known as …
What statement best
describes Voltaire’s novel
Enlightenment writers
sometimes tried to avoid
censorship by …
During the Enlightenment,
what argument did
government and church
officials use to justify their
war of censorship?
What British law imposed
taxes on such items as
newspapers and pamphlets
in the American colonies?
The Constitution created
a federal republic, which
divided power between …
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