Heres my power point on Steve Harris.

Steve Harris
• Introduction
• Steve Harris is the
bassist/songwriter of Iron
Maiden. Steve’s early life
was very average. His
later life was good with
some sorrow. His band has
a lot of rock history. Steve
Harris’s lyrics are unlike
other rock bands song
Early Life
• Steve Harris (who’s birth
name is Stephen Percy
Harris) was born march 12
1956 in London, England.
He had a very average
early life with a mother
and father. He had
dreamed of playing drums
or being a professional
football player ( “His first
ambition in life before
music was to become a
professional footballer”
• (“As a person Steve is one
of the few people you
meet you can trust totally”
m/) Before he did any
work with music he used
to work as an architectural
draftsman, in the mid
1970’s he used to be a
youth team player for
West Ham United. Steve
Harris’s first band was
called Gypsy’s Kiss; after
he quit he joined a band
Rock History
• Steve Harris’s band Iron
Maiden was formed by
himself in 1975 after he
quit Smiler. His band has
15 studio albums, 11 live
albums, 4 EP’s and 6
compilations. Iron Maiden
has been a band for over
30 years and has had close
to 2000 live performances.
Steve and Bruce are the
only remaining members
from when the band was
formed. The band has a
• Steve Harris’s lyrics are
unlike a lot of other rock
bands writing style. While
a lot of rock bands songs
are about not following
the rules, doing whatever
you want and rebellion
Steve’s are nowhere close
to about those topics. His
are normally about
mythology, history and
books or movies. He
writes the lyrics in a way
you would feel like you
• In my opinion Steve Harris is an amazing poet. He had an
easy early life an average adulthood has a lot of rock
history and has lyrics unlike other rock bands. Anyone who
likes good rock music should listen to Iron Maiden.
My Poem
The bugle sounds 8 The high speed
the charge begins
chase has just
this 9 The cops and
battlefield no one
their guns
The smell of 1 One of the cops
acrid smoke and 0 is skimmed the
horses breath
thief’s they run
As I plunge into 8 The
certain death
blinks, the TVs
Works Cited
• http://www.ironmaiden,com/index.php?categoryid
Authors page
• I love manga I have probably have spent over 200
dollars on it I also use a lot of my free time
playing video games. I love reading I can finish
almost any book in 1 or 2 days if its really good. I
also draw a lot I am really good at it and have a
ton of art supplies shoved in my desk.
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