Horror Formula

The HORROR Formula
Style in literature is the literary
element that describes the ways that
the author uses words — the author's
word choice, sentence structure,
figurative language, and sentence
arrangement all work together to
establish mood, images, and meaning
in the text.
Style describes how the author
describes events, objects, and ideas.
Body Horror
is horror fiction in which the horror is
principally derived from the graphic
destruction or degeneration of the
Such works may deal with disease,
decay, parasitism, mutilation, or
mutation. Other types of body horror
include unnatural movements, or the
anatomically incorrect placement of
limbs to create 'monsters' out of
human body parts.
Ex. The Fly, Frankenstein
Emphasis is on the humorous takes of
the event. With over the top
expression in this manner.
Faux Documentary
Where fictional events are presented
in documentary style to create a
Ex. The Blair Witch Project
Mystery is a genre of fiction in which a
detective, either an amateur or a
professional, solves a crime or a
series of crimes. Detective stories rely
on logic.
Ex. Steven King
The scientific study of mental
functions and behaviours. This style
taps into the mind.
Is a combination of anticipation and
the uncertainty dealing with the
chance of the future.
Ex. Alfred Hitchcock, Poe
Visually Unique
Über visual writing.
Ex. Poe
Modes of Writing
the variety, conventions, and
purposes of the major kinds of
• Expository writing is a type of writing
where the purpose is to explain, inform,
or even describe.
• Persuasive writing is to prove the validity
of an idea, or point of view, by
presenting sound reasoning, discussion,
and argument that thoroughly convince
the reader.
• Descriptive is to re-create, invent, or
visually present a person, place, event,
or action so that the reader can picture
that which is being described.
• Narration is to tell a story or narrate an
The struggle between the protagonist
and the antagonist.
Self vs. Nature
Self vs. Self
Self vs. Society
Self vs. Character
Self vs. Fate
Who, and what unique traits do they
bring to my story.