Jeanne-Marie Chavoin 1

Jeanne-Marie Chavoin…
Foundress of the Marist Sisters
Jeanne-Marie Chavoin…
was born in France
the village
29 August
Part 1:
The story of Jeanne-Marie Chavoin began as her country
teetered on the brink of revolution.
Born in the French village of Coutouvre, north west of Lyon,
she and her younger sister, Claudine,
were reared by Theodore and Jeanne Chavoin (née Verchère).
Her parents proved their fidelity
to Catholic faith throughout persecution and
were known for their care of the needy,
especially those shunned by society.
Here Théodore Chavoin
set up his tailor’s shop
at the back of the home
where he and his wife,
Jeanne, raised
two daughters.
The family also took in a poor priest
who took the oath of allegiance
to the Revolutionary government.
Soon after, having regretted his action,
he repented and fled to the countryside
fearing for his life.
The Chavoins cared for Benoît Alex
until he died 20 years later.
So it was that Jeanne-Marie grew
in an atmosphere of practical faith
and came to develop
what could be termed
“hidden holiness”.
It was this quality
which was later to provide the key
to her vocation.
But that will come much later
in our story.
Thanks to Moira Ryan sm
our illustrator!