Taber’s Medical Encyclopedia defines
Lycanthropy as “mania in which a patient
believes himself a wild animal, especially
a wolf”.
In today’s society, we see
Lycanthropes all the time.
The following shows what a
Lycanthrope is.
According to “The Book of
Werewolves”, belief in
transformation among North
American Indians is widespread. The
following is a shortened version of a
story from that book.
Another type of shape-shifter is the
Wendigo. The idea behind Wendigo’s are
seen in the Algonquion nation.
Wikipedia defines a Wendigo as “a
malevolent cannibal spirit into
which humans could transform”.
All cultures in which the Wendigo is present
believe that humans could be transformed into
a Wendigo if they ever resorted to cannibalism.
The Wendigo has also become a stock
horror character (like the vampire or
werewolf). This is what some believe a
Wendigo looks like.
Not all North American Indian
shape-shifters are scary.
Not all North American Indian
shape-shifters caused harm to
humans. The following are
some of those examples.