Aim: What impact did the first empires of India

Aim: What impact did the first
empires of India have on the nation?
Do Now: What do we mean by the term
“empire”? Describe some characteristics of
an empire.
Homework #8 : rd pgs. 173-176 #’s 2 & 3
The Mauryan Empire
 Founded by:
Mauryan (321
 Defeated Greek
forces and
expands his
empire more than
2,000 miles
 Famous for uniting
north India for the
first time
Chandragupta Mauryan
Chandragupta Mauryan
 Policies:
 Waged war to expand
empire-over 90,000
soldiers & 9,000 elephants
Divided empire into 4
Why would Chandragupta
do this?
Heavy Taxes on trade,
mining, and agricultureTaxed farmers half of their
Was Chandragupta wise to
use heavy taxes to finance
his huge army?
The Mauryan Way
 “Farmers are exempted form military service and
cultivate their lands undisturbed by fear. They do
not go to cities for business. It therefore
frequently happens that at the same time, in the
same part of the country, men may be marshaled
for battle and risking their lives against the enemy,
while other men are plowing or digging in perfect
security under the protection of these soldiers.”—
 1) Did Mauryan India place a high value on
 2) What information in this quote indicates that?
Ashoka Mauryan
Comes to power in 301
Greatest of all Mauryan
1) Converted to Buddhism
► 2) Practiced non-violence,
equality, caring for others
► 3) All of his people were
“His Children”
► 4) Religious Toleration
► 5) Improved road
conditions throughout the
Ashoka- Grandson of Chandragupta
The Gupta Empire
After 500 years of
turmoil after Ashoka’s
death, Gupta becomes
India’s second empire
Founded by Chandra
Gupta I in 320 A.D.
Mostly agriculturally
based economy
Draught  Irrigation
Farmers were taxed for
water and donated one
day a month to dig
irrigation ditches
Established trade with
Mediterranean world
Aim: What are the origins of
Now: Compare and contrast
Ashoka and Chandragupta Mauryan.
List 1 similarity and 1 difference!!!
#9: Rd. 97-101- Pg. 102
#’s 18, 19 and 20
So, who was Confucius
► Born
in 551 B.C.E. during
the Zhou Dynasty of
► Believed to be the first
private teacher in China
► Developed the belief
system of
Confucianism…not a
► Became the foundation
for Chinese government
and social order
O.K., but what is Confucianism???
Confucianism is a belief system centered
around 5 specific relationships:
1) ruler and subject
2) father and son
3) husband and wife
4) older brother and younger brother
5) friend and friend
**A code of proper conduct regulated each
Confucius’ ideas were collected in a book
titled Analects
Why was there a need for
Confucius believed that
social order, harmony
and good government
will come from the 5
Belief in filial pietyrespect for ones’ elders
or parents
Belief in educationimportant to the welfare
of the individual and
See which of the 5 relationships apply to following famous Confucian
sayings and try to put the phrases into your own words!!!
1) “When leading a large state, one must respect the office
and be trustworthy; economize in the use of resources and
love the people and employ the people when it is timely.”
2) “If a ruler himself is upright, all will go well without orders.
But if he himself is not upright, even though he gives orders,
they will not be obeyed.”
3) “A filial son supports his parents with joy, cares for them
in sickness, grieves at their death; he sacrifices to them with
4) ”Without steadfastness, the gentleman would not
command respect, and his learning would not be sound.
Advocating loyalty and trustworthiness, he has no friend who
is not his equal.”
5) “To be prudent in mourning, and to remember those who
have passed away before, is to enhance the virtue of the
Aim: How did Taoism and Legalism
compare to Confucianism?
Do Now: Confucius said- "If, because a man's
discourse appears solid and sincere, we allow him
to be a good man, is he really a superior man, or is
his gravity only in appearance?"
What does this mean?
HOMEWORK #10-Create your own “wise
Confucian phrase” to help govern China. Indicate
which of the 5 relationships it refers to and why
you feel it is important to the well-being of the
people in society.
Founded by Laozi6th century B.C.E.
Believed the
between all living
things was
important- Natural
Universal forces
called Tao, meaning
“the way” guides all
Compare Taoism to
Confucianism. List
the similarities and
Two powers that represent the
Natural Rhythm of Life
Here are three Taoist philosophy statements and three conversations
from The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne. Can you guess which
Taoist philosophy statement might go with which conversation?
1) The wise
know their
the foolish
do not.
1) "Rabbit's clever," said Pooh thoughtfully.
"Yes," said Piglet. "Rabbit's clever."
"And he has a Brain."
"Yes," said Piglet, "Rabbit has a Brain."
There was a long silence.
"I suppose," said Pooh, " that's why he never understands
2) There is
more to
than just
2) "Lot's of people talk to animals," said Pooh.
"Maybe, but..."
"Not very many listen, though," he said.
"That's the problem," he added.
3) A clever
mind is not
a heart.
3) Roo and Tigger were walking along the forest one morning, and
Tigger was talking about all the things that Tiggers can do....
"I can swim," said Roo. "I fell into the river, and I swam. Can
Tiggers swim?"
"Of course they can. Tiggers can do everything."
"Can they climb trees better than Pooh?" asked Roo, stopping
under the tallest Pine Tree, and looking up at it.
"Climbing trees is what they do best," said Tigger. "Much better
than Poohs."
And the next thing they knew, they were stuck in the tallest pine
• A highly efficient
and powerful
government is
the key to social
• Punishments are
useful to maintain
social order
• Thinkers and
their ideas should
be strictly
controlled by the
 Look back to your notes on the
principals of Confucianism,
Taoism and Legalism.
Compare & Contrast the 3
systems. List any similarities
and differences.
Answer the following:
1) Which of the 3 systems
stresses the importance of govt.
and a well-ordered society?
2) Which system emphasizes the
natural order over the social
3) Which of these systems
seems to be the most moderate
and balanced? Explain.