Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology
Exploring the basics…
Norse Mythology
Where did the myths
come from?
Norse Myth, Scandinavian
Myth, Viking Myth all refer
to the pre-Christian
religion of the Norwegian,
Swedish, Icelandic, and
Danish people.
Norse Mythology
Myths were recorded primarily in
Iceland during the 13th century A.D.
Most myths come down through
Icelandic eddas and sagas.
Strong belief in predetermination and
that it is impossible to escape fate.
Norse Mythology
History Cont…
Myths reflect a natural environment
that threatens human survival.
faced long, cold winters
 short growing seasons with less-thanabundant harvests
 lack of sophisticated medical knowledge
Norse Mythology
Centerpiece of Norse
9 worlds of Norse
mythology are
connected through
Norse Mythology
Yggdrasil: the
world tree
A video clip about the history
and mythology of Yggdrasil will
be shown here during classroom
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Click on video to start and pause
Norse Mythology
9 Worlds connected through Yggdrasil
1. Alfheim World of the elves
2. Asgard World of the Aesir
3. Jötunheim World of the giants and frostgiants
4. Midgard Home of mankind
5. Muspelheim World of fire and the firegiant, home of the giant Surt
Norse Mythology
9 Worlds Cont.
6. Nidavellir Home of the dwarves
7. Niflheim World of the ice and that of
the dead, which is also known as Hell.
8. Svartalfheim World of the black elves
9. Vanaheim Home of the Vanir
Norse Mythology
Major Gods/
Odin: God of War
and Death
-Spear never
misses its target
-A ring creating
other rings
Norse Mythology
Major Gods/
Characters, cont.
Thor: God of
-Lightening flashes
whenever he
throws his hammer
Norse Mythology
Major Gods/
Characters, cont.
Loki: God of
trickery and deceit.
Quiz Time!
1.What country is associated with
Norse mythology?
A. Norway
B. Sweden
C. Iceland
D. All of the above
Quiz Time!
2. Norse myths are believed to have
come down through________
A. sagas and eddas
B. bards
C. books
D. pamphlets
Quiz Time!
3. The centerpiece of Norse
mythology is _________.
A. Asgard
B. Yggdrasil
C. Midgard
D. Vanaheim
Quiz Time!
4. The god of thunder is __________.
A. Odin
B. Loki
C. Thor
D. Njord
Quiz Time!
5. Norse mythology has been seen in
modern culture through _______.
A. J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels
B. Marvel Comics
C. Video games
D. all of the above
Norse Mythology
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