Returned Soldier.

James K Baxter’s
Returned Soldier
About The Author
• James K Baxter was born on the 29th of
June 1926.
• He began writing poetry at age seven.
• He attended The University Of Otago and
later, also Victoria University.
• He died at age 46, on the 22nd of October
About His Poetry
• There were many ups and downs in James
K Baxter’s life. Much of which influenced
his poetry.
• Much of his poetry was his life story.
• Wrote best when depressed.
• Wrote his last works in Jerusalem.
Returned Soldier
Line By Line Dissection
Soldier fought in war and returned.
Joined at 17, heavy drinker at 23.
Fought in Egypt and Crete.
Lots of prostitutes.
Friends dead.
Returned home.
Nightmares and bad dreams.
Dreams before the war.
Early life, past girlfriends.
Woken up to the rain.
Language Features
• Only first verse has a rhyme scheme.
• Unable to find very many obvious
metaphors, similes etc.
• “…Heavy on the booze…” - Metaphor