• Kente Cloth is local to Ghana, West Africa
• According to Ghanaian mythology, kente
cloth was first created when 2 friends
watched how a spider wove its web.
• By mimicking the actions of the spiders,
they created Kente cloth the same way.
• This story, whether true or not, shows the
harmony between Ghanaians and mother
• Kente Cloth there was worn by royalty.
• It is hand woven in wooden looms and
• It comes in a variety of patterns,
colors and designs, each of which have
different meanings.
• The Kente cloth is reserved for the Kings and is
associated with royalty and sacredness.
• This is worn only during important times even in
today’s world.
• In modern times President Bill Clinton and his
wife Hillary of the USA wore the Kente cloth
over his suit when he visited Ghana in 1998.
• The Kente cloth has started acquiring worldwide
acceptance and its popularity has been on the
rise, especially where African population is large.
Kente Cloth Symbols
greatness, charisma, leadership
patience and tolerance
wisdom, creativity
cooperation, interdependence
Kente Cloth Patterns

Kente Cloth