Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Carlos is a Spanish writer
who was born in Barcelona
in 1964.
He had always wanted to be
a writer and he started to
write in 1992, so his
first work, El Príncipe de
la niebla, was published
in 1993. He won an Edebé
Award and that year he
travelled to Los Angeles
where he is living now.
Since then, he has written
some books.
El príncipe de la niebla
El príncipe de la
niebla is one of
the three books
of The trilogy of
It was written in
1993 and Carlos
won an Edebé
Adward with it.
The plot
The plot takes
place in a village
near the Atlantic
Ocean during the
Second World War,
in 1943.
The Carver is a family who moved to a
new village where was the Jacob’s
spirit, who died drowned. Then
appeared a diabolical Character, El
Príncipe de la Niebla. He can grant a
wish to someone who pay a high price.
Main characters
Max: He’s the main character and he’s 13 years old. He has 2
sisters: Alicia and Irina. He had never seen the sea and when
he saw it he was amazed. He’s a intelligent and brave boy.
Roland: He’s tall and thin and he’s 16 years old. He has
tanned skin, green eyes and brown hair. He lives with his
grandfather, who controls the lighthouse and has a cottage on
the beach. He enjoys diving and cycling. He has a special
relationship with Alicia, Max's sister.
Víctor Kray: He’s the Roland’s grandfather. He’s an engineer
and he built the lighthouse in 1919. He’s medium height, with
pale skin, grey hair and green eyes. For some years, he told
Roland his parents died in a car crash.
Príncipe de la Niebla: He’s Dr. Cain.
colour and never blinks, his voice is
the magic, and he can grant any wish,
something important. The time doesn’t
the time is a delusion.
His eyes changed of
low and slow. He knows
but in exchange for
exist for him. He says
El principe de la niebla
I chose this book because when I read it
I felt amazed and I liked it a lot.
It’s really interesting and if you like
mystery and fantasy books, I recommend
The trilogy of fog