Practices of the Spanish Civil war #2

Practices of the Spanish Civil
war #2
Causes, Practices and Effects of
Nationalists strengths
Political unity
Military unity
Economic advantage
Foreign assistance
Political Unity
• Franco emerges quickly as the leader
• Sept. 1936 military decides it needs a central
command- they choose Franco as political and
military leader
• His rise- other major leaders died, did great as
head of Army of Africa, German aid came
through him
• 1937 he merges the 2 major political parties into
one-FET Falange Espanola Tradicionalista
which he controls
• Franco is supported by Church
• Church leaders would denounce anarchists and
communists- used a lot of propaganda
• Germany and Italy give help but don’t
undermine Franco
• Explain the importance of having a strong
central command during a war>
Military Unity
• Franco draws the local militias into the larger
• Army of Africa was so well trained they could
handle war while other troops are trained
• Unified command- able to adopt effective
defensive tactics quickly
• Great communications and many junior officers
• Franco has total control and ignores radical
ideas from Italy and Germany
• Franco very skilled military and political leader,
troops very obedient and loyal
Economic advantage
Had support of the business community
Easily got credit
Controlled main food producing areas
In 1937 they win areas in North which control
industrial areas
• USA gave $700m in credit for Franco to buy
rubber and oil
Foreign assistance
“became an international crisis whose solution was
decided by external circumstance” Hugh Thomas
The Spanish Civil War 1961
• Continuous supply of aid through the war
• Germans, Portuguese, Italians sent troops
• Modern equipment
• Analyze the quote