Chapter 12: Downed
Unbroken Part III
Interesting Events: The Narrative
• The Green Hornet has just gone down due to
engine failure and Louie survived the crash
• Phil suffered an injury to the head that
threatened his life
• After almost floating away, two rafts were
secured for the three survivors: Louie, Mac,
and Phil
The Life Raft
The three men were cramped in
two rafts, equipped with:
1.Military D Ration Bars by Hershey
(pictured left)
2. Half-pint tins of water
3. Brass mirror
4. Flare gun (pictured left)
5. Sea dye
6. Fish hooks and fishing line
7. Patch kit (pictured left)
8. Air pumps
9. Set of pliers with screwdriver
The Life Raft
• Problems with the raft:
– The provisions were inadequate for three men
– No sun shade
– No camouflage tarp (could be easily spotted by enemy
– No bailing bucket, sun ointment, anchor, first aid kit,
flashlight, fishing bait, scissors, whistle
– No radio transmitter
– No water desalinizing kit
**All because the Green Hornet had not been
furnished with this updated kit while most other
planes had been- “Delivery was delayed”**
The Three Men
• Francis McNamara: “Mac”
– Survived crash injury-free
– Seemed “glazed over”- something was “off”
– “We’re going to die”- Mac
Mac, the day before
the crash (May 1943)
• Lt. Russell Allen Phillips: “Phil”
– Suffered a head injury and was losing blood
• Louie Zamperini
– Set ground rules for each man (i.e. rationing
– Secured both life rafts for the men
– Tended to Phil’s wound
– Stood out as the leader early on
Phil, the Pilot
Louie, the Bombadier
The First Night
• Sharks started circling the boat
– Were so close they could be
– Rubbing against the bottom of the
boat- Louie could feel them on his
• The three men were shivering
• The chapter closes with Mac
awake, alone, and fearful
Purpose of the Chapter
• This chapter describes the dire situation after
surviving the plane
– Though they escaped the wreckage, they were far
from “safe”
• Hillenbrand clarifies each man’s role
– Mac- afraid, in shock; is “stirring” at the end
– Phil- in poor physical condition; fighting to survive
– Louie- ready to take on challenges (helped Phil;
secured raft; assigned roles; “woke up” Mac)
Impact on the Reader
• Knew the plane was bound to fail- Frustration
• Most of the men on the plane died- creates a
sense of grief
• Paradoxically, three men, including two main
characters, lived.
– Sense of relief due to the connection these characters
• Lack of provisions + failure of prior search
missions (i.e. The Green Hornet itself)
– Situation is serious, especially with sharks encircling
(my biggest fear = sharks!)
– Sense of hopefulness- “Trust” in Louie
• Main thoughts: Will all three men live?
The End
(Pictures Below are From Filming)

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