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Clasa A X-A SNE
Paris is the capital and large city in
French the official language being
French and republic political system
headed by president Fraçois Hollande.
The idependence had gained in 843.
Of the major European states France is the oldest
state built around a royal domain. French Republic is a
unitary state is a democracy organized as a semipresidential republic.
Rome is the capital and largest city is political
system. The president of the republic is Giorio
Official language is italian and the official currency
is Euro.
Italy is a sovereing state located in the European
part of the italian peninsula and includes several
islands in the Mediterranean ones being Sicily and
Sardinia is borderea by France,Switzerland,Austria and
Slovenia.Italia has been a home of man european
cultures such as the etruscans and romans.
European Movements and the revival of the most
recognised. Rome is the seat of the roman-catolic church and
has been for a long time the center of western civilisation have
many common historical ties omong the most important being
that our roman.Ancestors of Trajan or fired generatin in Italy
that fighting and defeating the dacian,take the romanian people
Column of Trajan in Rome.
Amsterdam is the capital and a official language is
neelandez. Political system monarch Wilieu-Alexander
Prince of Orange.Their independence was declared in1679
and recognized in 1648.Have an area of 41,543 km water
rauks 131.Specific currency is the Euro.
Amsterdam is the capital city under te Constitution
and the Hague is the seat of gouvernement.
Netherlands -Holland informal name after one of their
regions and in neelandez nederland and monarchy
The Netherlands are known to cover only a part of the
country namely province of North Holland and South
Holland. A quarter of the territory of the Netherlands is
below sea average altitude state with the lowest
elevation in the world.
Turkey’s capital is Ankara an the largest city is Istanbul.The
official language is turkish. Currency is the turkish lira. Political
sistem is a republic and president Gὓl is Abdulldh.Gained their
independence on April 23,1920 create parliament and on 29
octomber 1923 declaration of republic.
Turkey is a secular,democratic republic,unitar constitutional
ancient history and cultural heritage.
Budapest is the capital largest city. The official
language is hungarian, the political system is a
parlamentary republic and the president is Janos Āder.
Have gained independence in december 1000 and specific
currency is the forint.
Most important thing is the fact that the hungarians tried to
gained territorys in ours country. So after that plans the
romanians decided to fight with the enemys.
Avram Iancu is a symbol for the romanians in
Transilvania.Toghether with Horea they tried to protect
Avram Iancu
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