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Volume 13, Issue 2 | Summer 2014
Famèe Furlane Toronto
al Fogolâr Restaurant & Event Centre
Friuli Benevolent Corporation
Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity
President’s Message
In this issue:
Donation Card
Donor Listing
Famèe Furlane
Fogolârs 2014 in Friûl
Friuli Terrace
Gruppo Età d’Oro
In Memoriam
New Members
Villa Leonardo Gambin
2014 Oak Leaf Gala
Between the 23rd and 27th July, the
Federation of Fogolars of Canada
has organized for its biennial
Congresso to take place in Friuli.
This is a special year as our
Federation proudly celebrates its
fortieth anniversary. Such a milestone is remarkable onto itself, but
particularly admirable when one
considers Canada is the only region
in the world where the community of Fogolars are represented
by a National organization.
The gathering of Canadian Furlans has been christened
“Scuvierzi Lis Nestris Lidris”. This is an unbelievable opportunity. The organizers have created an itinerary that touches the
rich and varied history of our roots. Excursions to places like
Udine, Pordenone, Gemona, San Daniele, Palmanova,
Redipuglia, Valvasone, Trieste and many others will transform
them merely from names on maps to real places where our
Canadian contingent will celebrate its Furlanitat. Our youth will
be able to 'touch the soil' of our lands, re-cementing bonds
with our traditions. Personally, I look forward to sharing with
my three children the land of their ancestors, while introducing
them to fellow Canadian Furlans from other parts of Canada.
For those who have not registered, I encourage you to reserve
and join what will be a spectacular family summer vacation!
We owe a public acknowledgement of thanks to the
organizers both in Canada and Friul for organizing what is
going to be an incredible experience.
For those who cannot attend the Congresso, our annual picnic
will be taking place on Sunday, August 3rd, the civic holiday
weekend. This traditional family event attracts more than a
thousand persons for fun games and a generous helping of
Frulanitat. I encourage all to come together to enjoy what is
always a fun filled day.
The al Fogolar restaurant has been a magnet for the Furlan
community since the day our Famee opened. With a piece of
polenta and “un tai”, we have gathered to celebrate the
beauty of life's many milestones. I am excited to announce
there will be an 'evolutionary' renovation of our beloved
restaurant. Al Fogolar will be closed from June 15th, for two
weeks to make the changes that will improve your experience
at al Fogolar. We promise to maintain the much loved
traditional feel, revitalized to celebrate our Furlanitat. The
reopening of the restaurant shall feature a fantastic new menu
that will include many traditional furlan favourites along with
some amazing new flavours. Complementing the new menu
will be a revised wine list with unique Furlan wines.
However you choose to spend your summer, make it safe
and happy.
Matthew J. Melchior
Thank You Villa Gambin Grand Prix Supporters
Board of Directors
Luigi Gambin†
Matthew J. Melchior, President
Mario Bomben, Vice-President
Christina Pivetta, Treasurer
Ivana Pontisso, Secretary
Clara Astolfo, Human Resources
Roberto Clocchiatti, Social Group, Operations
Mary Lovisa, Culture
Vanessa Lovisa, 20 Somethings
Mara Mian, Events
George Rodaro, Membership
Joe Zamparo, Development at Large
Congratulations to Peter Koliviras who claimed victory and
became only the second winner of the Villa Gambin Grand
Prix. Emerging second and third to the Raw Integrated
driver, after time trials and three elimination rounds on the
challenging Grand Prix Kartways track with its fast sweeper
(reminiscent of Curva Grande at Monza) and technical infield
section (suggestive of the stadium section of the
Hockenheimring) was Andrew “Axe” Bordin (Canaropa) and
Andrew Pellerito (Dolvin Mechanical Contractors Limited).
In total nearly ninety drivers from twenty-two teams
participated in the 2014 Villa Gambin Grand Prix.
A new element to the racing this year was the running of the
inaugural Villa Gambin Grand Prix Celebrity Race. Sixteen
celebrities from a wide spectrum of society (government,
publishing, media, automotive industry, academia, healthcare, and property development) as well as board members
from the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity and the Famee
Furlane Toronto participated in a multi-round competition.
Congratulations to Fernando Zerillo (Creative Director &
Co-Founder, Dolce Publishing Inc.) who finished in front of
hard-charging Frank Serpa (President, Serpa Automotive
Group – Serpa BMW) and Mattia
Bello (Journalist, Lo Specchio).
The day started like all typical
Grand Prix weekends, breakfast (in
this case sponsored by Carpenters
and Allied Workers Local 27) followed immediately thereafter by
two adrenaline rushing qualifying
sessions where teammates were
(continued on p.2)
2014 Oak Leaf Gala
Forum Editors
Paul Flumian
In support of the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity
Ivana Pontisso
Famèe Furlane Toronto
7065 Islington Ave.
Woodbridge, ON L4L 1V9
T. 905.851.1166 F. 905.851.6863
[email protected]
[email protected]
Co-Chaired by Melissa Zamparo and
Joseph Zamparo
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Canadian Publication Agreement # 41167008
Famèe Furlane Toronto
On Saturday, March 29th the Villa Gambin Grand Prix was
once again greeted with overwhelming support from
sponsors, corporate teams, donors, celebrities and passionate motorsports enthusiasts. The second edition of the
unique go-kart fundraiser, yet again organized by Italo
DiBonaventura, Perry Dolente and Paul Flumian, continued
to bring awareness to the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity and
its long-term care residence as well as raising approximately
$55,000 over the past two years.
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Villa Gambin Grand Prix (continued from p.1)
Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity
Board of Directors
The Honourable Frank Iacobucci,
Honorary Chair
Jerry Buligan, Chair
Rose Simone, Vice-Chair
Clara Astolfo
Gianni Ceschia
Ralph Chiodo
Luigi Gambin†
Richard Gambin
Matthew Melchior
Armand Scaini
Michael Volpatti
Administrative Staff
Paul Flumian, Executive Director
Annette Zuccaro-Vanin, Residence
competing against each other in order to be selected as
their team's driver in the subsequent elimination rounds.
Other sponsors of the Grand Prix included: Dolente
Concrete & Drain and Dolvin Mechanical Contractor
Limited (Shirt Sponsor); LiUNA Ontario Provincial District
Council (Photography Sponsor); and Leisureworld Senior
Care Corporation (Trophy Sponsor).
engaged throughout the afternoon was returning track
announcer, Frank "The Voice" Mazziotta.
Planning for the 2015 Villa Leonardo Gambin has already
begun, helping to ensure the continuing success of the
distinctive fundraiser. Details will be announced in
the autumn.
While qualifying may have been "fun" the competitive
nature of the event soon percolated to the surface in the
quarter-finals, semi-finals and two-heat final. Though
drivers were determined, they still had to drive fairly so as
to not run afoul of the regulations which would cause them
to have a visit with the Race Stewards, the Hon. Julian
Fantino (Minister of Veteran Affairs) and the Hon. Frank
Iacobucci (Honorary Chair, Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity).
Keeping teams, drivers and spectators informed and
Villa Gambin Grand Prix Corporate Participants (Team Name)
Active Green + Ross Tire & Auto
Centre (Active Green + Ross)
Anpro Environmental
Brokers Trust Insurance Group
(Brokers Trust)
(Dorex G.P.)
Carpenters and Allied Workers Local 27
(Team Wally World)
Dolente Concrete & Drain Co.
(Team Dolente and
Dolente Racing)
Gem-Kin Construction
Raw Integrated Inc.
GeriatRX Pharmacy
(Sunday Drivers)
Sherwood Plumbing Supplies Inc.
(Sherwood Motorsports)
Urbancorp Developments Inc.
EMCO Corporation/Stellar
Mechanical Inc.
(EMCO / Stellar)
Noble Corporation
Pizzaville Inc.
Gammond Investments
Pristine Printing Inc.
(Team Pristine)
Williams & Partners Chartered
Professional Accountants LLP
(Williams & Partners)
Dolvin Mechanical Contractors
(Team Plunger Racing and Team
Leaky Faucet Racing)
York Marble & Terrazzo Inc.
(York Marble Speed)
Villa Gambin Grand Prix Celebrity Race Participants
The Hon. Julian Fantino
Minister of Veteran Affairs
Tom Brown
Weather Anchor, CTV News Toronto
John Amendola
Editor / Publisher, snapd
Gianni Ceschia
Board Member, Villa Leonardo
Gambin Charity
Mattia Bello
Journalist, Lo Specchio
Jannet Brown
Associate Director of Care Villa
Leonardo Gambin Residence
Kim Champion
Editor, Vaughan Citizen
Prof. Gabriella Colussi Arthur
Italian Studies, York University
Lois Cormack
President & CEO, Leisureworld
Senior Care Corporation
Richard Gambin
Board Member, Villa Leonardo
Gambin Charity
Frank Serpa
President, Serpa Automotive Group
Renato Zane
Senior Director, OMNI News
and Public Affairs
Matthew Melchior
President, Famee Furlane Toronto
Fernando Zerillo
Creative Director & Co-Founder,
Dolce Publishing Inc.
Fred Pristine
President, Pristine Printing Inc.
Madeline Zito
Director, Public Affairs, Great Gulf
Shirt Sponsor
Trophy Sponsor
Dolente Concrete & Drain
Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation
Breakfast Sponsor
Dolvin Mechanical Contractors
Carpenters and Allied Workers Local 27
Photography Sponsor
IC Savings and Credit Union
Cooltech Air Systems Ltd.
LiUNA Ontario Provincial District Council
Special Thank You
Race Steward,
the Hon. Julian Fantino
Stem Wine Group Inc.
and Tony Macchione
Grand Prix Kartways, including
Anthony Romeo/Antonia DiCristofaro
Race Steward,
the Hon. Frank Iacobucci
Race Announcer,
Frank “The Voice” Mazziotta
The Image Commission,
including Nicki Bucci
Volunteers: Jannet Brown, Vanessa
Cataldi, Gemina Genchi and
Vanessa Romero
Famèe Furlane Toronto 7065 Islington Avenue, Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 1V9 Tel: 905-851-1166 Fax: 905-851-6863
Canadian Publication Agreement # 41167008
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Forum is published four times a year. The editor reserves the right to limit, select, edit and position submitted copy and advertisements. Forum content may not be reprinted
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Photographs from the 2014 Villa Gambin Grand Prix
(Please visit to see a complete listing of photographs)
Forum2014_Summer_12_Forum'04Winter3 2014-08-08 1:21 PM Page 4
Duchy in Italy and then to Patriarchate of Aquileia; all who contributed to
making Cividale a small treasure of art.
Codroipo - An area inhabited since the Roman age, the name derives from the
Latin word ‘Quadrivium’ (a place where four roads meet).
Villa Manin – Residence of the last Doge of Venice; this villa dates back to the
17th century and will serve as the majestic backdrop to the Closing
Ceremonies and 40th Anniversary Celebrations. The celebrations are to
include a tree planting commemoration along with special award and
certificate presentations.
Friuli – Discovering Our Roots!
Fogolârs Federation of Canada
July 23-27, 2014
Reasons why you should attend FOGOLÂRS 2014 in FRIÛL:
• Make new friends and networks
• Relaxed and informative guided bus tours
• Savour and experience exceptional Furlan food and wine
• Experience the beauty and hear about the unique history of FRIULI
• Don’t know Italian or Furlan? Tour guides will also speak in English
• Great savings offered as package deal with both tours and lunches
a great value!
• Opportunity to attend and participate at the Ente Friuli nel Mondo
Convention and Gathering on August 2-3
• It’s a ‘ONCE IN A LIFETIME’ experience; don’t miss out!
Friuli’s hotspots that will be visited:
Castello di Udine – 16th century castle is home to Parliament Hall. The council
of the Patria del Friuli was one of the first parliaments in the world. The hall is
opened exclusively for the Opening Ceremonies of FOGOLÂRS 2014.
Gemona / Venzone – Picturesque towns rebuilt after the earthquake of 1976,
have become the main symbols of the rebirth of the region.
Lago di Cavazzo – Beautiful natural lake located in the Friulian Alps. The widest
lake in FVG washes upon the three municipalities of Cavazzo Carnico, Bordano
and Trasaghis.
San Daniele – With endless views over the rolling country, it is world famous for
its prosciutto and home to the Guarneriana Library; one of the most prestigious
in Italy and the oldest in FVG.
Valvasone – A medieval town rich in history and culture. Origins can be dated
back to the Roman Empire.
Pordenone – This provincial capital is a modern and lively town. The town hall is
an example of the highly original Gothic architecture.
Spilimbergo – Known as ‘town of mosaic’ and home to the world-renowned
Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli. In 2013 it shared the award ‘Jewel of Italy’ along with
20 other Italian towns.
Fagagna – Situated among the hills and made up of seven ancient and distinct
boroughs. Home to the Museum of Rural Life in Cjase Cocèl.
Palmanova – A masterpiece of Venetian military architecture designed and built
to defend borders against foreign threats. Based on a unique model; a perfectly symmetrical nine-pointed star with a central piazza.
Aquileia – An extremely important archaeological area which is an UNESCO
World Heritage Site. Excavations have brought to light the remains of a Roman
forum, basilica, burial ground, mosaic floors and house foundations.
Redipuglia – The scene of many battles during World War I, famous globally for
its Military Sacrarium, and is the largest war memorial in Europe. A commemorative ceremony to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Great War will be
observed, with participation by Canadian Minister of Veterans Affairs, The Hon.
Julian Fantino; Canadian Ambassador to Italy, Peter McGovern and Honorary
Consul, Primo I. DiLuca along with other dignitaries.
Trieste – Capital of the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia. A seaport situated between
the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia.
Cividale – An UNESCO World Heritage Site founded in 53 B.C. by Julius Caesar
with the name of Forum Iulii. It has been a crossroads of cultures and peoples.
From Celts to Romans and the Lombards who made it the capital of their first
For further questions and/or assistance, please feel free to contact the
2014 congress committee:
Robert Bressan – Sault Ste. Marie – 705-256-9169
Ivano Cargnello – Ottawa – 613-413-0747
Paola Codutti – Montreal – 514-591-6292
Renzo Rigutto – Toronto – 416-455-0362
AnnaMaria Toppazzini – Winnipeg – 204-981-4880
Fausto Volpatti – Windsor – 519-735-1775
Joe Toso – Vancouver – 604-531-5518 ext. 229
Haven’t registered yet? What are you waiting for! We look forward to seeing you
in Friuli! Further details available at
**Program subject to change**
Fogolârs Federation of Canada
An experience not to be missed!
Time is quickly running out for your opportunity to register for
FOGOLÂRS 2014 in FRIÛL! What promises to be a great
experience to learn more about our beautiful region of Friuli,
visits will encompass some of Friuli’s most celebrated and
historical sites and towns, to the modern day region we know
today. In celebrating 40 years of the Fogolârs Federation of
Canada, we will also remember the efforts of the founders of the
Federation and look forward to the future generations that will
carry forward the torch; not only for the Federation, but for our
local Clubs as well.
Please take a look at our flyer or visit for more information. Hoping to see many of you
in Friuli, MANDI!
Salvador Scholarship
Famee Furlane Toronto Coro
Application forms for the Salvador Scholarships are available
at the Famèe Furlane Toronto, for the 2014-15 school year.
Two scholarships are given annually to students who have a
parent or grandparent born in Friuli, are enrolled in Ontario
institutions and have a financial need to in order to continue
with their post-secondary school studies.
The Famee Furlane Toronto Coro is pleased and honoured to be accepted as part
of the Famee Furlane Toronto Family. Our choir consists of a group of ladies who
have been together for the past 27 years. Under the umbrella of the Famee Furlane
Toronto we would like to open membership to men and women of all ages. No
singing or music experience is necessary, only a love for singing and the desire to
make new friends. Our goal is to have fun and maintain the Furlan culture through
song. We will practice once a week at the Famee Furlane Toronto and will perform
at Famee events, such as the annual Members’ Dinner, Picnic, Memorial Mass, Arie
Di Natale, and Christmas Concert at Villa Leonardo Gambin. We are available to
perform for other events upon request. If you are interested in joining our group or
for more information please contact one of our Committee Members:
Over the years, this scholarship has helped students in
amounts up to $5,000 over the school year, enabling them to
continue studies at universities and colleges in the province.
Edoardo and Ada Salvador left funds to help students for 20
years, a very generous and thoughtful legacy. The funds are
administered by a committee of the Famèe Furlane Toronto.
Completed applications with accompanying documents must
be returned to the Famèe Furlane Toronto by Friday, July 25,
Carla Bomben, President, 905-817-0874
Neva Lorenzon, Secretary, 905-833-0829
Luisa Filipuzzi, Treasurer, 905-454-3382
Elda Maraldo, Honorary President, 416-244-4973
Carla Bomben
Doreen Vanini
Forum2014_Summer_12_Forum'04Winter3 2014-08-08 1:21 PM Page 5
Calendar of Events 2014
New Members of the Famèe Furlane
Angee Moro-Verre
Gianni Narduzzi
Famèe Furlane Family and Friends Golf Tournament
Eta d’Oro Annual Picnic at the Veneto Club
23-27 Fogolâr Congresso 2014 in Friuli
Mildred E. Narduzzi
Pier Luigi Odorico
Famèe Furlane Toronto Annual Picnic
Società Femminile Friulana General Meeting
Famèe Furlane Toronto Women’s Auxiliary General Meeting
Famèe Furlane Toronto General Members Meeting
Events and/or dates may be subject to change
For reservations and further information
please call 905-851-1166
If you would like to share your events with us forward
details and photographs to the Famèe Furlane.
Famèe Furlane Picnic
Sunday, August 3, 2014
Oakville Fogolârs Country Club
9:00 AM Doors Open
11:00 AM Mass
Pesca, Swimming, BBQ Dinner,
Adult and Children's Games
Elise Valela
In Memoriam
No longer in our life to share,
But in our hearts, always there
Armida Ceschia
Wife of Member Dino Ceschia
Agostina Clabassi
Mother of Member Fernando Clabassi
Severino De Biasio
Brother of Member Giuditta De Biasio
Elio Lazzer
Husband of Member Lidia Lazzer
Luciano Masotti
Luigi Mazzolini
Fulvia Piticco
Member of the Età D'Oro Group
Lucia Caterina Quarin
Maria Delia Rincon
Grandmother of General Manager /
Executive Chef Cristian Ariza
Filomena “Melina” Zito and Grazio Zito
Mother-in-law and Father-in-law of
Member Paul Flumian
2014 Lifetime Members
Entrance $6 per person, FREE for Children 10 & under (no pets)
Gino Facca
Elio Moretto
Desiderio Paiero
Milena Romanin
Odorino Santarossa
Joseph Sartor
Attilio Scaini
Luigi Tesan
Enore Tomini
Forum2014_Summer_12_Forum'04Winter3 2014-08-08 1:21 PM Page 6
Come and join us
Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Carrying Place Golf & Country Club
16750 Weston Road, Kettleby, Ontario L0G 1J0
Tee Off Time: 12:30 Shotgun Start
7:00 p.m. Famèe Furlane Toronto
For golfing information
including sponsorship opportunities,
please call 905-851-1166
The Golf Classic will also benefit
other local charities.
Famee Furlane Family and Friends
12th Annual Golf Tournament
Sunday, July 6th, 2014
The Highlands Golf Club
23 Brownlee Drive, Bradford, Ontario L3Z 2A4
Tel: 905-775-3239/800-528-6433 •
Price: Adults - $130
*18 and Under - $100
Dinner Only: $50
Putting Contest: 3 balls for $5
(Includes Golf, Cart, Dinner)
For Registration and
Information contact:
Gino Facca: 416-633-5685
Daniele Vuaran: 905-552-0110
Tony Picco: 416-249-2704
Carla Bomben: 905-817-0874
Registration Forms can be picked up at the Famee Furlane office
or from a Committee member.
Cultural Corner
Generation Dinner Dance
Our 4th annual Generation Dinner Dance hosted by the Famee Furlane Balarins, was
held on Saturday March 1 2014. It proved to be a very enjoyable evening where
those of all ages, children, youth, parents and grandparents gathered together to
share a meal and spend time together as a family. The evening began with a
delicious dinner and a performance by the Famee Furlane Balarins. This was
followed by music, dancing and a raffle. A special thank you to all who generously
donated prizes for the raffle: Lucy Cosolo and Hearing First, Steve and Carla Bresil
and Bresil Climate Services, Clara Astolfo and IC Savings, Gigi Imports Brampton,
Fortinos Brampton, Mastermind Toys and Famee Furlane Toronto. An extra special
thank you goes to an anonymous donor who donated the grand prize, a thirty six
inch Sony Flat Screen TV.
Adult Furlan Classes
The Culture Committee offered a series of Adult Furlan Language Classes that
began Wednesday March 19 and ended April 23 2014. The classes were held each
Wednesday night from 7:30 to 9:30pm at the Famee Furlane Toronto. Each class
included a language segment, a talk on Friulian History and Culture and a sampling
of a Furlan specialty dish. The classes were very much enjoyed by all of the participants as they increased their knowledge of the Friulian language and heritage. The
highlight of the evening that everyone looked forward to was tasting the delicious
Furlan dishes prepared by the very talented Lucy Cosolo. Some of these included
polenta,” formadi” (cheese), “umid” (stew), “mignestre di fazoi” (bean soup), frico,
homemade gnocchi, prosciutto e salami and crostoli (made by Lorena Qualizza).
The last class was a cooking workshop which was held at Gianni Ceschia’s Culinary
Studio 2000. Gianni taught the students a bit about the history of the Friulian
cuisine and he taught them how to prepare some special Furlan dishes. A special
thank you goes to Gianni Ceschia for generously offering this special cooking class
for the students, and for the delicious food that was enjoyed by all.
A very special acknowledgement and thank you goes to Mattia Bello who led the
language classes, Lorena Qualizza and Lucy Cosolo who helped prepare the course
and materials, and for the delicious dishes that Lucy Cosolo worked hard to prepare.
A thank you also goes to Vanessa Lovisa who gave the talks on Friulian History and
Culture. I would especially like to thank all of the students who attended the classes
and for their passion and ambition in wanting to learn about their Furlan language
and heritage.
The Culture Committee will be offering another series of Adult Furlan Language
classes in the fall 2014 which have been tentatively set to begin Wednesday
September 17th to November 5 2014. They will take place on Wednesday nights
from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Youth ages 15 and up are also welcome.
Adult Italian Language Classes
The Culture Committee is currently offering Italian Language Classes. They started
on April 30th and will run through to June 18 2014 on Wednesday nights from 7:30
to 9:30 pm. The classes are taught by Mattia Bello who is an Italian journalist with
Lo Specchio and an Italian Language teacher with Centro Scuola.
Lions Club International
The president of the Italian Lions Club International Enrico Pons, has invited the
Famee Furlane Balarins to represent the Italian delegation in the International Lions
Club Parade that will take place in downtown Toronto July 5 2014. The Lions Clubs
International will be holding their annual convention in Toronto this July in which
Lions Clubs worldwide reunite. For anyone who is interested in attending the
parade, further information can be obtained by calling the Famee Furlane Office and
leaving a message for Mary Lovisa.
Mary Lovisa
Forum2014_Summer_12_Forum'04Winter3 2014-08-08 1:21 PM Page 7
The Famèe Furlane Toronto—Italian-Canadian
Archives Project
The Famee Furlane Toronto—Italian-Canadian Archives Project (“ICAP”) committee
held its inaugural workshop on Saturday, 3 May 2014 titled “The Future of Our Past:
Discovering and Preserving Our Immigrant Experiences” led by guest lecturer and
archivist, Dr. Gabriele Scardellato from York University. Dr. Scardellato presented a
variety of documents, both print materials and oral histories, in order to highlight the
vital importance of documenting immigration trajectories and life stories, each
of which contributes to an understanding of the unique contributions to Canadian
social and family history. All participants agreed that this workshop was essential
in offering the Friuli campus community an introduction to the “why” and “how”
it may develop a process for the preservation not only of existing collections, but
also the collection, organization and preservation of individual family materials and
stories. FFT—ICAP plans to organize a new series of practical workshops in
Fall-Winter 2014-15.
On 9-10 May 2014, ICAP held its 4th annual workshop and national launch in
Gatineau/Ottawa. Lauretta Santarossa, as chair of FFT—ICAP attended on behalf of
the committee and brought a selection of original documents for viewing. The entire
Santarossa family attended ICAP’s official national launch and screening of the
documentary, Saturnia, by Ferdinando Dell’Omo and Lilia Topuzova. Saturnia (2012)
shadows the complex history of the once-striking ship that was responsible for transporting thousands of Italian immigrants to Pier 21 in Halifax. The story of immigration
is narrated through the distant memories and vivid recollections of lived experiences
of five passengers, each of whom now lives in various cities across Canada. These
courageous people share their real-life tragedies, celebrations, adjustments, and
hardships since arriving in North America. Mr. Santarossa was himself a passenger
on Saturnia, as are numerous other Toronto Furlan Italians.
Friûl Infats
by Jason Moretto
1. Where does Friuli-Venezia Giulia rank in geographical area relative to
the 20 regions of Italy?
2. In what town was the main castle burnt down in a peasants’ uprising
and then damaged by a serious earthquake, both in 1511?
3. Who ended Friulano Primo Carnera’s boxing career with two straight
4. In what year was Concordia Sagittaria, previously the Roman town of
Iulia Concordia, transferred from Friuli to the province of Veneto?
5. What was the name of the road from Tergeste (Trieste) to Parentium
(Poreč) in Regio X of the Roman Empire?
6. How many municipalities are there in Friuli-Venezia Giulia?
7. How did Friuli-Venezia Giulia vote in the 2006 Italian constitutional
referendum, ultimately rejected by 61% of Italians, which would have
increased significant power to the regions?
8. Who is the author of influential travelogues, has several mountain
routes named after him and is considered a father of mountaineering
in the Julian Alps?
9. Where did the first Austrian military pilot die by accidentally crashing
at an airfield?
10.Where was Debora Serracchiani, current President of Friuli-Venezia
Giulia, born?
ICAP’s national launch, hosted by the Canadian Museum of History and led by one
of ICAP’s founding members, curator Mauro Peressini comprised the ICAP executive,
its board members, community leaders, scholars from all parts of Canada, as well as
local Ottawa Italian-Canadian community members and interested professionals.
ICAP was very pleased that Ivano Cargnello, president of the Fogolars Federation of
Canada also participated and ICAP hopes to expand its community outreach with
Furlans across Canada. In 2015, the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver will play host
to ICAP’s 5th annual national workshop/conference. We invite everyone to visit and join us in supporting its mandate through appropriate levels
of membership.
Gabriella Colussi Arthur
Saturnia. A Still Ocean Films Inc. Production. DVD copies can be purchased at; $20.
The past few months have sparked much excitement among the 20Somethings as we have been partaking in events that have helped solidify the
strength of our Friulian heritage. In addition to dancing the night away at the
annual Generation Dinner Dance and attending Furlan classes at the Famee,
the group organized some key
events that have been instrumental
in drawing in many new faces. In
February, the 20-Somethings hosted
a jewellery event showcasing beautiful pieces from the Stella and Dot
collection for the spring and summer
months. We have also organized a
Line Dancing Event at Rock N’ Horse
Saloon downtown, an evening of
fun-filled dancing and laughter. We
look forward to the summer months Stella and Dot Jewellery party
ahead as we prepare for Congresso
2014 and our big summer barbecue
event. We hope to keep this
momentum shining well into the
remainder of the year and we
continue to encourage many youth
to come out and participate in our
Vanessa Lovisa
Director, 20-Somethings
Line Dancing event at Rock N' Horse Saloon
Thank You Friuli Centre Volunteers
On Thursday, April 24, 2014 the Famee Furlane Toronto celebrated the volunteers who have spent countless hours at the Friuli Centre Campus helping out
and supporting in a variety of ways. From the "maintenance boys" to the
Activities Committee; many dedicate their personal time to helping at the Friuli
Centre Campus which encompasses the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity and
Residence and Friuli Terrace.
Everyone had a great time relaxing, enjoying a wonderful dinner by general
manager/executive chef, Cristian Ariza, and just chatting with their friends. Our
The Famee Furlane Toronto and ICFF present,
(part of the Italian Contemporary Film Fesitival)
Directed by Mateo Oleotto and starring Giuseppe Battiston, Teco Celio, Rok
Prasnikar, Marjuta Slamic, Roberto Citran and Sylvain Chomet.
Nominated for numerous 2014 “David di Donatello” awards including Best New
Director (Mateo Oleotto) and Best New Actor (Giuseppe Battiston).
Winner of the “Audience Award” (Premio del Pubblico) at the recent 70th Venice
International Film Fesitival.
Thursday, June 19
Colossus Vaughan Cinemas
(Highway 7 at Weston Road in Woodbridge)
Reception: 7:00pm
Movie: 9:00pm
Reception and Screening: $30
For tickets please call the
Famee Furlane Toronto at 905-851-1166.
volunteers also enjoyed the presentation by guest speakers, Mr. and Mrs Stan
Bertoia who spoke about the value of volunteering, on behalf of their son
Daniel, who died from a brain tumour. They have carried on his legacy with a
commitment to raising research funds for this type of cancer through "Skate
with Daniel". A commitment that requires dedicated volunteering. If you are
interested in learning more, please visit their website "skatewithdaniel".
I want to personally thank all of the volunteers who put so much effort at the
Friuli Campus; without you we would not be as successful as we are today.
Grazie, Mara Mian.
Forum2014_Summer_12_Forum'04Winter3 2014-08-08 1:21 PM Page 8
I quattro presidenti Usa sul Monte Rushmore sono opera del
friulano Del Bianco, amico di Carnera
Il monumento dedicato ai quattro presidenti degli Stati Uniti sul Monte Rushmore è
uno dei complessi scultorei più famosi al mondo. Questa icona americana porta con
sé una storia mai raccontata: quella del friulano Luigi Del Bianco, l'uomo che rifinì i
volti di George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt e Abraham
Lincoln. Il giornalista americano Doug Gladstone lo scrive per la prima volta in un
libro, “Carving a Niche for Himself; The Untold Story of Luigi Del Bianco and Mount
Rushmore”, uscito ad aprile per Bordighera Press. L'autore parla alla Famee Furlane
di Toronto di questa incredibile storia di immigrazione italiana.
Luigi Del Bianco in Gutzon Borglum's studio at
Mount Rushmore with the models for George
Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Notice the
torso and full dress on Washington; Borglum had
originally planned to make Rushmore more than
just the four faces, but lack of funding, skilled
laborers and faulty rock precluded that. (Photo
courtesy of Del Bianco Family Collection)
Chi era Del Bianco e che ruolo ha avuto nell'opera che si trova sul massiccio
delle Black Hills, in Dakota del sud, completata nel 1941?
“Del Bianco veniva da Meduno, in provincia di Pordenone, ed era un caro amico di
Primo Carnera. Luigi fu assunto come capo intagliatore nel 1933, con il compito di
rifinire le espressioni del viso dei presidenti. In un'intervista del 1966 al giornale
Yonkers Herald Statesman, Del Bianco disse che “gli occhi di Lincoln devono“
parlare” da molte miglia di distanza. Conosco molto bene ogni linea e cresta, ogni
piccolo solco e tutti i dettagli di quella testa””.
Come mai il nome di Del Bianco viene a galla solo oggi?
“Bella domanda. Se non fosse stato per la caparbietà del figlio defunto di Del
Bianco, Caesar, e del nipote Lou, nessuno sarebbe venuto a conoscenza della
storia di Luigi. Caesar e Lou sono stati quelli che hanno scoperto la corrispondenza
privata di Gutzon Borglum (lo scultore incaricato alla realizzazione del monumento,
ndr) nella Biblioteca del Congresso americano, dove si attesta quanto importante
fosse Del Bianco per il progetto. E nonostante tutte queste prove schiaccianti, il
governo federale ancora si rifiuta di riconoscere il suo ruolo sul Monte Rushmore”.
Come si spiega tale posizione del governo americano?
“Il grande problema è la ridicola intransigenza dell'United States Department of the
Interior's National Park Service nel non voler dare credito a persone diverse da
Gutzon e Lincoln Borglum. Ma Luigi era il capo intagliatore. A lui fu affidato il
compito di dare a quei quattro volti presidenziali la “raffinatezza espressiva”,
regalando loro un cuore e un'anima. Il Monte Rushmore è il punto di riferimento più
iconico negli Stati Uniti. E Del Bianco ha lasciato un'impronta indelebile che
riguarda il contributo degli immigrati (potenzialmente) in tutto il mondo: non
riconoscere ciò è semplicemente sbagliato”.
Forse la “discriminazione” deriva proprio dal fatto che era un immigrato?
“Non posso dimostrare pregiudizi o discriminazioni. E dato che Luigi è morto 45
anni fa, non abbiamo neppure ricordi orali da cui attingere. Quello che si sa è che
era una persona estremamente riservata, e non aveva un buon rapporto con i suoi
colleghi. Nelle carte di Borglum si legge che i lavoratori che hanno supervisionato
del Bianco a Keystone, nel South Dakota, non erano proprio entusiasti che fosse
stata chiamata una persona di New York a lavorare al monumento. Penso si trattasse
di gelosia, anche perché Luigi aveva un salario più alto degli altri”.
Che emozioni regala questo libro?
“Se il lettore è italiano si sentirà estremamente orgoglioso della sua cultura.
Potrebbe provare anche rabbia. Perché Ermelindo Ardolino è famoso per il suo
lavoro presso la Cattedrale di St. John the Divine a New York, come sono famosi i
fratelli Piccirilli che hanno scolpito la gigantesca statua di Lincoln di Daniel Chester
French per il Lincoln Memorial. Ma chi conosce l'opera di Luigi del Bianco sul monte
Rushmore? Sono del parere che non ci si deve aspettare giustizia per sé stessi a
meno che non ci sia giustizia anche per gli altri. Spero che anche tramite il mio
lavoro Luigi riesca ad ottenere i riconoscimenti che si merita”.
Luigi (left) and Primo Carnera, who won the
heavyweight boxing championship at Madison
Square Garden on June 27, 1933. Carnera was
from the neighboring village of Sequalls in the
Italian Province of Pordenone. (Courtesy of the
Del Bianco Family Collection)
Cosa si può imparare da questa incredibile storia?
“Sembrerà banale, ma Del Bianco dimostra che la storia non è sempre “scolpita
sulla pietra”. Il grande merito di Caesar e Lou è di aver mostrato alle persone che
la storia ha diversi aspetti, e bisogna prendere in considerazione tutti questi aspet
ti per apprezzare le cose fino in fondo. Ammiro la loro volontà di mantenere viva la
storia della propria famiglia per le generazioni future, e l'orgoglio che dimostrano
verso le loro origini”.
La scoperta su Del Bianco può in qualche modo cambiare la storia dell'immigrazione italiana negli Stati Uniti?
“Del Bianco può non essere un nome familiare a molti, ma dovrebbe esserlo. Ci
sono state molte omissioni nel racconto della storia degli italiani negli Stati Uniti e
in Canada. È una cosa tipica (in particolare) della gente friulana aver portato in
Nordamerica non solo le proprie aziende ed energie, ma anche le conoscenze del
Vecchio Continente. Spero di essere stato in grado di dare a questo maestro
intagliatore il riconoscimento che merita”.
Chi volesse acquistare il libro “Carving a Niche for Himself; The Untold Story of Luigi
Del Bianco and Mount Rushmore” può ordinarlo chiamando Small Press
Distribution al'800-869-7553.
Mattia Bello
(Maggio 2014)
͹ͷŽ‘…ƒ–‹‘• 8
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Celebrating Traditions
Celebrating International Women's Day has been adopted by the Famee Furlane
Women’s Auxiliary and has become one of its annual traditions. They feel
honoured and privileged to host this event in support of various charities within
the community.
This year, International Women's Day was commemorated at the Famee FurlaneToronto, on Friday, March 7th. It was a well attended event in support of the
Shining Through Centre, an organization which supports children with autism.
Following the evening's events, a cheque in the amount of three thousand dollars
was presented to Nadia Singh and Kristina Ninyo, fundraising coordinators for the
Shining Through Centre.
During the course of the evening, Professor Gabriella Colussi Arthur addressed
the participants with an informative flash back, which highlighted her experiences
growing up within an immigrant family, the mother's role, and the opportunities
that arose due to her higher education. She is a testament to where we were and
how far we've come.
A special thank you to all our sponsors for their generous gifts of time, prizes and
money. In particular, a heartfelt thank you to the Honourable Julian Fantino who
came out to distribute the symbolic mimosa, propose a toast in honor of
International Women’s Day and bring greetings from the Prime Minister of
Canada, Stephen Harper.
Renata Morassut
Gruppo Età d’Oro
Gruppo Età d’Oro
Luigi Tedesco, President
Antonietta Santarossa,
Vice President
Bruno Blasutti, Treasurer
Domenic D’Agnolo, Secretary
Lucia Quarin
Gina Comisso
Silvana Marson
Siamo all`inizio della bella stagione le giornate si sono allungate
e, fa pure qualche bella giornata di sole, per farci scordare il
lungo e freddo inverno. Come sempre, noi del gruppo Età d`Oro
ci ritroviamo ogni Mercoledi pomeriggio alla Famèe, chì per una
partita a carte, chì per il Bingo, oppure semplicemente per fare
quatro chiaccchiere in allegra compagnia, magari con biscotti ed
un buon caffè gentilmente offerti dalle Signore del nostro
validissimo Comitato.
Durante l`Anno viene servito il panettone il primo mercoledi di
Gennaio, a Pasqua la tradizionale colomba, formaggio e grissini
con un Taiut in Marzo e, a Novembre la Castagnatta, e ancje in
chest câs; o blanch o neri baste ch’al sedi bon,
Quattro sono i banchetti ufficiali che il nostro Comitato mette in
calendario ogni anno, e sono: quello di S.Valentino, la festa
della Mamma e Papà, quello del Ringraziamento, ed infine
il Banchetto di Natale ed il menu’viene scelto ogni volta
con attenzione.
Quest’anno il Banchetto della Mamma e Papà che si terra il 14 di
Maggio prossimo nel salone della nostra sede, i festeggiati
dell’anno saranno per la Mamma: Bruna Granziera il Papà
sarà Candido Zorzi, ad ognuno di loro verra consegnata una
targa ricordo.
Il Picnic come al solito si svolgerà in Luglio presso il Centro
Veneto sotto il capanone, e come sempre, tante saranno le
delizzie portate da casa. si fara come ogni anno una gara di
Briscola, ed il giocco del Bingo, ma anche tanto altro, per una
gionata molto divertente.
Il Comitato sta lavorando per mettere assieme un viaggio e, dare
a tutto il gruppo di partecipanti, che siamo certi saranno
numerosi, per una giornata indimenticabile. Partenza dalla
Famee e rientro nel tardo pomeriggio sempre alla Famee. Tutte
le informazioni vi saranno date al piu’ presto. Vi aspettiamo,
perche sara per tutti una nuova esperienza, Gruppo Eta` d`Oro
Friûl Infats
Famèe Furlane Toronto & Hearing First present:
Italy vs. England
June 14, 2014
6:00 PM
Admission $5
Complementary Meal & Cash Bar
Limited Seating: First 400 People
Call 905-851-1166 to inquire about future games.
2014 Oak Leaf Gala
In support of the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Co-Chaired by Melissa Zamparo and
Joseph Zamparo
For details, please visit
or call 905-856-7619
1. 17th of 20 regions
2. Tarcento, Udine
3. Luigi Musina (born in
Gorizia, 1914 –1990)
4. 1838
5. Via Flavia
6. 218
7. Votes were 49.2% in
favour and 50.8%
8. Julius Kugy (Gorizia,
1858 – Trieste, 1944)
9. Gorizia
10. Rome, Italy
Forum2014_Summer_12_Forum'04Winter3 2014-08-08 1:21 PM Page 10
This winter was filled with snow, but activities were present to
warm seniors spirits at Friuli Terrace.
Friuli Benevolent Corporation
Friuli Terrace
Valentine’s Day / Biscotti
To celebrate Valentines day this year, the tenants at Fruili Terrace worked
very hard to make delicious heart shaped sugar cookies. The following
day, we enjoyed a special luncheon catered by Gianni Cheshia. The
tenants enjoyed a traditional Italian lunch followed by the homemade
heart shaped cookies made by the seniors to pair with their coffee.
Everyone had a wonderful time!
Board of Directors
Armand Scaini, President
Franco Daneluzzi, Vice President
& Treasurer
Marisa Zanini, Secretary
Angela Bosa-Slokar, Director
Mary Francescutti, Director
Mara Querin, Director
Friuli Terrace
60 Friuli Court Woodbridge, ON L4L 8E8
T. 905-856-4922 F. 905-856-9489
[email protected]
Friuli Terrace is an apartment
complex for independent seniors.
The ladies at Fruili Terrace also recieved roses from Minister Julian Fantino
for Valentines day during the annual Tour of Roses. A special thank you
goes out to Minister Fantino for all he does for the seniors at Friuli Terrace.
Easter Luncheon / Pane
di Pasqua
The seniors at Fruili terrace spent the day
before the Easter Luncheon eagerly baking
Easter sweet bread. We would like to thank
Maria Caruso for leading the baking
demonstration and Angela Silveiri and
Rita Venier who oversaw the baking. Our
seniors love spending time and dedicating
themselves to doing something for the
others. The sweet easter bread made by the
seniors was enjoyed at the luncheon. We
also took part in a Food drive for St. Rochs
church as part of our Easter Celebrations
to help those in need during the holidays.
Birthday Party-Carnival Theme
Our Birthday Parties at the end of each month are fun events that we all
enjoy. For our March birthday party we had a carnival theme. Some of the
seniors dressed up in costumes and opened up the celebration with a
parade of Italian songs. During March break, family members came in and
worked with the seniors to create masks for the birthday party. The students
and seniors created some very beautiful masks for the party as well as some
wonderful memories. It was definitely an event to remember. We would also
like to thank Councilor Tony Carella who takes the time from his busy
schedule to partake in our monthly birthday celebrations. Councilor Carella
attends these special events always bringing personalized birthday cards,
certificates and little gifts for the seniors. This means a lot to both the staff
and seniors at Friuli Terrace.
Bocce Tournament
On May 6th we hosted the 55+ York Region Bocce Tournament at Friuli
Bocce courts. This is an event that is eagerly awaited at Friuli Terrace.
Tenants and guests from the surrounding area spent many hours practicing
for this annual event. 14 seniors/guests came from York Region to partake
in the Bocce Tournament for a chance at gold, silver or bronze medals. Our
tenants Liliana Gobbo and Elio Morettin won the gold medal; Ezio Pezzutti
and Mina De Luca won the silver medal; Rino Bagnarol and Onorina
Cognolato won the bronze medal. It was a very happy ending for all our
tenants that practice all year around for this big day. The tournament was
followed by a delicious lunch and a coronation ceremony for the winning
participants. A big thank you goes to our volunteer Anna Marie Carreiro for
helping through the busy day, but more importantly for taking beautiful
pictures for all participants to enjoy with their families.
Adult Day Program and CHATS
The Board of the Friuli Benevolent Corporation is very pleased
to announce that CHATS – Community & Home Assistance to
Seniors and the Friuli Benevolent Corporation (Friuli Terrace) have
undertaken a new and exciting funding integration. This integration
transferred Friuli Terrace’s Adult Day Program, Assisted Living
Services, Social Recreation Program, and related funding to CHATS.
As of April 1, CHATS now delivers the programs, and is accountable
to the Central Local Health Integration Network for the funding it
now receives for the programs.
This funding integration came as a result of the Ontario
government’s new Assisted Living for High Risk Seniors Policy. It
was developed to improve services to seniors who need it the most.
Part of the criteria for the policy is the de-linking of housing and
service provision – meaning, organizations could not both own the
housing and deliver the support services.
The new policy created an exciting opportunity for Friuli Terrace and
CHATS to work together. The two organizations determined they
would be a great fit, as both have similar care cultures, and can
leverage each other’s respective areas of expertise – CHATS, in its
provision of seniors’ care, and Friuli Terrace with its unique Italian
ethno-specific focus.
Every Friuli Terrace tenant/client currently receiving service will
continue to do so – and in fact, the Assisted Living Program has
expanded to provide 24/7 care, and the Adult Day Program
expanded to five days a week, with enrollment increased to 25
people per day. Ethno-specific Italian programming will continue,
and staff will remain the same – as CHATS employees.
CHATS staff maintains an office at Friuli Terrace, enabling them to
deliver the on-site programs and services. CHATS and the Friuli
Benevolent Corporation will continue to work together to ensure the
health and independence of Friuli Terrace’s seniors.
About CHATS: CHATS supports the health and wellness needs of
more than 7,600 seniors and caregivers in York Region and South
Simcoe, allowing seniors to continue to live in their own homes
comfortably and safely. Established in 1980, CHATS is a not-forprofit charitable organization, with about 580 volunteers and about
250 staff.
Angela Bosa-Slokar
Forum2014_Summer_12_Forum'04Winter3 2014-08-08 1:21 PM Page 11
On Friday, March 7th residents and staff of the home celebrated
Carnevale in the Multi-Purpose Room with entertainment by beautiful
flamingo dancers. The event was made even more special with festive
hats, masks, and pictures on display. Delicious bombe desserts were
enjoyed by all!
Irish for a Day!
Villa Leonardo Gambin Residence celebrated St. Patrick's Day March 17th
with Irish music by Neal Pupulin. This event commemorates the life of St
Patrick, a missionary who worked in Ireland. He played an important role
in converting the inhabitants of Ireland to Christianity. Now, his feast day
is an opportunity to celebrate Irish culture, and residents did so with
plenty of green beer!
La Festa Di San Giuseppe
La Festa Di San Giuseppe celebration started with morning mass and a blessing of the bread, and
pictures with the San Giuseppe statue lent to the home for the occasion by St. Roch’s Church. In the
afternoon the celebration continued with entertainment by Franco Pagliaro, where residents and
family sampled fresh baked zeppole!
Good Friday Procession
Community Clean Up!
On Friday, March 29th residents, Father Phil from St. Roch’s Church,
volunteers and staff of the home congregated together at 10am in the
Multi-Purpose Room to reflect and pray the stations of the cross, dress in
costume and mirror the days before the crucifixion. New Stations of the Cross
were created by our Men’s Group. It was a moving event for residents and
appreciated by all in attendance.
Tuesday, April 22nd residents, volunteers, staff, and families participated
in our VLG Clean Up for Earth Day. Spring brings better weather and
snow melts which unfortunately reveals unwanted garbage. Everyone
joined together to help restore our community to its pristine beauty.
Snacks and refreshments followed as a thank you for everyone’s
hard work!
Written by Prof. Gabriella Colussi Arthur
Celebrating the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity and its long term care residence for seniors
and adults with special needs.
Made possible through the assistance of IC Savings (Italian Canadian Savings & Credit Union)
To order your hardcover copy, only $25.00, please call 905-856-7619 or visit our website,
Forum2014_Summer_12_Forum'04Winter3 2014-08-08 1:21 PM Page 12
Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity Donors
January 1, 2013 to May 1, 2014
1555091 Ontario Limited
2020502 Ontario Inc.
A. Franzolini Limited
A. Mantella & Sons Limited
Aceto, Saletta
Active Green + Ross Tire and Auto Centre
Agnolon, Carla
Aitoro, Gianni and Bruna
Aitoro, Marcel and Carla
Alberico, Anna
Alexander, Dennis and Dawn
Alexander, Jean, Gregory and Deb Alexander &
Brian and Laura di Cenzo
Aluma Systems Inc.
Amsolik Family
Anderson, Denise
Andreoli, Maria
Andrews-Cimoroni, Sarah and Dan Cimoroni
Angellotti, Nick and Anna
Anpro Environmental Group Inc.
Arthur, Gabriella Colussi
Artuso, Diana
Assurance Agency, Ltd.
Augustine, Victor and Sarah
Avenue Building Corporation
B. Bertolin Insurance Brokers Inc.
Baglione, Luigi and Pat
Battiston, Donna
Becevello, Maria
Bellissimo, Vincent and Anne
Bennett, Tom
Bernardinis, Antonio and Bruna
Bertacco, John and Rosann
Bertoia, Lorene
Bertoia, Nila
Biasi, Nino and Kathy
Biasucci, Dino and Alice
Biasutto, Corrado and Severina
Blackburn, James
Boffo, Janet
Bomben, Eligio and Fiorina
Bomben Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
Bortolussi, Sergio and Alida
Bosnjak, Tom and Linda
Bottos, Graziano and Antonia
Bottussi, Tarcisio and Licia
Brackenborough, Debra Ann and Bob
Brampton Brick Limited
Bratti, Mary Lynne
Bratty, Michael
Brattys LLP
Bre-Hill Property Inc.
Bresil, Arcangelo
Brokers Trust Insurance Group Inc.
Brown, Sydney and Tina
Brunet, Jacqueline
Brunetta, Emanuele
Burlon, Ida
Burnett, Dave, Mary, Mark and Cristina
Caldana, Victor and Bruna
Calsper Developments Inc.
Campacci, Aldo and Denise
Campea, Albert and Joanne
Campitelli, Dora
Cancian, Ester
Canetti, George and Sonia
Canton, Robert and Darlene
Cardella, Jean
Carella, Tony
Carnevale, Tony and Brenda
Carpeneto, Luciana
Carpenters & Allied Workers Local 27
Castellarin, Cory and Monique
Cazzin, Ennio and Norma
Celotti, Adrianna
Ceschia, Gianni and Renata Faverin Ceschia
Chiappetta, Joseph
Cilio, Angelo and Anna
Citrullo, Edith
Ciufo, Susan
Clark, Stephanie
Classe 46
Coben Investments
Cocomile, Yvonne
Colledan, Luigina
Collia, Nadia
Colussi, Louise and Ron Gable
Comisso, George
Comune Di Fiume Veneto Club
Conte-Bakas, Teresa and Dimitrios Bakas
Cooltech Air Systems Ltd.
Coram Construction Solutions
Coro Santa Cecilia
Cossarini, Giovanni and Barbara
Costa, Aldo and Giovanna
Covre, Rudi and Maria
Covre, Teresa
Crean, Daniela
Cressatti, Nellie
Cressatti, Robert
Cucinelli, Ezio and Anna Maria
Culinary Studio 2000
D’Alfonso, Grace
D’Arcangelo, Vanda and Lorenzo
D. Bottero & Associates Limited
DalBo, Pietro and Lucia
Dalla Zuanna, Carmen
Danelon, Mario
Daneluzzi, Alfredo and Landina
Daneluzzi, Franco and Anna Donato
De Faria, Al and Anita
De Giorgis, Piero and Mary
De Sante, Vincent and Yolanda
De Tommaso, Frank and Emma
Defrenza, Maria
Dell’Agnese, Silvano
Della Mora, Tarcisio and Fernanda
DelZotto, Angelo and Carol and Family
DelZotto, Elvio and Marlene and Family
DelZotto, Leo and Sandra and Family
DelZotto Callà, Lia and Andréa Callà
Deotto, John and Susan
Di Iulio, Pal and Mary Grace
Di Luca, James
Di Sante, Enrico and Rosalina
DiVito, Remo (Airway Systems)
Dojutrek, Marion and Teresa
Dolente Concrete & Drain Co.
Dolvin Mechanical Contractors Limited
Dr. Martin L. Kushner Dentistry Professional
Eagles, Jason and Nadia, Teresa & Dennis Graffi
and Anna & Nirvano Graffi
Ecolab Inc.
Edge on Triangle Park Inc.
EMC Contractor Inc.
EMCO Corporation
Fabris, Romano and Adalberta
Falconcrest Homes
Famee Furlane Golf
Faryniarz, Halina
Favot, Nella
Fazzari + Partners LLP
Ferrara, Tony and Adriana
Fidani, Eddie and Lucy
Fidani, Mary
Filippo, Antonietta
Filipuzzi, Mario and Cecilia
Fior, Frank and Anna
Flumian, Paul and Madeline Zito
Francella, Carmine and Maryse
Francescut, Victor and Marisa
Francescutti, Lino and Zaira
Furlano, Wendy
Galati, Teresa
Galloro, Vito (Liberty Group)
Gambin, Pia
Gambin, Richard and Nadia
Gammond Investments Limited
Garfinkle, Harold and Pamela
Gem-Kin Construction
Gempat Construction Inc.
Geriatrx Pharmacy
Ghegin, Joseph and Renata and Family
Giacometti, Elizabeth
Goldstein, Ellen
Gottardo, Renzo and Gabriella
Gottardo Contruction Limited
Gottardo Masonry & Contracting Ltd.
Grafstein, The Honourable Jerry and Carole
Granziera, Bruno and Bruna
Greco, Antonio and Luisa
Grossman, Barbara
Grosso, Lou and Emily
Gruppo Eta D'Oro
Guglielmi, Ornella, Udino and Maria
Guizzetti, Dan (Empire Communities)
Gurizzan, Irene
Haas, Bernard and Barbara
Hardrock Forming Co.
Hare, Maureen
Harnick, Charles and Beverley
Herhalt, John
Herzke-Selvaggi, Doris and Dave Selvaggi
Hickey, Carol
Horner Developments Limited
I.C. Saving Charitable Foundation
Iacobelli, Celeste and Mary
Iacobucci, The Honourable Frank and Nancy
Iacovelli, Matteo and Denise
Ierfino & Associates Professional Corporation
Innocentin, Lorraine
Iscove, Freda
Italian Canadian Savings & Credit Union
Italpasta Limited
Ius, Vincent and Gianna
Iuston, Gianni and Maria
Jerland Realty Limited
John Da Re Barristers
Kleniewski, Maria
KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation
Kruger Products L.P.
Labricciosa, Antoniette
Law, Mark and Cathy
Le Roy, Susan
Leather Treaty
Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation
Letttieri, Michael and Filomena
LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund
LIUNA Local 506
LIUNA Ontario Provincial District Council
Lizzi, Enzo and Natalina
Lobraico, Leta
London, Eleanor
Longo, Rosemarie
Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc.
Lorenzon, Giovanni and Marcella
Lubiana, Iris
MacKinnon, Wayne and Edna
Maiolino, Antonio and Connie, Carmello & Rose
Altomare, Frank Maiolino and Maria Russo
Majewski Family
Malisani, Cathy
Malisani, Fulvio and Rosalia
Manning, Tony
Manzon, Vivian
Marchi, Fulvio and Maria Luisa
Marcuz, Natalino and Adriana
Marel Contractors
Mariani Metal Fabricators Limited
Mark J. Mooney & Associates Limited
Marson, Silvana
Martellacci, Robert and Gilda
Martin, Howard, Honey and Children
Martini, Angelo and Adele
Martini, Mario and Flavia
Martini, Sylvia
Masters Insurance Limited
Mayfair Electrical Ltd.
McMonagle, Brian and Gail
McMonagle, Jane
Melchior, Albert and Linda
Melchior, Matthew and Lisa
Melchior, Randy and Pasqua
Meneguzzi, B. and L.
Miceli, Michael and Loretta
Michelutti, Domenica
Mitri, Anna
Molinari, Giampaolo and Loretta
Molinari, Larry and Paola
Morello, Pietro and Vittorina
Morettin, Frank and Elda
Moretto, Janice and Daniele
Moretto, Lou and Diana, Edda Moretto & Biagio
and Nadia Di Clemente
Moretto, Remo and Lisa Morrone
Moretto, Serina
Mullin, Joan and Jerry & Jordy and Anna
Munaretto, Paula and Nick and Gina Grando
Muzzo, Silvana
Nadalini, Siro
Noble Corporation
Nonis, Valerio and Ivana
Notte, Silvana
Novelli, Maria and Ben Volpe
O’Brien, Sandra
Orlando, K. (Umberto Luongo and Family)
Orlando Corporation
OZZ Electric Inc.
P. Bosa Insurance Broker Ltd.
Pantalone, Rocky and Rene
Paron, Gloria
Pasquale, Edward and Enza
Pasut, Luciano and Ivanna
Patat, Orsolina
Pavot, Nella
Pecile, Rina
Pedano, Vito and Manuela
Pelaez, Carmen and Stephen Colussi
Pellegrini, Ada
Pellegrini, Sereno and Deanna
Penello, Renzo and Franca
Peressini, Bruno
Pestrin, Elide
Pestrin, Luciano
Petracco, Maria
Pharmascience Inc.
Piasentin, Guido
Piasentin, Mario and Maria
Piccin, Bottos, Barristers & Solicitors
Picco, Paola
Picco Engineering
Pilla, Giovanna
Piscitelli, Ugo and Angela
Pivato, Marcus Janni and Reem Yassawi
Pizzaville Pizza and Panzerotto
Pontisso, Edi and Ivana
Presot, Antonio and Sandra
Pristine Printing Inc.
Prosan Construction Ltd.
Pugliese, Olga Zorzi and Guido Pugliese
Pupulin, Neal and Lucy
Qualizza, Aurora
Quarin, Lucia and Remy Quarin
Quattrin, Lino and Edie
R.J. Augustine and Associates Ltd.
Raw Integrated Inc.
RBC Foundation
RES Group of Companies
Residential Carpentry Contractors Association of
Greater Toronto
Response Restoration Inc.
Reynolds, John and Ilona
Richvale York Block Inc.
Robitaille, Blair and Geoff Guerra
Rocco, Bruno and Vanda
Rocha, Patti
Roman, Josephine
Sabo, Paul and Ann
Salvador, Elda
Salvador, Jack and Maria
Salvati Group Inc. (Chester Salvati)
San-Del Investments Limited
Santarossa, Clelia
Santarossa, Lauretta
Santarossa, Odorino and Antonietta
Santarossa, Rino and Lucia
Santolin, Bruno and Gabriella
Sartor, Frank
Sartor, Loris and Mary
Scaini, Armand and Joan
Sherwood Plumbing Supplies Inc.
Silvajani Corporation Limited
Simone, Rose and Dante
Simonetta, Paula
Sklar, Bill and Marilyn
Soncin, Tony and Luci
Soncin Construction Corporation
Soppelsa, Franco and Family
Specialty Care Inc.
Spring Drywall Limited
Stefani, Augusto and Edda
Stefanuti Family
Stella, Giacomo and Anna
Stellar Mechanical Inc.
Stoltz, Sasha and Lynne
Tadier, Pat and Joan
Tako, Tony
Tanner, Barbara
Taschin, L. and E.
Taylor, Carole
Tersigni, Maria
The Capri of Singer Island Condo Assoc.
The Remington Group Inc.
The Sam Sorbara Charitable Foundation
The Steel Building Company Ltd.
Thornbrook Home Care Inc.
Tilzen Holdings Limited
Titon, Luciano and Mirella
Tomasetig, Angela, Nives Molteni, Adriano
Tonello and Leonida Tonello
Tomei, Carlo and Sonia
Toneguzzo, Giovanni and Esterina
Tonon, Arnaldo and Milena
Tossutti, Victor
Travierso, Attilio and Michelina
Tridel Corporation
Troian, Arturo and Luisa
University Plumbing & Heating Ltd. (Mario
Urbancorp Developments Inc.
Vanin, Pietro
Veale-Morello, Carol and Renzo Morello
Vetro, Pasquale
Vettese, Dorothy
Viola-Hodges, Nadia
Volpatti, Hilary
Wilk, Marcey
Williams & Partners Consulting
Wilson, Brian and Doretta
Wilson, Edith
Wippel, Poldi
Wolfe, Debra
Woolley, Doug and Mary
Yasny, Malcolm and Gloria
York Marble Tile & Terrazzo Inc.
Zacchigna, Giovanni and Gioconda
Zanardo, Verna and Anthony
Zanel, John and Renza
Zavattin, Giovanni and Arletta
Zeni, Ezio and Elda
Zidner, Sandra (HBHC N.W. Team)
Zocco, Orazio and Jana
Zorzi, Susan
Zucchiatti, Ray and Beth
Zuech, Robert and Mara
In Honour
Clara Astolfo
Erida Battiston
Ugo and Lidia Benvenuto
Alice Biasucci
Domitilla Bidinost
Emilia Bortolin
Giovanni Colussi
Elio Cossarini
Maria Crema
Domitilla De Luca
Renato and Giovanna Gottardo
Tony and Donna Grella
Tita Pegolo
John Peloso
Theresa Phillipo
Bruno and Agnese Praturlon
Antonio and Sandra Presot
Antinesca Visentin
In Memoriam
Alessandro Bartucci
Nino Batello
Ivano Bortolussi
Bruno Bottos
Dina Bratty
Luigi “Gigi” Burlon
Giuseppe and Giuseppina Canale
Maria Canderan
Antonio Creglia
Erminia Culos
Elda DePiero
Ken Elsie
Francesca Fant
Vitaliano Favot
Adelia Favret
Teresa Filippo
Alfonso Gallucci
Danilio Guerra
Gastone Guerra
Guido Liut
Elda Marcocchio
Giuseppina Marrello
Antonietta Mason
Otello Ongaro
Santina Panacci
Beppi Paron
Shelly Pauleto
Paolo Pavan
Michael Pelaggi
Pearl Wilma Penney
Eugenio and Anna Peressini
Antonio “Tony” Piasentin
Fulvia Piticco
Maria Rigutto
Carlo Ripoll
Caterina Riverso
Benito Francesco Rotella
Remigio Serdoz
Marco Sist
Iris Cancian Staniscia
Luigi Tondat
Benvenuto Tonello
Maria Vanin
Armida Vigutto
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