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Forum room
08:30 -­‐ 08:40
Welcome by the rector magnificus of Erasmus University Rotterdam (Huib Pols) -­‐ Forum room
08:40 -­‐ 09:00
Welcome by conference chairs (Stefan Stremersch) -­‐ Forum room
1st Plenary Session TA Chair: Roland Rust 09:00 -­‐ 10:30 Big Data Frans Muller, Anil Menon, Eric Bradlow
Tuesday -­‐ 27th May
10:30 -­‐ 11:00
Chair: Dominique Hanssens Chair: P.K. Kannan Chairs: Eric J. Johnson, Jonathan Levav Chair: Joel C. Huber Chair: Chakravarthi Narasimhan in Marketing Mix Modeling New P roduct/Service Design and Impact on Firm Choice A
rchitecture How do Consumer’s Attend to Product Offerings? Linking Information to Innovation and Strategy TB Innovation Koen H
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auwels, J
ohn R
oberts, R
ussel W
Sanjay J
ain, Y
ogesh J
osh, E
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Dan G
oldstein, R
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Insights f
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yetracking S
tudies Sharad G oel, Zsolt Katona, Sherif Nasser
11:00 -­‐ 12:30
Pierre Chandon, Milica Mormann
12:30 -­‐ 13:30
Lunch: An Innovative Take on Sandwiches
2nd Plenary Session Chair: Gui Liberali TC 13:30 -­‐ 15:00 New Media Jacques van den Broek, Glen Urban, Martijn van der Zee 15:00 -­‐ 15:30
Break Chair: Peter C. Verhoef Chair: Gerard J. Tellis Chair: Marnik Dekimpe Chair: Renana Peres Centric Management: Exploiting Big Data Crowdsourcing for New Product Ideas Recent B
reakthroughs in Marketing Science Innovation a nd S ocial Interactions TD Customer Nuno Camacho, Christoph Fuchs, Xueming Luo
Ellen Altenborg, Øystein D. Fjeldstad, Kenneth H. Christophe Van den Bulte, Barak Libai, Mitchell J. 15:30 -­‐ 17:00 and Customer Knowledge Timo Huges, Manfred Krafft
Wathne, Lien Lamey, Puneet Manchanda Lovett 17:00 -­‐ 18:00
Check-­‐in hotels
18:00 -­‐ 18:30
Transportation to Dinner Event Dinner at the Floating Pavilion – A Sustainable Living on Water Experiment
18:30 -­‐ 22:00
Chair: Donald R. Lehmann Takes on Innovation WA Innovative 08:30 -­‐ 10:00 Christophe Van den Bulte, Shawndra Hill, Jacob Chair: Werner Reinartz Creativity in Advertising Jonathan Plucker, Stephan Vogel
Chair: CB Bhattacharya Chair: Seethu Seetharaman Integrating Sustainability into Marketing New P roduct Announcements Rosanna Garcia, N. Craig Smith, Marc van Weede
Sanjay Jain, Vithala R. Rao, Alina Soresco Chair: Min Ding Innovative Use of Video Data Analysis in Marketing Raymond R. Burke, Sam Hui, Thales S. Teixeira Chair: Oded Koeningsberg Innovations in Pricing Marco Bertini, Bernd Skiera, Martin Spann
Goldenberg, Oded Netzer
Wednesday -­‐ 28th May
10:00 -­‐ 10:30
Break 3rd Plenary Session Chair: Stefan Stremersch WB 10:30 -­‐ 12:00 Emerging Markets Yves Leterme, Rob Malcolm, Jean-­‐François van Boxmeer, Nirmalya Kumar
12:00 -­‐ 13:00
Lunch: An Innovative Take on Sandwiches
Chair: Gerard J. Tellis Chair: Steven M. Shugan Chair: David Soberman Frontiers of Research on Global Innovation Different a nd Emerging Approaches to Research in Social Responsibility and Marketing WC Peter N. Golder, Praveen Kopalle, Jaideep Prabhu Marketing Sumitro Banerjee, Bryan Bollinger, Jinhong Xie
13:00 -­‐ 14:30
Tanjim Hossain, Oded Netzer, Vithala R. Rao, Peter P. Zubcsek
14:30 -­‐ 15:00
Break 4th Plenary Session WD Chair: Jan Peter Balkenende 15:00 -­‐ 16:30 Sustainability Paul Polman, Jagdish Sheth, Jan Peter Balkenende
16:30 -­‐ 17:00
Symposium Wrap Up -­‐ Forum room
Chair: Hubert Gatignon Innovation Strategies: from R&D Investments to Branding Nathalie Fleck, Géraldine Michel, Jeff Larson, Paul V. Ngobo, Yi Xiang Chair: Berend Wierenga Innovation and Entertainment Sebastiano A. Delre, Katherine Goff, Charles Weinberg, Sriram Venkataraman