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Pg. 21
Two Swedish
Swedish Giants
Giants -- Pg.
Pg. 23
My Swedish
Swedish Connections
Connections -- Pg.
Pg. 24
The Grand
Master’s Message
Bill Lundquist
Dear Vasa Brothers and Sisters,
My role as Grand Master allows me the unique opportunity
to visit District Conventions across the US, Canada and
Sweden. Districts differ from each other but they all celebrate the things that make us Vasa; the things that unite us as
an Order. I continue to see attention to detail, parliamentary
procedure and caring attitudes of all District officers and delegates. It is obvious officers put a great deal of time and
study into recommendations and motions acted on.
I knew when I was elected Grand Master in July of 2010 my
work needed to concentrate on improving the health of the
Order through the rebuilding of Funds and that can only happen with the help of the entire Vasa membership. One individual can’t do it alone. Honest communication is the key.
Although I share information in my articles in the Vasa Star,
I’ve found the best way to communicate is “one on one” at
District conventions. I’m counting on all of you to share
information you receive from me with the members of your
Local Lodges who I may never have the opportunity to meet.
I want to thank you for your continued generous donations to
the Vasa National Archives and ask that you to support your
Districts as they donate annually. Donations now exceed
$100,000.00. We have a long way to go but together we can
get there. I am constantly amazed by unified efforts. Thank
all of you who have contributed to the annual Heritage and
Jul Gran Fundraisers. Contributions to these fundraisers pay
the operational expenses of the Vasa National Archives
including the Archivist’s salary, utilities and upgrades.
Much of the work at the Archives is done by volunteers. The
results of the 2011 Jul Gran Fundraiser aren’t available as I
write this article but the timeliness of the mailing has already
made it a success.
I’m happy to inform you the Education Fund which includes
the Scholarship Program has been restored to over
$125.000.00 since July, 2010 through careful investing and
donations. This year the Stamp Fundraiser, directed to the
Education Fund brought in $12,580.00 a gain of over
$6,000.00. Sadly, those donations came from only 500 Vasa
members. Membership in the Vasa Order is over 10,000 in
the US and Canada. Imagine the difference if every member
had made even a nominal donation! The Grand Lodge
Board is happy to announce that one Grand Lodge
Scholarship will be offered in 2012. Our goal is to increase
the number of scholarships each year. There is a new opportunity to contribute to the Education Fund. I am happy to
announce “The Vasa Store” available on
web site. All proceeds for purchases are directed to the
Education Fund. I think you will enjoy the products available.
Since my last article the Grand Lodge Executive Board held
its first meeting in Portland, Oregon in conjunction with
Pacific Northwest No. 13’s bi-annual convention. To stay
within the budget approved at the 2010 Grand Lodge
Convention many decisions, some difficult and unpopular
had to be made. All travel expenses for the Grand Lodge
Board members has been temporarily suspended, financial
support for programs was suspended and several issues of
the Vasa Star must be offered only on line. The Board was
unanimous in supporting these tough decisions in order to
leave the Order on solid ground at the end of the term. The
financial report has been mailed to all District Secretaries,
will appear in this issue of the Vasa Star and is available to
any Vasa member upon request from the Grand Treasurer,
Keith Hanlon. This fulfills my commitment to transparency
within the Order.
In closing, I stay excited about the future of the Order.
Although we continue to deal with challenges we have
become more creative and innovative. We are currently
recruiting a new Vasa Star editor. We all wish our past editor, Marie Carlson success as she transitions to her new
career in Sweden and thank her for her many years of service
to the Order.
In Truth and Unity,
Bill Lundquist, Grand Master
October-December 2011
Vol. 104, No. 4, Serial 848
Published by:
Vasa Order of America
c/o Joan Graham
Grand Secretary
5838 San Jose Avenue
Richmond, CA 94804
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All address changes and subscriptions as well as all address changes should be
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Grand Master:
Please send pictures of good quality in order for them to reproduce well in The
Vasa Star. Electronically submitted photos should be scanned in JPEG format at a
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For submitted Lodge articles, please add city and state. Thanks!
Bill Lundquist
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Marie Carlson
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Circulation Manager:
(All Address Changes)
Joan Graham
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Send bottom section of white copy of
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Richmond, CA 94804.
Vasa Star October-December 2011
It is the listing for every lodge in the Vasa Order, with meeting locations and officers, and addresses and telephone numbers for all Grand, District, and Local lodges
as well as all Children’s Clubs and Activities Clubs.
In an effort to cut costs, the Vasa Directory will be provided to every district and
local lodge via an email attachment. It has been re-formatted so that it can be printed on your home printer, on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Please take it to your local office supply store to make copies for those in your lodge who don’t have computer capability. It can be copied “double sided,” and put into a binder or notebook. If no one in
the lodge has the capability of printing the Vasa Directory, please contact the Grand
Secretary Joanie Graham, and a paper copy will be sent to you.
You can also check the Vasa website to locate Grand, District,
and Local Lodge information.
Stave Church in Lillsjöhögen, Jämtland, Sweden.
Stavkyrka i Lillsjöhögen, Jämtland.
Picture by: Göte Falkman, Lillsjöhögen, Sweden
Page 3
Letter from the Editor
Before we arrived in Sweden, I had looked at several schools for our youngest son
Michael to attend, the third for him during the past year in three different continents!!!! But he has done extremely well, and accepted every challenge. He is in a private school, and it is a beautiful school close to a forest. There are lots of private
schools to choose from nowadays in Sweden, and it does not cost anything. They
have limited space but we were lucky to be able to get him in. Most of all, he is very
happy there.
Our daughter Eva had a wonderful study abroad experience this past spring in
Granada, Spain, and she would really like to go back after she graduates from Case
Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, this spring.
Our oldest son, Kristoffer will graduate early December from KTH (The Royal
Institute of Technology), in Stockholm, with a degree in Computer Science. Needless
to say, we are very proud of all our children.
Back in May I filled in a couple of job applications while still in Mentor, in August I had my first interview
and they offered me the job as (Hemspråks personal) a Home Language/(Mother Tung) teacher in English.
Parents that speak a different language at home with their children can request to have someone (like me) to visit
their child’s school, preschool or daycare just to talk about the daily activates in their mother tongue, in my case
English. I also have grade school where we actually do work with textbooks, language and worksheets. I also
have a couple of students; oldest is in 6th grade, where I help with homework. I have 30 children that I visit at 17
different schools in and around Östersund and Frösön. I did not anticipate driving a lot when I moved back to
Sweden, but I drive a lot!!!!
The English speaking countries these children are from, usually one parent is Africa, USA, Canada, Australia,
Trinidad and Great Britain. There are 55 different languages spoken in the county of Jämtland, so needless to say,
there are a lot of home language teachers in this area. It is very different from when I grew up here.
With my new job, it is just a bit much to do it all therefore this editorial will be my last working for The Vasa
Star, I have worked with the Vasa Star since Sept of 2002 and it has given me a lifetime of great memories, and I
have met so many fantastic people over the years through the Vasa Star, on line, and in person. I have “read till
my eyes were red” and I have enjoyed doing this.
With the changes going on with the VS, I think this is just the right time to give this to someone else to do. It
is always good with change every now and then, fresh ideas.
To all my readers out there, the countless mail and e-mails I have received over the years, I have had tremendous feedback and so many positive comments! THANK YOU! You have all touched my heart!
If you “miss me” please do not hesitate to write a note!
Archive News ....................................................5
District Lodge News .........................................6
Lodge News .......................................................7
Swedish Lodge News ......................................15
Youth News .....................................................17
Holiday Greetings ..........................................18
“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
Brev från Redaktören
Welcome to New Members ............................20
Innan vi kom till Sverige, hade jag tittat på flera skolor till vår yngsta son Michael att gå på, den tredje för
honom under det sista året, fördelat på tre olika kontinenter!!! Men han har gjort det otroligt bra och han har
accepterat varje utmaning. Han går i en privatskola som är en jättefin skola och som ligger intill skogen. Det
finns många privatskolor att välja mellan nu för tiden och det kostar inte något. De har ett begränsat utrymme,
men vi är väldigt glada över att ha fått in honom där. Bäst av allt är att han trivs så bra.
Vår dotter Eva fick en mycket fin erfarenhet när hon studerade utomlands i Granada, Spanien och hon skulle
gärna åka tillbaka efter avslutade studier på Case Wester Reserve University i Cleveland, Ohio.
Vår äldsta son, Kristoffer ska i början på december, ta sin Masters examen från KTH (Kungliga Tekniska
Högskolan) i Stockholm inom datavetenskap. Vi är naturligvis väldigt stolta över alla våra barn.
Under våren, fyllde jag i några platsansökningar medan jag fortfarande befann mig i Mentor, och i augusti
hade jag min första intervju, de erbjöd mig jobbet som Hemspråkslärare/-pedagog i engelska. Föräldrar som
pratar ett annat språk med sina barn hemma har möjlighet att få någon som mig som besöker deras barn i
skolan, förskolan -, eller dagis och pratar deras modersmål, i mitt fall engelska.
Jag har också grundskolan där vi arbetar med texter i läroböcker, språk och arbetsblad. Jag har 30 barn som
jag besöker på 17 olika skolor i och runt om Östersund och Frösön. Jag hade inte räknat med att behöva köra så
mycket bil när jag flyttade tillbaka till Sverige, men jag kör jättemycket!!!!
De engelsktalande länder dessa barn kommer ifrån, i regel en av föräldrarna är Afrika, USA, Kanada,
Australien, Trinidad och Storbritannien. Det finns 55 olika språk som talas här i Jämtlands län, så naturligtvis
finns här många hemspråkslärare. Det är väldigt annorlunda mot för när jag växte upp här.
Med mitt nya jobb har det blivit alldeles för mycket att kunna hinna med allt, därför blir denna ledare den sista
som jag skriver för Vasastjärnan. Jag har arbetat med Vasastjärnan sen september, 2002, och det har givit mig
minnen som räcker livet ut. Jag har träffat så många intressanta människor ”på nätet” och vid många evenemang.
Jag har “läst till mina ögon varit röda” och jag har tyckt om att gör det här.
I och med alla förändringar som pågår gällande Vasastjärnan, tror jag att det är rätt tid för mig att överlåta
detta arbete till någon annan. Det är bra med förändringar litet då och då, samt nya ideér.
Till alla mina läsare därute, alla dessa brev, samt e-post som jag har fått under åren, har jag haft ett fantastiskt
gensvar och fått så många fina kommentarer. TUSEN TACK!! Ni har alla berört mig på ett väldigt speciellt sätt!
Och om ni skulle “sakna mig” skriv gärna en rad!
“Det enda vi måste göra är att bestämma vad vi ska göra med den tid vi fått!”
– J.R.R. Tolkien, Sagan om ringen
Stavkyrkan i Lillsjöhögen SWE and ENG
Två svenska jättar
My Swedish Connections
Foundation Honors LeRoy Anderson
Royal Glamour at New York Gala
Tranströmer Wins Nobel Prize in Literature
New Jersey Vasa Park Celebrates 75 Years
Let’s Take a Lesson from the Norwegians
Medlemmar från Sverige besöker Vasa Arkivet
Kära Vasasyskon
The Volvo Open Race 2011
Kurbits På Catwalk
Hedestad Alias Sollefteå
Sites of Interest
More Men Than Women
In Memoriam ..................................................31
Page 4
Vasa Star October-December 2011
My first two months as archivist at Vasa Order of America
National Archives have been a satisfying experience. It feels
more like I go to my hobby every day. I am very grateful for
this opportunity and am honored to work with these fantastic
people. I was in this area for the first time in 1982 to visit my
relatives in Woodhull. My grandmother’s brother immigrated
here in 1914 and settled in Woodhull (about fifteen minutes
from Bishop Hill). I was already in love with this area but I
never thought that I would be living and working in this wonderful place twenty-nine years later.
I smile to myself when I think back when Torsten
Torstensson’s group came to visit and I had only been here a
couple of weeks. I felt very green but everyone was so nice
and everything seemed to work out fine and I hope that the
group had a nice visit.
Jake and Marge Gruel (responsible for the finances) and
many other people who perform work here at the Archives
make me look forward to when this “gang” comes once a
month. On one visit the Gruels brought a group from various
lodges around Stockholm. They made a donation to the
Archives which were very welcome.
Have a great fall season from the Vasa Order of America
National Archives.
Mina första två månader som arkivist på Vasa Order of
America National Archives, har varit en fin upplevelse, det
känns som om jag går till min hobby varje dag. Jag är mycket
tacksam över att få denna möjlighet och ära, att arbeta tillsammans med dessa fantastiska människor. Jag var här för första
gången 1982 och besökte mina släktingar i Woodhull, eftersom min mormors bror emigrerade 1914 och flyttade till
Woodhull (som ligger ca 15 minuters bilväg från Bishop Hill.)
Redan då blev jag förälskad i området, men inte trodde jag då
att jag skulle bo och arbeta på detta underbara ställe 29 år
Jag ler för mig själv när jag tänker på Torsten Torstensson
och hans grupp som kom på besök då jag bara hade arbetat här
i några veckor och jag kände mig verkligen som en
“gröngöling,” men alla var så trevliga och allt verkade fungera
bra, och jag hoppas ni hade trevligt under ert betök.
Jake och Marge Gruel (ansvarig för ekonomin) samt många
andra människor gör ett otroligt arbete här, och jag ser fram
emot varje månad när “Gänget” dyker upp, och stackars Jake
får stå ut med att vara mitt bollplank både när han är här och
via telefon. Vid ett tillfälle hade de med sig några svenskar
(ingen nämd och ingen glömd) från olika loger runt
Stockholm, och som om skänkte ett välkommet bidrag till
Höstliga hälsningar från Vasa Order of America National
Viktoria Almgren – Kofoid
[email protected]
Viktoria Almgren – Kofoid
[email protected]
Please remember the Grand Lodge Scholarship Fund and the
Vasa National Archives when making a memorial donation. Vasa
Scholarship Fund, Joan Graham GS, 5838 San Jose Ave.,
Richmond, CA 94804 ~ Vasa Archives, Jake Gruel, Financial
Secretary, 13716 W. Lilac Lane, New Berlin, WI 53151.
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Page 5
DL Pacific Southwest #15
It was another sunny day in Southern
California when Vasa Park Association put on
their 61 st annual autumn fest and “Marknad.”
There is no better way to start a day than having a
Swedish pancake breakfast with friends in this
beautiful spot. This year Mayflower and Viking
Lodges were responsible for this treat. Surrounded
by hills and close to the ocean there is still a feeling of wilderness to the park even though private
homes come creeping closer by the year.
Quite a few vendors set up their stands; many
had Scandinavian items for sale. As the years go
by cultures intermingle and other “goodies” get
introduced. This is good too, as long as Dala horses remains at the top of the list.
The 3rd Annual Meatball contest drew many
participants. Did you know that it was the
Swedish heavy weight Ingemar Johansson who
Young folks enjoying the egg toss at Vasa Park’s autumn fest and “Marknad.”
made the expression “if it is going to be meatballs
it has to mamma’s meatballs,” popular.
Apparently this was Ingo’s favorite food. The lingonberry pie eating contest is fun to watch. It can get quite messy and the participants loved it.
There were many things on the program. The Swedish folk Dancers of Los Angeles performed and LeRoy Anderson played the
accordion. Younger Vikings played soccer and older Vikings enjoyed a game of Bingo. If anyone wonders where most of the
younger generation was…they do their thing by the pool, a life saver for children and parents on a summer day.
When the day was over, everybody left the park tired, but happy.
Submitted by: Nel Solt
Photos by: Tom Jahn
LeRoy Anderson and Carol
Goeller make sweet music
at Vasa Park.
Page 6
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Lodge #9
Springfield, MA
Members of Brage-Iduna Lodge of
Springfield and members of Viking
Lodge #756 of Greenfield joined in celebrating “Midsommar” at the home of
members Tom and Margaret Falkowski
on June 26.
What a pleasant summer-garden this
is! The Falkowskis have made quite a
hobby of cultivating the spacious backyard with flowerbeds and a variety of
greenery! The plentitude of potluck
dishes, Tom¹s barbecued sandwiches, and
decorating the maypole were enjoyed by
Brage-Iduna endeavors to award a
scholarship to an eligible student each
year. This year’s recipient was Leah
Radner, daughter of members Larry and
Marcia Radner. As a junior at Westfield
State University, Leah majors in
secondary education and English.
She has volunteered in Springfield public
schools, participated in our Swedish
Children’s Club, and was our Lucia.
Submitted by: John Morgan
Fylgia Lodge #119
San Francisco, CA
God dag from San Francisco, Fylgia
Lodge #119. In July 2011, Bob and Chris
Olson hosted Fylgia members at the San
Francisco Yacht Club to a picnic and
potluck. The delicious food and aquatic
environment was enjoyed by all! “Tack
så mycket to Bob and Chris Olson for this
special event”.
In Sept. we hosted an Art and Craft
Show at the Swedish American Hall.
Members and guests brought needlepoint,
costumes, photographs and many other
interesting items to share, which was fun
and informative.
On Oct. 11, 2011, we celebrated our
104th Anniversary! Lodge members and
guests will mark the occasion with a dinner at Schmidt’s Restaurant in San
Francisco’s Mission District, and on Dec.
13 we will host an annual “Julbord” dinner at the historic Swedish American Hall
in San Francisco.
Submitted by: Victoria Lynn Peterson
Photograqph by: Scott Schulkin
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Fylgia Lodge at the SF Yacht Club in July 2011. L-R: Dennis Erickson; Barbara Erickson;
Chris Olson; Bob Olson; Duane Erickson; Roxanne Schulkin; Victoria Lynn Peterson.
Thule Lodge #127
Jamestown/Bemus Point, NY
Hello to everyone from the Thule
Lodge #127 in the Jamestown/Bemus
Point, NY area. Our lodge has had a wonderful summer of events and activities,
and there are many fond memories. One of
the main purposes of our lodge is to continue to preserve the Swedish heritage.
We continue to hold our meetings and dinners at our lodge located at 4123 Pancake
Hill Road.
Thule Lodge has now moved to its
winter schedule of meetings on the third
Saturday afternoon of each month at 2
p.m. Fanchon Fuller, our cultural leader
continues to provide something interesting
about Sweden, and keeps all informed of
upcoming events. Refreshments and
desserts are provided following every
Ralph Veights is our lodge chairman,
and welcomes everyone to the meetings
and dinners. All those entering the lodge
are greeted at the door by long time member Nels John Nelson, who makes everyone feel welcome. Loretta Smith is our
treasurer, with Donna Sandberg as our
financial secretary and Lucile Marsh as
our lodge secretary. Diane Shaw is our
chaplain, and reminds all there is strength
in unity. Past cultural leader Allie Nelson
Withers gives the Swedish blessing before
any time of refreshments. This fall, a
group of members gathered to make some
improvements on the lodge, and chairman
Veights thanks everyone who worked
together to improve the lodge. Painting
and repairs were just some of the many
tasks completed. Of course the workers
were treated to a luncheon by some of the
women of the lodge.
The fall season brought our annual
Swiss steak dinner in September, which
was well attended. Then in October was
the annual harvest turkey dinner with all
the trimmings. November brought a
Sunday morning pancake breakfast.
December activities were well attended.
Our activities inspire new members when
they see the happy times at our lodge.
Thule Lodge #127 wishes all a happy
holiday season with a Merry Christmas
and a happy new year. If you are in our
area, we would welcome you for a visit to
our lodge. “God dag” to all!
Submitted by: John Sipos,
Lodge Historian
At the fall Swiss steak dinner, lodge members
Betty Lawson and Janet Miller were serving a
salad for the appetizer, and cake for dessert.
Page 7
Tegnér Lodge #149
Monitor Lodge #163
Oakland, CA
Ishpeming, MI
The members of Tegnér Lodge #149,
Oakland, CA, had a very interesting cultural program at its June meeting.
Member Richard Orlando presented a
program about the official flower of
Sweden’s 25 provinces. He had beautiful
pictures of the flowers to show us.
In July, the three lodges of the East
Bay held their Tri-Lodge picnic at
Redwood Regional Park in Oakland.
Sveaborg Lodge of Concord was the host
lodge this year. After a great picnic
lunch, the Kubb Tournament was held
and Tegnér’s team won, composed of Jan
Norberg, Richard Orlando and his friend,
Erin, won. Therefore, Tegnér gets to keep
the Dala Horse trophy, made by Maury
Segerberg of Framåt Lodge, for a second
year in a row.
In August, Chairman Marie Ann Hill
hosted the annual crayfish party at her
house. Only a few of Tegnér’s members
were able to be present. However, some
members of Marie Ann’s family who
were visiting her helped fill out the guest
list and all who were present reported a
good time.
We were back at Björnsen Hall in
September for our fall meetings.
Submitted by: Ann Tennis
Monitor Lodge #163 of Ishpeming, MI, recently
had a summer meeting and supper with homemade potato sausage, beans and coleslaw. We
also helped a member celebrate her 95th birthday – pictured is Helen Kakkuri (right) with
her cake (top).
Submitted by: Ted Swanson
Tegner Lodge #224
Missoula, MT
Gordon Swanson, PDM, Ina Swanson, Amy Galipeau, Cheryl Galipeau, and Jim Galipeau.
At our June meeting, we celebrated
Midsummer at the Benson farm with a
potluck dinner, entertainment, and giving
our member pins. The members enjoyed
a potluck dinner as they always want to
try something new. After the dinner we
Page 8
were entertained by Roy Anderson, who
sang several songs with a Swedish
accent. We had several members who
were awarded 40-year pins by our
Chairman, Pat Swanson, and they were
Continued on next page
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Brahe Lodge #245
Tegner Lodge #224
Continued from previous page
Rockford, IL
Earling Gustafson, Betty Ann Gustafson,
Otto Benson, Ann Bens and John
Our five hundred dollar scholarship
winner this year was Amy Galipeau
whose parents are Jim and Cheryl
Galipeau. She is also the granddaughter
of Gordon (a Past District Master) and
Ina Swanson. Everyone had a great time
and even the weatherman gave us a pleasant evening.
Submitted by: Rick Swanson
On August 25, 2011, Brahe Lodge
#245 held its annual corn boil at our
splendid Vasa Park Lodge in Rockford
Illinois! Twenty-three attendees enjoyed
delicious sweet corn and the trimmings.
Afterwards we held our monthly business
Fifteen members of our lodge met on
July 28, 2011 to enjoy an Ice Cream
Social! Wonderful pies with ice cream,
and a brownie too, were served to all on
this warm summer evening! Afterwards,
a short business meeting was held to discuss upcoming lodge meetings, finances,
and membership.
On Sept. 22, 2011, we discussed and
planned for the remainder of this year
including upcoming annual election of
officers, plus ideas for next year. Then
we held a “show and tell” program during
which several members showed heirlooms brought here by their Swedish
ancestors which included a Bible from
the mid-1800s! Lastly, we all enjoyed
refreshments provided this month by
members Traudi and Gunnel.
Submitted by: D. G. Eksten
40-year members, left to right: Betty Ann Gustafson, Earling Gustafson, Nancy Hopkins accepting her mother Ann Benson, John Swanson, and Otto Benson.
Tacoma Lodge #233
Tacoma, WA
Nina Christiansen, a long-time member of Vasa Norden Lodge #233, is celebrating
her 100th birthday in this picture. She was born in Haparanda, Sweden, on July 29th.
She came to the United States when she was 15 years old. She is very alert and
remembers all her life, both in Sweden and the USA. Members of Norden Lodge,
Marcia Aagaard, Carolyn Nelson, and Fritz Grahn took her a beautiful bouquet of
roses and spoke Swedish with her. Fritz Grahn visits her periodically and they converse in Swedish. He emigrated from Pitea 60 years ago. Pitea is about 100 miles
south of Haparanda.
Submitted by: Fritz Grahn
Traudi and Gunnel
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Page 9
Svea Lodge #253
Indianapolis, IN
We held our first meeting of spring on
April 3, and it was held at the Latvian
Center in Indianapolis, IN. We were
delighted to welcome District Master
Tom Cleveland, and his children
Elizabeth and Matthew Cleveland, who
were all visiting relatives in the area.
District Master Tom Cleveland presented
Past Chairman’s Degree pins to:
LaVonne Heighway, Jenne Swain, Ron
Gardin, Jean Tygum, and Edward
Hultgren. We remembered former lodge
member Violet Prah, who died in March
2011, with a moment of silence. Dan
Anderson presented a program on
Swedish postage stamps and the history
of stamp designs since the mid - 19th
century to the present day. Dan Anderson
has collected stamps for seventy years,
and he shared his enthusiasm for his
longtime hobby with unique information
about Swedish postage stamps, which are
beautiful and fascinating.
On April 26, the Fourth Tuesday
Luncheon Group met at Sahm’s
Restaurant, a longtime favorite in
Indianapolis, Indiana. “Tack Så Mycket”
to our lunch coordinators Eva Berglund,
Donna Bergstrom, and Patricia
On May 1st, the lodge initiated and
welcomed new member Ulla Williams,
who was born in Lund, Sweden. Janis
and Jerry Alfredson presented a travelogue program of their several trips to
Värmland, Sweden and other provinces.
We saw many pictures of the Alfredson
relatives and family homes, and heard
humorous stories of their travels
The Scandinavian movie group met at
the home of Michelle and Josh Escalante
on May 7 to view the movie “House of
Angels” / “Angel Farm,” a 1992 film
written and directed by Englishman Colin
Nutley. The movie takes place in
Västergötland, and starred Helena
Bergstrom and Rikard Wolff.
On May 13-15, members attended the
District Convention. Several members
won gift baskets or other raffle prizes.
Our lodge received the first place
Membership Award for having the largest
membership gain in 2010. Ingrid Wiebke
was recognized for sponsoring the most
new members. The Memorial Service
was presided over by Marvin Anderson
and District Chaplain Inez Törnblom.
Our departed members Juanita Goranson,
Charles Lindgren, Thomas Klubens, and
Page 10
Grace Petersen were remembered.
Wesley Hanson arranged the anthem
which was written and directed by Past
District Master Christine Kilstrom, and
five members participated in the
Memorial Service Choir.
On May 21, lodge member Annette
Johansson, mezzo soprano and Professor
of Voice, Emeriti, at the University of
Hawaii, and Amanda Asplund Hopson,
pianist and Adjunct Associate Professor
of Music at DePauw University in
Greencastle, Indiana, presented “A
Recital Of Nordic Music” at The Music
Room in Indianapolis, IN. In addition to
Swedish music, Danish, Finnish, and
Norwegian music was performed. Lodge
member Glenn Sweitzer, professor at
Ball State University, was the narrator.
The artistic recital was hosted by John
Seest, director of the Dans Norden
Scandinavian Folk Dancing Group.
Sincere appreciation is given to Sylvia
Swanson and Eija Vesterqvist for coordinating the recital and refreshments.
The Fourth Tuesday Luncheon Group
dined at “Athens on 86th,” in
Indianapolis, IN, on May 24. It is a popular Green/Mediterranean restaurant with
Scandinavian ties
On June 12, “Midsommar” was celebrated at the Latvian Center in
Indianapolis, IN. About 65 members and
guests gathered to decorate and, parade
through the grounds, and dance around
the “Majstång” to Swedish songs and
dances. An abundant potluck luncheon
was served. This year’s piñata, made by
Michelle and Josh Escalante, was in the
shape of a Swedish Maypole in bright
colors. The event was co-chaired by Faye
Bevelhimer and Ulla Williams, but many
members helped with the preparations
and activities. John Seest, Director of the
Dans Norden Scandinavian Folk Dancing
Group, led the “Midsommar” dancing in
the park.
Saint John’s Festival was celebrated
on June 25 at the Latvian Center in
Indianapolis, IN. This multinational festival included participants and groups from
eight countries: Estonia, Latvia,
Lithuania, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia,
Sweden, and the Czech Republic. This is
“Midsommar.” The Swedes started the
program with a parade led by the decorated “Majstång,” followed by the Grand
March and ring dancing directed by John
Seest, Director of the Dans Norden
Scandinavian Folk Dancing Group.
Nineteen lodge members attended with
family and friends. The Scottish group
Anders Zorn and wife Emma Lamm
provided musical entertainment; the
Lithuanian group prepared the food sales,
and the Latvian group sold the beverages.
Tug – Of – War competitions were held
between different nationality groups, and
children participated in youth Tug – Of –
War events. A bonfire completed the celebrations.
On August 6, we held our annual
“Kräftskiva” that was celebrated at the
home of Charlotte Swenson, in
Indianapolis, IN. More than seventy
members, family, and friends attended,
with ages ranging from youngsters under
ten years of age to members ninety years
of age or more. Beverages included
On September 11, we held our first
meeting of the fall season featured a program presented by lodge Historian Jenne
Swain on Swedish artist Anders Zorn and
Mora, Sweden. Many of Anders Zorn’s
paintings were shown, and the history of
the artist’s life was discussed. His
images of Mora in Alana captured the
essence of traditional Swedish life;
Anders Zorn also visited the United
States of America seven times. His portrait of President William Howard Taft is
the only portrait in the White House of a
President that was not painted by an
American artist.
On September 27, The “Fourth
Tuesday” Lunch group met at Rick’s
Café Boatyard in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Nothing is better than enjoying a delicious seafood meal with good friends on
the shores of Eagle Creek Reservoir.
The Scandinavian Film Group met at
the home of Michelle and Josh Escalante
on September 24 to view the film “The
White Lioness,” about Swedish author
Henning Mankell’s Detective Kurt
Wallender, starring Rolf Lassgård and
Charlotte Sieling, and directed by Per
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Vasa Star October-December 2011
Strindberg Lodge #259
Svea Lodge #253
Continued from previous page
On October 2, a very interesting program, “A Month Near Provence,” was
presented by Faye and John Bevelhimer,
who gave a wonderful video tour on their
month-long visit to France, the
Mediterranean Sun Coast, Spain,
Monaco, and Italy. To help members get
a real taste of southern France during the
travelogue, Faye and John Bevelhimer
served French wine, French bread, and
French Brie cheese during the wine discussions.
We journeyed with them to southern
France on a pictorial visit of French markets, vineyards, ancient Roman sites,
medieval towns, picturesque rural French
villages, and more. For a month, they
lived in the small French village of Saint
– André– de – Roquepertuis, out of the
way of traditional tourists. The audience
enjoyed the beautiful photographs, the in
– depth descriptions, the personal anecdotes, and the French wine and food.
Submitted by: Joella D. Hultgren,
Cultural Leader and Publicity
Bevelhimers in Firenze
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Our new executives, picture was taken at our lodge meeting of September 18. Left to right:
Karen Adams, Garry Hammerback, Neil Carlson, Dave Hammerback, Iris Wedge, Judy
Submitted by: Garry Hammerback, Secretary
Svea Lodge #296
Erie, PA
The Convention Committee is starting
to meet to plan the 55th Biennial
Convention September 28-30, 2012, in
Erie, PA, hosted by Svea Lodge #296 at
the Bel-Aire Conference Center. A gorgeous Nordic Quilt will be raffled and
also a money raffle. The theme is
“Viking Ventures.” Mark your calendars
and plan to join us.
Our Septemeber 18th meeting was a
“Show and Tell.” Members of the Vasa
group brought items that depicted their
Scandinavian Heritage and gave a short
talk about the items.
Our next item for a program was an
Historical Swedish Trunk. It was filled
with Swedish artifacts. Each item was a
token of what the immigrants brought
with them from Sweden (loaned from the
Philadelphia Swedish Museum).
Lodge #449
Concord, CA
Sveaborg Lodge, Concord CA, presents a “Viking of the Year” award each
year to a member for outstanding service
and dedication to the lodge.
This year’s award went to Bob
Burman, who has been active in many
capacities: Membership Chairman,
Publicity Chairman, Nominating
Committee member, pianist for the children's club, and refreshment committee
Both of Bob’s parents emigrated from
Sweden. Bob grew up in Southern
California and graduated from USC, with
music major. After teaching music in Los
Angeles for 35 years he retired and
moved to Northern California.
Submitted by: Bob Burman
Submitted by: Linda Collin
A Vasa-bridge to your
Swedish ancestors!
Looking for your relatives in Sweden?
I have helped many satisfied
Vasa-members finding their Swedish roots.
Further info please e-mail:
[email protected]
Bob Burman
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Page 11
Lodge #494
Palo Alto, CA
For our September gathering we had a
short business meeting during the cocktail
hour. Members were reminded of our
Thomas Kruse Winery picnic next month,
an annual event much appreciated by the
members. Two new members were initiated, Doug Anderson and Steve Eliseu, and
heartily welcomed by the group. Our sister
Lodge Svea Lodge #348 of San Jose invited all to join them for a picnic in Sveadal
on Sunday. It is the end of the season for
our summer resort and a last chance to
enjoy this lovely summer place. This year
Sveadal is celebrating its eighty-fifth birthday.
Our splendid cooking crew put on a
memorable feast. The program subject for
this evening was the Sweden Poland connection. We had an illustrated talk by
Stanford Professor Zbigniew Stanczyk of
the Hoover Institute at Stanford
University. Most of the references were to
rulers of Poland during the years 1500 and
1600 and their connection to Sweden. The
names were different and unfamiliar such
as Sigismund, Henri, Maximillian,
Charles, Dimitri and a host of others that I
am reluctant to try and spell. It was a very
interesting and enlightening evening. We
are grateful to our member Maria
Smolenski for contacting her friend
Professor Stanczyk enabling us to hear
about the association between Sweden/
Poland during past years.
The festive evening opened with a
cocktail hour. We are celebrating the
founding of this excellent club in 1927. It
was a memorable year as the first solo
flight over the Atlantic was made by
Charles Lindbergh, after whom we named
our club. We had a chance to greet guests
and welcome visitors. Our special celebration started with beverages, then a catered
dinner from Harry’s Hofbrau.
There was a special surprise for the
program which featured our own member
Jerry Blaufarb dressed as Uncle Sam and
doing a Yankee Doodle Tap Dance to
delight of all onlookers. He pranced
around to the astonishment of all and completely in rhythm and dancing steps. He
said he had been doing this dance for
many years and his expertise was quite
evident. We also had the opportunity to
honor our Maid of Honor in the
Midsummer Festival Alexa Wallin. She
has fulfilled this role for three years, and
has been a member of the Lodge for the
Page 12
past six years. She is the granddaughter of
our former Chairman Chuck Wallin and
will be a junior at San Jose State
University this fall. Kersten Jansson presented Alexa with a Vasa emblem lavaliere in honor of her service. The Swing
Shift Band played dance music for the rest
of the evening. Members of the band are
Jack Gerken, Larry Blake, Rich Owens,
Adam Roderick and Larry Farnsley. There
were lots of dancers swinging around and
the rest of us were toe tapping. It was a
splendid way to celibate our Lodges 84th
Submitted by: Muriel Nelson Beroza
Norden Lodge #684
Fresno, CA
Norden Lodge members got to enjoy an award-winning garden at their August
meeting. Mike and Corky Peterson invited everyone to join them for a crayfish and pot
luck dinner in their recently completed water-conserving garden. Planted with local
plants and grasses that thrive in low-water conditions, the yard was lovely and serene.
Mike and Corky’s efforts were rewarded as they were selected in a local contest for
the best garden in the area promoting water conservation.
The September meeting was a celebration party for the Lodge’s 43rd Anniversary.
Members brought desserts and white elephant donations, and Norden Lodge Chairman
Roselind Gaviola called the numbers for some hotly contested rounds of bingo. Lots
of good food and good fun!
Submitted by: Judith Harless
Roselind Gaviola
Mike and Corky Peterson
Jubilee Lodge #692
Delano, FL
Although the group was sad to officially close the lodge, we have many memories of wonderful
meetings of culture and fellowship. We wish the Vasa Order many more years of sharing the
After 40 years Local Lodge Jubilee
#692 voted to close due to many factors.
On April 30, 2011, as a final
ment of the lodge, we dedicated a monument to the many Swedish Pioneers who
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Vasa Star October-December 2011
Jubilee Lodge #692
Nordic Lodge #708
Continued from previous page
Atlanta, GA
settled in this area of Florida. This monument was erected at the Barberville
Pioneer Settlement where many people
visit to see the history of this area. The
Swedish Pioneers were responsible for
the worldwide fern industry, an orange
industry and celery industry in the central
Florida area.
Submitted by: Cecilia Jackson,
Past Secretary
The Swedish Pioneer Memorial
Vinland of Cape Cod Lodge #703
Cape Cod, MA
The leaves on our trees prematurely
turned brown and fell in early September
due to Hurricane Irene. However, the
upcoming season for our lodge contained
bright, busy and bountiful programs and
meetings. We reconvened in September,
updating family news, sharing leisure
time interests and planning for new
In October, we invited friends to join
us as we showcased international entrees
and desserts at an International Potluck
luncheon. November featured a speaker
on the origins of “The 12 Days of
Christmas.” On December 10 children,
grandchildren and their friends will participate in the Lucia procession led by
2011 Lucia, Grace Sohoel Goldberg. We
will dance around the Christmas tree, listen to holiday stories and feast on festive
desserts and tea sandwiches. Our unique
Vasa Star October-December 2011
gift raffle will conclude the Lucia Fest. It
is through our planning and working
together to present dinners, meetings and
programs that we are able to share and
care for each other. We are so blessed
with friendship.
As we gather together, we will
remember Wally Lornell, George
Lundquist, Derelyn Twombly, John
McDonald, Evind Sohoel and Florence
Freeman. We also lost a charter member,
Lena Anderson. We've had a lot of funerals and memorial services in the past
months, but each one has lived a wonderful and contributory life. We have been
blessed to have known and to have
worked alongside them. We extend love
and sympathy to their friends, families
and caregivers.
September 25th, 2011, was a fun day.
The featured entertainment was something we never had in this lodge. Vodka!
Well, vodka we had before, especially
with crawfish. But we never had a Vodka
Academy. What we had was an “Absolut
Akademi,” hosted by Absolut Vodka’s
Kristin Young, from United Distributors.
Kristin educated us about Absolut and
served us three different kinds of
Absolut’s 13 flavor varieties - not much
though, just a tiny bit of each as a taste
test. We learned that entrepreneur Lars
Olsen Smith in 1879 introduced and
perfected a now time-honored method of
distillation. He bottled what he called
“Absolut Rent Brännvin.” We also
learned that Absolut Vodka goes through
a seven column distillation process and is
distilled literally hundreds of times. The
vodka is produced in Åhus, near
Kristianstad, in Sweden’s southernmost
province, Skåne. It is sold in 126
countries, no longer owned by the
Swedish government, but by the French
company Pernod Ricard.
In the spring the Lodge announced a
schnapps song contest. We wanted
people to write a Swedish style schnapps
song text to any well-known melody. The
song had to be in English and the word
“Absolut” had to be included in the
text. The winner was to be announced at
the “Absolut Akademi” on September
25th. A few days before 9/25 the two
Professor Jay Lutz and
Göran Rygert put their heads together,
sang through the four received entries,
actually without any vodka. Finally they
made the decision. Two winners were
At the end of the “Akademi” program
it was time to reveal the winners. But first
we had to sing through all four entries –
we had them printed on a song-sheet. We
actually sang six songs, including two
older schnapps songs about Absolut that
did not participate in the contest. After
pointing out that the judges’ decision
could not be appealed the winners were
First prize, a bottle of Absolut Vodka,
went to Jette Bender for “Drink Absolut,
You Can’t Go Wrong. The melody is “I
See The Moon.”
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Submitted by: Dorothy Ann-Ellner Kean
Page 13
Nordic Lodge #708
Continued from previous page
Drink Absolut, you can’t go wrong,
it’s sure to make your day move along.
If you feel down, it picks you up,
beats coffee in a cup.
Your blood will circulate twice as fast,
makes you forget the things of the past.
It gives you power to compute
when you drink Absolut!
Sierra Kronan
Lodge #737
Roseville, CA
Submitted by: Carol Nesewich,
Second prize, also a bottle of Absolut
Vodka, went to Pam Minton and Sten
Ekberg for “Getting Tipsy In A Bar,” to
the melody “Twinkle, Twinkle Little
Lodge #755
Getting tipsy in a bar
how I wonder where I are.
Absolut you are my friend,
hanging tight until the end.
Even though I’m on the floor
you’re so good I just want more.
Tied on third place was Karla
Olterman for “Absolut Vodka Is The
Drink For Me,” and Sten Ekberg and
Pam Minton for “There’s A Place In The
About 40 people had a great time this
memorable evening. And when cleaning
up after the event no one was found
under the tables!
Submitted by: Göran Rygert
Page 14
business of nominating officers for 2012
and finding volunteers to help at the
October festival, our lodge completed a
community outreach project. Basic
school supplies were donated and gathered together for presentation to a local
grammar school whose students are primarily children of low-income families.
The school administrators are very appreciative of our efforts.
Basic school supplies were donated and
Sierra Kronan has no regular meetings
during the summer, so a number of members got together in July for an outing at
the Maidu Indian Center in Roseville. A
special tour of the museum and a trail
walk were led by our member Milt
Huston, a docent there for 27 years. We
learned all about the native plants and
animals, the Maidu diet, saw their grinding rocks, petro glyphs, and more. Did
you know that sometimes squirrels still
dig up the occasional arrowhead?
Summer or not, the action never stops
at the home of Donna Huttner and her
group of crafters preparing for the 28th
annual Sacramento Scandinavian
Festival in October. These ladies (and
gentlemen) have developed good friendships while sharing their creative and
artistic talents. In addition to the crafters
making a variety of items to sell at the
festival, a smaller core group volunteered
to begin work on cutting out, painting,
and decorating seventy-five wooden Dala
horses for the annual Golden Gate #12
District Meeting. The horses were
requested for the banquet tables at this
event next spring.
It was ‘welcome back’ time at our
September lodge meeting as members
greeted each other and enjoyed an
evening together. In addition to the usual
Madison, WI
We held our annual “Midsommar”
gathering at Arbor Covenant Church on
Saturday, 25 June 2011. The crowd was
smaller than usual, under 30 people, with
several regular attenders away on trips.
The weather was also cooler than the last
several Midsummers, with a cloudy sky.
After raising the "stång" and dancing,
with music provided as usual by KjellErik Anderson (also a member of Linde
Lodge #492 in Milwaukee), we went
inside for “smörgåsbord.” The dessert
feature was a beautifully decorated sheet
cake. A local store bakery did just fine
with the flags and the roses, two blue and
two yellow, despite the fact that there are
a lot more Norwegians than there are
Swedes in our part of Wisconsin. With
dessert and coffee came some reminiscing, especially from people who had
experienced “Midsommar” in Sweden. It
passes largely unnoticed around here, but
one person recounted a celebration on
Götland that drew 4000 people to the
local park.
Submitted by: Robert Merrill,
Ulla Swanson and Trudy Nordling show off
one of the wreaths they decorated for our
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Logen Skåne Nr 570
Den 3 september var det dags för
Logens firande med anledning av att det
gått 80 år sedan logen bildades. Firandet
började med jubileumsloge med 52 gästande och 72 egna logesyskon. Ordf. Br.
Per Dahlman öppnade ritualenligt mötet
och hälsade de införda gästande och egna
logesyskon varmt välkomna. Reception
utfördes på sedvanligt högtidligt och stilfullt sett och logen fick nu tre nya
medlemmar, nämligen Lena och Georg
Larsson samt Solvig Kristoffersson som
hälsades välkomna enligt ritualen. En
ståtlig och väl genomförd fanparad
gjordes av Sy. Ingrid och Br. Stig
Moberg samt Sy. Eva och Br. Kent
Fransson som belönades med välförtjänta
varma applåder.
Utmärkelser delades ut till Logens
medlemmar bland annat Br. Olle
Kl. Olle Olsson anförde lite om Vasa
Ordens tillkomst och lite historia om
tiden framåt och talade om kulturledarnas
och medlemmars viktiga delaktighet i
punkten Kontakt Amerika på våra möten.
LH Nils Henriksson läste en dikt med
historisk innebörd om vår loge.
Uppvaktningar gjordes av Sy. Helena
Jönhill från LL Klockan Nr 747 som
överlämnade logens Klockans bordsstandar, Sy. Ingegerd och Br. Ulf Alderlöf
samt DM Br. Olle W. från ER DL 20,
överlämnade penninggåvor och från
Lokallogerna i Distrikt 20 hade Logen
Skånes DD Sy. Gunilla Broddesson samlat in pengar till en gemensam gåva som
bestod av fyra st. fina Vinbägare som
även invigdes under kvällen.
inmundiga vår egen medhavda picknickkorg och chansen att bekanta oss med
varandra. Nya medlemmar har tillkommit
från andra loger.
Vår färd gick vidare till Sövdeborg
slott. Slottet är uppbyggt i tre längor.
Färdigbyggt omkring mitten av 1840talet. Vi fick en fantastisk fin guidning
genom två grandiosa salonger – den ene
med takstukaturer utförda av italienare.
Den andre salongen med barocktak i
skulpterat ek. En verklig upplevelse!!
Vi skulle dock vidare på vår upptäcks-
färd. Befinner man sig i Skåne – vad kan
man mer begära att titta på? Jo, möllor!
Just denna dag var det “Mölledagen.” Vi
körde till Övraby mölla. Möllare Bo
Larsson hade att berätta att möllan var
från 1886. Tyvärr var det för lätt vind för
att vi skulle få se vingarna snurra.
Sy. Marianne och Br. Bengt hade ordnat med grisfest i sin trädgård till glädje
för Vasa-syskonen som lät sig väl smaka
av läckerheterna innan det var tidd att
begära sig hemåt.
Insänt av: Jan Åke Ferborn, BKL
Top: Logens nya medlemmar i mitten Lena och
Georg Larsson samt
Solvig Kristofferson.
Insänt av: KL Olle Olsson
LL Skåne Nr 570
Logen Skåne Nr 570 anordnade
söndagen den tredje juli en utflykt i
Skåne, Ordförande Br. Per Dahlman
kunde glädja sig åt att nästan 30 medlemmar hade hörsammat kallelsen.
Turen bestod av både tingsrätt och
domstol, samt ett antal “enkelrum” som
knappast kunde frambringa någon större
Till historien hör att vår ordförande,
Br. Per normalt sitter här – dock ej som
presumtiv kund, uan som arbetstagare i
ett arkitektkollektiv som inryms i denna
numera hederliga byggnad.
Vår färd gick vidare till småbåtshamnen i Ystad där vi tog plats för att
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Right: Logens ordförande
Per Dahlman med hustru
Gunnel smakar på jubileumstårta.
Swedish Genealogy Help?
Do you have Swedish letters or
other papers you want translated?
Contact Sven-Ove Westberg
[email protected] or (925) 228-6325
Page 15
Logen Eskilstuna Nr 633
We had our final meeting this spring in Koppartorp outside the town of Nyköping.
Our brothers and sisters living in this town had arranged a very pleasant Saturday
afternoon in the middle of May. We enjoyed refreshments outdoor in the sunshine and
our meeting took place in one of the old buildings of the mining area, where we also
had an excellent meal. The three-course homemade food was delicious.
The weather was the best that Sweden can offer this time of year. We strolled along
in the old mining area with Ingvar as an excellent guide. We also visited the old
church, which told us so much about the history and the people of this old mining village. Eva took us to the “Goldmine” where we saw many objects of art from local
artists: fantastic small wooden cabinets, glasswork and many other things.
We all do hope that this will became a tradition for years to come.
Submitted by: Lillemor Karlberg, Cultural Leader
Refreshments being
served outdoors at
Logen Härnösand Nr 673
ställde till det för flaggor och noter.
Karl Wigert hälsade 40-talet
Vasasyskon, paret Jamie Bolling och
Sverker Ågren välkomna. Därefter
hedrades Amerikas och Kanadas flaggor
och vi sjöng ”Du gamla du fria”.
Paret Bolling-Ågren har bosatt sig i
Stigsjö och intervjuades av Karl Wigert.
Jamie är född i Cuyahoga Falls Ohio och
har även varit bosatt i Schweiz en tid,
innan flytten till Sverige. Hon har bott i
Sverige 20 år och trivs väldigt bra här.
Cittraflickorna för med gott stöd av Egil
Nordlöf på dragspel. Ett antal gamla
örhängen spelades bl.a. ”Nidälven”,
”Man skall leva för varandra” m.fl.
Pastor Ove Bylund från Stigsjö men
numera bosatt i Viksjö tackade för inbjudan att besöka Karl Wigert och utgick
från skapelseberättelsen i sin betraktelse.
Karen Anderson hade skänkt den
Australiensiska flaggan som överlämnades till Karl Wigert. Därefter läste
Knut Nordkvist från Timrå, med
”Sommaridyll”. Sen blev det dags för att
inta medhavd lunch. Våra gäster och
medverkande bjöds på sommarbuffe av
fam. Wigert vilket rönte stor uppskattning.
Den trevliga dagen led mot sitt slut
och Cittraflickorna med Egil bjöd åter på
några visor. Karl Wigert tackade för en
trevlig dag men noterade också att uppslutningen av Vasasyskon hade kunnat
vara större.
Insänt av: Bo Selin, Kulturledare
Som tradition inbjöd familjen Wigert
till firande av 4 juli för att hedra Sverige-
Amerika-dagen. Solen sken dagen till ära
men med en mycket kraftig blåst, som
A Vasa-bridge to your
Swedish ancestors!
Looking for your relatives in Sweden?
Här firar vi Sverige-Amerika dagen.
Page 16
I have helped many satisfied
Vasa-members finding their Swedish roots.
Further info please e-mail:
[email protected]
Vasa Star October-December 2011
My First Trip to Sweden
This past June, I spent two weeks in
Sweden with my sister, Lauren, and close
friend, Eva Carlson. The trip occurred at
a very important time in our lives.
Growing up in Ohio, my family has
known the Carlson family since Eva and I
were both very young. Over the years our
families supported one another through
tough times and great accomplishment.
Together we celebrated Lucia Day,
enjoyed Swedish meatballs and shared
many late nights – skål! This summer
presented the perfect opportunity for Eva,
Lauren and I to finally visit the country
we learned so much about over the years,
as well as the chance to spend valuable
time together before each of us embarked
on new academic and professional adventures. Without hesitation, we purchased
train tickets, confirmed the hostel reservations, and finalized our trip schedule.
With Eva fluent in Swedish, I needed to
only learn a few essential phrases (sommar rea, fika, jag älskar dej), buy a camera, and pack my backpack.
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Landing in Stockholm and navigating
to the hostel proved to be more difficult
and bewildering than expected. To remedy our hunger and jet-lag, we quickly
found a corner shop and ordered lunch.
Sitting outside, watching as people
rushed by in every direction, the sun
finally calmed us and I began to sink into
the peaceful rhythm of the city. Over the
next two weeks we traveled from
Stockholm to Göteborg to Östersund by
bus, boat, train and car. Family and
friends greeted us at each stop, opening
their homes and sharing a glimpse of
their lives with us. Exploring the cities,
we enjoyed frequent pauses for ‘fika’ and
indulged in the refreshing taste of ‘glass.’
We navigated the difficult bus system in
Göteborg and played soccer in the backyard with Eva’s cousin’s children. We
visited the church on Frösön and
explored Viking ruins. In every community we visited, a love for family and a
love for nature were apparent. During our
final few days in Östersund, as I looked
out onto Lake Storsjön, I began to fully
recognize the intricate yet simple characteristics of the surrounding terrain. Any
stress and worries I felt for the future
were stripped away and replaced by an
overwhelming love and appreciation for
the people I met and experiences we
At the end of the summer the Carlson
family moved from Ohio, back to
Sweden. I started a new job in
Washington, DC and Lauren began her
first year of college in Cleveland, Ohio.
It may be many years until we are all
together again. I realized that sometimes
it takes a trip away from daily activity to
reinforce the importance of unconditional
friendship and support. My time in
Sweden gave me a fresh outlook for the
future and a renewed sense of love for the
people I value in my life – and for that I
will always be thankful.
Submitted by: Ashley Starks,
Mentor, Ohio
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Merry Christmas and Happy New
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The Vasa website at contains a “materials button” which has the listing of audio visual materials available.
If you are unable to use the Vasa website, you can still ask that a listing be sent to you by mail.
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Jul – och Nyårshälsningar 2011
Distriktslogen Södra Sverige Nr 20
t Distriktslogen Södra t
Sverige Nr 20
God Jul och Gott Nytt År
alla Vasasyskon
t Executive Board Members:
Karl Axel Bengtsson t
t Olle Wickström
Catherine Bringselius Nilsson
t Ingrid Cannerhagen Bengt Hammargren t
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God Jul och Gott Nytt År
tillönskas alla Vasavänner
i USA, Kanada och Sverige
t Gunnar och Siw Mossberg t
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tillönskas alla Vasasyskon
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God Jul och Gott Nytt År
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Knut Rosenkvist
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t Logen Ronneby Nr 630
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tillönskas alla Vasasyskon
Göran och Catherine
Bringselius Nilsson
t PS LL Nr 678 och FDM DL Nr 20 t
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Distriktslogen Norra Sverige Nr 19
Unite Members and Lodges
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
to All Our Vasa Friends in the US, Canada and Sweden
Lisbeth H. Qvarfordt and Inge Hallberg, HM
FDM LL751 Norrköping
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On behalf of the Grand Lodge and members of the Vasa Order of America, I am pleased to welcome you to
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membership and will participate in all of the activities planned for you.
Art Bjorkner, Grand Lodge Membership Chairman
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Hackettstown NJ 07840-5314 USA
Svea Lodge No. 362
Walter G. Josephson
George Edward Olson
Thule Lodge No. 127
Carol J. Arthur
Dennis H. Lundberg
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Vasa Star October-December 2011
Stavkyrkan i Lillsjöhögen
Svaret på varför det finns en stavkyrka i
Lillsjöhögen är ganska enkel: Varför inte?
Historien börjar hösten 2007 med att två
bybor blev nyfikna på stavkyrkor.
Byggmetoden i sig är så intressant med den
bakgrund den har. De tyckte också att det
fanns behov av en andlig lokal i byn. Så nu
är det bara att hoppas på att byns attraktionskraft ska öka i och med stavkyrkan. Det
finns bara en handfull stavkyrkor i Sverige
och det sätter Lillsjöhögen på kartan. Det
finns också ev en koppling mellan
Pilgrimsleden och Lillsjöhögen. Sydväst
om Ösjön finns en Pilgrimskälla.
Steget från idé om att bygga en stavkyrka till att faktiskt göra det, togs ganska
snabbt, men utan sponsorerna hade det
aldrig gått. Göte Falkman och Göran
Nilsson från Lillsjöhögen, har arbetat idéelt
med bygget. All el i kyrkverkstaden,
bränsle till verktyg och så vidare, har de
bekostat själva. De båda kyrkbyggarna har
lagt ner flera tusen arbetstimmar var, på
bygget. Från idé till invigning har det tagit
fyra år.
Snickarna är pensionärer, men har inte
arbetat professionellt som just snickare.
Göte har en bakgrund som grönsakshandlare och Göran från verkstadsbranschen.
Men snickra kan de. Det har varit roligare
än de trodde, men det har också varit mer
jobb än de någonsin kunde ana.
Under vårvintern 2008 påbörjades
arbetet av stavkyrkan och i november 2009
började man förbereda marken där
stavkyrkan skulle uppföras. Våren/sommaren 2010 uppförs huvudskeppet. Koret
byggdes under sommaren 2011. Allt finsnickeri har utförts i Lillsjöhögen samt
bearbetningen av timret.
Christer Wall står för smidesarbetet i
stavkyrkan och kommer från en släkt som
levt och andats smide sedan 1800-talet, då
morfars far kuskade Europa runt som lärling. Christer började sin bana 1958, men
det var under 70-talet som han kunde titulera sig smidesmästare. Han har varit med
och smitt föremål till ett flertal kyrkor, bl a
till Stora kyrkan i Östersund, Frösö kyrka
samt Lits kyrka. Dessa arbeten har varit
små jämfört med det i Lillsjöhögen.
Till Lillsjöhögens stavkyrka har han
bland annat smitt dekoren till ytterdörren,
kyrktuppen och ett stort antal bultar. Han är
även den som tänkt ut vilka symboler som
ska finnas på exempelvis den magnifika
kyrkporten. Christer vet inte hur många
Vasa Star October-December 2011
arbetstimmar han lagt ner på enbart smidet.
Som den smidesmästare han är räknar han
arbetet i liter stenkol som använts. Han har
smitt upp 250 liter stenkol och det är
väldigt mycket. Det går åt cirka 5 liter om
dagen, så det handlar om runt 50 dagar i
smedjan hemma på gården i Lillsjöhögen.
På utsidan av stavkyrkans port finns tre
symboler: liljor, drakar och pilspetsar.
Drakarna finns överst och det är en symbol
som finns både inom asatron samt kristendomen. Stavkyrkorna byggdes i brytpunkten mellan de olika religionerna. Drakarna
var en symbol för ondska och de skulle hållas utanför helgedomen. Pilarna finns där
för att skydda helgedomen mot det onda i
världen. Längst ner finns liljor och det
kommer från Bergspredikan där Jesus pekar
på liljorna på marken och menar att alla ska
vara välkomna till kyrkan precis som de är.
Ett Ankhkors finns uppsatt ovanför
ingången till kyrkan. Ankh-korset är en
gammal egyptisk symbol för livet, styrka
och hälsa. Den representerar även visdom,
inre kraft och auktoritet. Ankh-korset är
Livets nyckel. Korsets cirkelformade del
symboliserar Gud.
Stavkyrkan i Lillsjöhögen är behandlad
med en blandning av tjära, terpentin och
linolja. Genom tiderna har det kallats för en
rad olika saker: Båtsmörja, bryggsmörja
och roslagsmahogny. Roslagsmahogny ger
träet en längre livslängd och en vacker
brunröd färg. Den kan användas till såväl
altaner, trappor som till träbåtar och, som
synes, även som fasadbehandling på
Stavkyrkor började byggas på 1100-talet
när nordvästra Europa kristnades. Kyrkorna
brukar ses som en av de viktigaste representanterna för europeisk medeltidsarkitektur i
trä. Namnet stavkyrka kommer sig från att
kyrkan är byggd på en bärande konstruktion
av stolpar. Mellan stolparna är det en fyllning av stående plankor, eller stavar som
det också kallas. I Norge finns det flesta
bevarade stavkykorna.
Under medeltiden fanns det runt 1000
stavkyrkor i Norge. I dag finns det 28 kvar.
I Sverige finns det endast en bevarad
stavkyrka från medeltiden. Det är Hedareds
stavkyrka, som byggdes omkring år 1500.
Det finns sex nutida stavkyrkor, inräknat
den i Lillsjöhögen.
Det var Jan Gustavsson, prost emeritus,
som förslog att Lillsjöhögens stavkyrka inte
ska ingå i Svenska kyrkan. Det innebär att
bygdegårdsföreningen i byn kan styra över
verksamheten och utbudet efter eget tycke.
Kyrkan är därför sparsamt utsmyckad
med kristna symboler. Byns vilja är att
kyrkan ska fungera som mötesplats även för
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Page 21
Stavkyrkan i Lillsjöhögen
Continued from previous page
människor med andra trosinriktningar och
för dem som inte är troende. Stavkyrkan
blir på det här sättet religiöst obunden. Det
gör att alla människor kan använda byns
andliga rum för sin tro.
Storleken på Lillsjöhögens Stavkyrka:
Huvudskeppet är 6,5 meter långt och 5,5
meter brett. Koret är 3,5 meter i både längd
och bredd. Totalt blir ytan 48 kvadratmeter.
Stavkyrkan är 8 meter hög. Sittplatser: 55
till 60 st.
Ni kan även hitta dem på Facebook
Insänt av: Marie Carlson, Editor, VS
Foto: Erik Trapp, Lillsjöhögen
The Stave Church
in Lillsjöhögen
The answer to why there is a stave
church in Lillsjöhögen is quite simple: Why
not? The story begins in the autumn of
2007 with two villagers that became curious about stave churches.
The way it is constructed is so interesting and its history. They further thought
that the village was in need of a spiritual
sanctuary. So now, one can only hope that
Lillsjöhögens appeal will increase with the
stave church. There are only a handful stave
churches in Sweden and this sets
Lillsjöhögen on the map. There might also
be a link between the Pilgrims way and
Lillsjöhögen. Southwest of Lake Ösjön is a
Pilgrim well.
From just an idea to actually doing it
was taken quite quickly, and without the
sponsors, they would not have been able to
do it. Göte Falkman and Göran Nilsson
from Lillsjöhögen, has worked for free,
with the construction. All electricity in the
church, fuel for the tools and so on they
have supplied and paid for on their own.
Both of them have spent several thousand
hours working on the construction. It has
taken four years from, just an idea, until
the grand opening.
The builders are retired, but have not
worked professionally as just carpenters.
Göte has a background as a greengrocer and
Göran from the workshop sector. But carpentry, they can do. It has been a lot of fun,
but it has also been a lot more work than
they had imagined.
During the spring/winter of 2008 they
Page 22
started working on the stave church, and in
November of 2009 they began preparing
the land where the stave church would be
situated. In the spring/the summer 2010
they built the central ship. The altar room
was built during the summer of 2011. All of
the detail woodwork has been carried out in
Lillsjöhögen including the processing and
preparation of timbre.
Christer Wall is responsible for the
wrought iron work in the stave church and
comes from a family that has lived and
breathed the art of wrought iron since the
1800th century, when his grandfather traveled around Europe as a trainee. Christer
began his career in 1958, but it was during
70s, that he could titular himself as a
wrought iron master. He has done wrought
iron work in several churches, such as Stora
Kyrkan (the Big Church) in Östersund,
Frösö Church and Lit 's Church. Those jobs
have been small compared with the one in
In Lillsjöhögens Stave Church he has
among other things made the scenery to the
door outside, the church rooster and a large
number of bolts. He is also the one who has
figured out which symbols that will be on
the magnificent church gate. Christer does
not know how many work hours he has
spent on the wrought iron work alone. As
the wrought iron master he is, he counts his
work in liters of coal he has used. He has
used 250 liters of coal, and that is a huge
amount. He has used approximately 5 liters
per day that is about 50 days he has spent in
his workshop on the farm in Lillsjöhögen.
On the outside of the stave church's gate
there are three symbols: lilies, dragons and
arrow heads. The dragons are on the top,
and it is a symbol that you can find both
within Norse paganism and Christianity.
The stave churches were built in the breaking point between the different religions.
The dragons were a symbol for evil and
they should be held outside the shrine. The
arrows are there in order to protect the
shrine against the evil in the world. At the
very bottom are the lilies and it comes from
when Jesus preached and Jesus points to the
lilies on the ground and says each and
everyone will be welcome to the church just
the way they are.
You can find the Ankh cross above the
entrance to the church. The Ankh cross is
an old Egyptian symbol for life, strength
and health. It also represents wisdom, internal strength and authority. The Ankh cross
is the key to life. The cross's circle shaped
part symbolizes God.
The stave church in Lillsjöhögen is
treated with mixture of tar, turpentine and
linseed oil. Over time it has been called
several different things: Ship butter, pier
butter, and roslag mahogany. Roslag
mahogany gives the wood a longer life
span, and a beautiful brown red color. It can
be used on porches, stairs that are on wood
ships and also as façade treatment on stave
Stave churches began to be built around
1100 when northwestern Europe was christened. The churches can be seen as one of
the most important representatives for
European Middle ages architecture in
wood. The name stave church comes from
that the church is built on a carrying structure of posts. Between the posts there are
standing boards, or staves that they also are
called. In Norway, you can find most of the
preserved stave churches.
During the middle ages, there were
around 1000 stave churches in Norway.
Today, there are 28 left. In Sweden, there is
only one preserved stave church from the
middle ages. It is Hedared's Stave Church
that was built about year 1500. There are
six modern stave churches, where
Lillsjöhögen is included.
It was Jan Gustavsson, prost emeritus
that suggested that Lillsjöhögens stave
church will not be part of the Swedish
church. It means that the district farm association in the village can govern over their
activities, and make their own decisions.
The church does not have many
Christian symbols. The village wants the
church to function as meeting place for people with other faiths as well as for the nonbeliever. This way the stave church
becomes religious unrestricted, which
means that all people can make use of the
village's shrine for their personal faith.
The size of Lillsjöhögens Stave Church:
The central ship is 6,5 meters long and it is
5 meters wide. The altar room is 3,5 meters
in both length and width. The total surface
is 48 square meters. The stave church is 8
meters high. It seats 55 to 60 people.
Source: Information Booklet available at
the church.
You can also find them on Facebook
Submitted by: Marie Carlson, Editor, VS
Pictures by: Erik Trapp, Lillsjöhögen
A Vasa-bridge to your
Swedish ancestors!
Looking for your relatives in Sweden?
I have helped many satisfied
Vasa-members finding their Swedish roots.
Further info please e-mail:
[email protected]
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Två svenska jättar, Dag Hammarskjöld och Jan Eliasson
Den 18 september (denna artikel
skrivs en vecka senare) hade jag turen att
återvända till mitt gamla universitet i
Uppsala i tid för att kunna höra The Dag
Hammarskjöld Lecture 2011 med Jan
Eliasson som inbjuden föreläsare. Denna
föreläsning är årlig sedan 1988 och inramas av klassisk musik, sånger av studentkören Allmänna Sången samt presentationer av universitetets rektor och representanter för Hammarskjöldfonden, som
tillsammans med universitetet ansvarar
för arrangemanget.
I år ägde evenemanget rum exakt på
dagen 50 år efter flygkraschen nära
Ndola i nuvarande Zambia, där Dag
Hammarskjöld omkom. Detta förhållande
gav en speciell mening åt årets föreläsning. Det gav speciell mening också för
mig, som i september 1961 fortfarande
befann mig i Uppsala som nyligen legitimerad läkare och i min första tjänst som
underläkare på kirurgen vid Akademiska
Sjukhuset. Det var lätt att återuppleva den
tidens sorgliga atmosfär, som drabbade
hela Uppsala, staden där Dag
Hammarskjöld växte upp.
Jan Eliasson hade valt Fred,
Utveckling och Mänskliga Rättigheter –
den absolut nödvändiga relationen som
rubrik för sin föreläsning. I denna underströk han nödvändigheten att hålla dessa
tre vitala begrepp samman vid allt arbete
för fred och humanitet. Det var ett
imponerande tal med många reflektioner
till Hammarskjöld och hans tid men
också en bred översikt över världens
nuvarande konflikter. Efter föreläsningen
lämnades visst utrymme för frågor från
den fullsatta universitetsaulan, följt av
studentkörens sång och en ceremoni, där
Hammarskjöldmedaljen av universitetsrektorn, professor Anders Hallberg, och
Hammarskjöldfonden samt Peter
Wallensteen, som är Dag Hammarskjöld
Professor vid avdelningen för freds- och
konfliktforskning, Uppsala Universitet.
HKH Kronprinsessan Victoria bevistade årets Dag Hammarskjöld-föreläsning
för att hedra både Dag Hammarskjöld
och Jan Eliasson.
Före programmet i universitetsaulan
lade Jan Eliasson ned en krans på Dag
Hammarskjölds grav på Uppsala gamla
kyrkogård i närvaro av kronprinsessan
Victoria och ledande företrädare för universitetet och Hammarskjöldfonden. –
Där var nu de båda svenska jättarna, den
ene hyllande den andre som den store
Vasa Star October-December 2011
mästaren i fredsskapande arbete. Deras
karriärer har vissa likheter med början i
det svenska utrikesdepartementet. Dag
Hammarskjöld var FN:s generalsekreterare 1954-1961 och är väl ihågkommen
för sin enastående förmåga att tjäna såväl
stora som små nationer. Det var inte lätt
och efter det första året deklarerade han:
“FN skapades inte för att ta oss till
himlen utan för att rädda oss från helvetet.” Han var en framstående förhandlare och i hans fotspår har Jan Eliasson
tjänat vid många försök till fredsmäklande samt som representant för Sverige i
FN och under ett år som ordförande i
dess generalförsamling. Hammarskjöld
tillhörde den svenska regeringen ett par
år före utnämningen till generalsekreterare och Eliasson var under en kort tid
Sveriges utrikesminister. Han står
alltjämt till förfogande för nya uppdrag
och är högt respekterad såväl i Sverige
som internationellt.
Femtioårsminnet av flygkraschen i
Ndola har föranlett nya krav på undersökning av de alltjämt inte fullt klarlagda
omständigheterna vid olyckan. Det finns
hittills sekretessbelagda dokument, som
efter 50 år kan offentliggöras, och nyligen publicerade den engelska historikern
Susan Williams sin bok “Vem dödade
Hammarskjöld?” Det är inte tillfredsställande att ha så allvarliga frågor obesvarade, men det kommer troligen att dröja,
innan några svar finns.
Insänt av: Stig S. Sälgeback,
Karlstad, SLKL, Sverige
Two Swedish Giants,
Dag Hammarskjöld
and Jan Eliasson
On September 18 (this article is written one week later) by chance I happened
to return to my old University of Uppsala
in time to attend The Dag Hammarskjöld
Lecture 2011 with Jan Eliasson as the
invited speaker. The tradition of this lecture goes back to 1988 and includes classic music, songs by the student choir,
Allmänna Sången, and presentations by
the president of the university and representatives from The Hammarskjöld
Foundation. These two institutions are in
charge of the arrangement.
This year the event took place exactly
on the date 50 years ago, when Dag
Hammarskjöld died in a plane crash near
Ndola, Zambia, giving a very special
meaning to the lecture. It also gave me as
an individual a special meaning, because
in September 1961 I was still in Uppsala
having the same year graduated from
medical school and recently started my
first residency at the surgical unit of the
University Hospital. It was easy to recall
the sad atmosphere at the time in the
entire city of Uppsala, where Dag
Hammarskjöld grew up.
Jan Eliasson had chosen Peace,
Development and Human Rights – The
Indispensable Connection as title for his
lecture. During his speech he underlined
the necessity of holding these three vital
conceptions together at all times in the
work for humanity. It was an impressive
speech with many reflections on Dag
Hammarskjöld and his time, but also a
good overview of the current conflicts of
the world. After his speech the floor was
open to questions from the crowded main
auditorium followed by song from the
choir and a ceremony at which Jan
Eliasson was awarded The Dag
Hammarskjöld Medal by professor
Anders Hallberg, Vice Chancellor,
Uppsala University, professor Ashok
Swain from The Dag Hammarskjöld
Foundation and Peter Wallensteen, Dag
Hammarskjöld professor at The
Department for Peace and Conflict
Research, Uppsala University.
Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess
Victoria, attended The 2011 Dag
Hammarskjöld Lecture in honor of both
Dag Hammarskjöld and Jan Eliasson.
Prior to the program Jan Eliasson
placed a wreath on Dag Hammarskjöld’s
grave in the old cemetery of Uppsala in
the presence of Crown Princess Victoria
and prime representatives from the university and the foundation. - There were
the two Swedish Giants of high integrity,
one of them honoring the other as the
great master of peace efforts. Their
careers show some similarities with a
beginning in the Swedish Foreign Office.
Dag Hammarskjöld served as UN
Secretary- General 1954 – 1961 and is
well remembered for his outstanding ability as a civil servant for big as well as for
small nations. It was not easy and after
one year in office he concluded: “The
United Nations was not created in order
to bring us to heaven, but in order to save
us from hell.” He was a great mediator
and in his footsteps Jan Eliasson has
served in many peace-keeping missions
as well as in the UN representing Sweden
and for one year as President of The
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Page 23
Two Swedish Giants
Continued from previous page
General Assembly. Hammarskjöld
belonged to the Swedish government a
few years before his appointment as UN
Secretary General and Eliasson was for a
short period our Minister for Foreign
Affairs. He is still at the UN disposal for
assignments and is highly respected in
Sweden as well as internationally.
The fifty year old memory of the plane
crash in Ndola has raised new demands
on investigations of the still not fully
understood circumstances at the accident.
Questions have been put forward from
family members and from authorities.
There are so far secret documents that
could be released after 50 years and
recently an English historian, Susan
Williams, published her book “Who
killed Hammarskjöld?”
It is not satisfactory having such serious questions unanswered, but it will
probably take some time until any solution will be there.
Submitted by: Stig S. Sälgeback,
Karlstad, GLCD, Sweden
My Swedish
How I Found My Swedish Relatives
by Frances Fröberg Wooley
Shortly after beginning my search a
few years ago to fill in some holes on my
husband’s pedigree chart, I decided I
would try to obtain information concerning my Swedish grandfather.
At this point in time, the only thing I
actually knew was that Olof Fröberg, my
grandfather, had gone to sea as a young
man. The story I had been told was that
as he left Sweden, his mother stood on
the hill above him waving her apron in
farewell. He was never able to return to
his home in Sweden. On one of his sea
voyages, he had met my grandmother
who was traveling from Norway to the
United States. They were married in
Chicago (Cook) Illinois in 1880.
With only the above information and
the year of his birth obtained from his
marriage license, 1856, I submitted a
query to Swedish-American Magazine. A
response was received from Dr. Jan
Vegelius of the Department of Statistics
Page 24
of Uppsala University in Sweden. He
provided some information about the
name Fröberg and gave me names and
addresses of nine individuals bearing this
surname. I wrote letters to all these people and only received one reply which
turned out not to be a relative.
In the meantime, in a collection of
postal cards which my Grandmother
Fröberg had given me when I was a child,
I found two which had been sent from
Sweden and which were written in
Swedish. I located someone who could
translate them and learned that they were
from Härnösand, Sweden, and mentioned
some changes in a building there that had
been done since my grandfather had last
been there. They were signed Hanna
Fröberg. I sent this information on to Dr.
Vegelius and told him of the one reply I
had received from the listing he had sent
Dr. Vegelius wrote again. He had continued to work on my query and with the
additional information I had given him,
he made several inquiries on my behalf.
Following is the text of his next letter:
“First I looked in a book containing
the names of all Swedish villages, farms
and so on. There we could find four
places by the name of Utvik. Two of
them were in Ångermanland, one in the
parish of Nora and one in the parish of
“I went to our city library and looked
at the telephone book of Ångermanland.
In the Ullånger telephone area (which
also contained Nora) I found a dozen persons by the name of Fröberg.
“In the afternoon I called the church at
Nora and the person who answered
(probably the clergyman) mentioned that
the only Fröberg he found in Nora (with a
telephone) was Per Fröberg in Frok.
“I phoned Per Fröberg, who said that
there had been Fröbergs in Utvik, but he
did not know where their descendants
lived. He recommended me to call Sture
Frolen in Härnösand whose uncle had
married a daughter (of) Dora Fröberg
from Utvik. After a long search in the
telephone book he found Sture’s number.
“I called Sture Frolen and he could
give me telephone numbers to several
children of Dora Fröberg Nilsson.
“Finally I called Dora’s daughter,
Aina Nilsson Lindström, who confirmed
that her grandparents had lived in Utvik
in Nora. She became very interested in
getting a letter from you. She says she is
not so good at reading English but she
has a daughter who can help her.”
I assure you that I will always be
deeply indebted to Dr. Vegelius as Aina
Lindström and I have now corresponded
for several years. From the pedigree chart
which follows, you will be able to see our
Then, on Christmas Day, 1991, an
early morning phone call announced that
Aina’s daughter, Gun-Marie Sohlin, had
just arrived in Ft. Meyers (where I live)
and wanted to meet me. She was on leave
from her duties as a member of the
Swedish delegation on the United
Nations interim forces stationed in
Lebanon. My husband and I immediately
went to the motel where she was staying
and after introductions, invited her back
to our home for the balance of her visit in
Then we had another surprise, GunMarie’s daughter, Charlotte, was attending high school as an exchange student in
Spokane, Washington. Her mother made
a few phone calls and arrangements were
made for her to fly into Ft. Meyers.
Within hours we had met two Swedish
relatives never known before. What a
wonderful Christmas present!
Soon after these two relatives had
returned to their respective homes, a
phone call from Sweden informed us that
Gun-Marie’s mother, Aina, was planning
to fly to Florida on June 1. My Swedish
family just kept growing and growing.
It was a long time from the first part of
January until June 1. Many overseas telephone calls were made – many letters and
maps were sent and received. Explicit
directions had to be given as Aina and
her party would fly into Ft. Lauderdale
on the east coast, rent a car and drive
across the state to Ft. Meyers. It would be
after dark before they would reach our
home. None of the party had ever been to
this country before. The hours on June 1,
1992, passed slowly.
Finally, a car pulled up outside of our
home. The doors opened and for the first
time in my life I met my half-cousin
from Sweden – a relative that until a couple of years ago I did not know even
existed. It was truly an exciting and awesome experience.
Those who came were Aina and her
husband,Werner. Neither of them speak
English although they do understand a
bit. Aina’s sister Elsy Syren, sometimes
acted as a translator but it was difficult.
However, Aina’s granddaughter, Petra
Sohlin and her fiancé, Peter Westin,
speak very good English as they had
learned it in school and did most of the
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Vasa Star October-December 2011
My Swedish Connections
Continued from previous page
Not only did Aina bring me many gifts
typical of Sweden, she even brought several jars of homemade jam that she had
made in her own kitchen. She also
brought the name and address of yet
another member of our mutual family – a
granddaughter of my grandfather’s sister.
Since my grandfather’s sister had 13 living children, I now shall have many more
Swedish cousins to try and find.
Aina and I poured over photo albums
and exchanged notes on what we each
knew of our own grandparents and their
families. We talked of her grandchildren
and mine. She taught me a few words of
the Swedish language and I tried to teach
her some English phrases. Getting
acquainted with each other was not difficult. We had a most enjoyable time
The visit with my Swedish relatives
has ended and they have returned to their
homes in Härnösand and Uppsala. To say
that this was one of the most important
and exciting events in my lifetime is an
understatement. From not ever knowing
of any Swedish relatives, I now have
dozens! And now it is time to begin planning my trip to the land of my forefathers.
Should anyone reading this account be
a relative or have information that can be
added to my family history, I would certainly be interested in hearing from them.
And again, I thank Dr. Vegelius for all
the time and energy he spent on my
behalf. It is he who encouraged me to
write this account of how I found my
Swedish connections!
Pedigree of the
Fröberg-Lundin Family
Tab. 1.
Olof Fröberg, born in Springare, Sabra
Parish (Vn.) 25 Jan. 1842; d. in Harno
(Vn.) 21 June 1879. Married (1) 19 Nov.
1847 Anna Brita Strinholm, born in Harno
22 Nov. 1825, d. in Harno 1 Jan. 1876; (2)
in March 1877 Brita Greta Lindström, b.
21 July 1845; d. 8 July 1921.
Children in the first marriage:
1. Johan Fröberg, b. 3 March 1848, d. the
same day
2. Israel Fröberg, b. 4 April 1849; went to
sea 1870
3. Johanna Fröberg, b. 10 June 1854, d.
12 Jan. 1935; mar. 10 Feb. 1876 Jonas
Fredrik Lundin
4. Olof Fröberg, b. 3 Sept. 1856 (see Tab. 3)
Vasa Star October-December 2011
5. Brita Cajsa Fröberg, b. 29 Sept. 1861;
d. 17 Feb.1872.
Children in the second marriage:
1. Anders Gustaf Fröberg, b. 22 Feb.
1878 (see Tab. 3)
2. Johan Fröberg, twin b. June 1879; d.
24 July 1879
3. Louisa Fröberg, twin, b. 8 June 1879;
d. 26 July 1879
Tab. 2
Olof Fröberg, called himself Fröberg in
America. Grandfather of Frances Fröberg
Tab. 3.
Anders Gustaf Fröberg, grandfather of
Aina Nilsson Lindström.
Scandinavian American Cultural
and Historical Foundation
Honors LeRoy Anderson
2011 Outstanding Scandinavian American
A beloved Swedish-American musician in Southern California, LeRoy
Anderson has worn many musical hats, as
a singer, choral director, pianist, accordionist and liturgist. Born in Chicago
himself, his parents were from Jämtland
and Skåne in Sweden. Raised in the
Augustana Swedish Lutheran Church, he
has a love for Swedish choral music
which he has enthusiastically promoted in
Southern California churches, directing
many festive choruses in concerts, cantatas and oratorio.
As a youth, LeRoy sang early in his
church choir and in 1945 he joined the
Swedish Glee Club in Chicago. In 1946
he enlisted in the army and was stationed
in Japan for more than a year. In 1951 he
married Greta, a gifted pianist and organist who shared his love for music. In 1953
Greta and LeRoy moved to the Los
Angeles Area. After two years of college
LeRoy continued extension studies at
UCLA and USC, studying principally the
teaching of music. Meanwhile he sang in
the choir of Grace Lutheran in Bell,
becoming director of the choir in 1969, a
directorship he continued for 32 years
He created an early morning
Christmas liturgy for Angelica Lutheran
Church in Los Angeles and continued as
their liturgist for seven years. In 1987 he
organized a choir at the Norwegian and
Swedish Seamen’s Church in San Pedro,
directing that choir for 13 years. In the
early ‘90s he assumed directorship of the
Los Angeles area Vasa Choir.
LeRoy is a founder of Västkustens
Spelmanslag and does music arrangements for his group. This popular group
has played regularly at the Scandinavian
Festival at California Lutheran University
in Thousand Oaks and at Midsummer
Festivals at Vasa Park and other festivals
in Southern California.
He is past President of the SwedishAmerican Central Association of
Southern California, a past chairman of
Nordic Lodge #660 District Lodge
Pacific Southwest #15 of the Vasa Order
of America, a former director of SAHAC,
The Swedish American Historical
Association of California, and a member
of The Association of Lutheran Church
Submitted by: Thomas Jahn,
GLD, DL Pacific Southwest #15
Photographed by: Thomas Jahn
LeRoy Anderson
Page 25
Royal Glamour at New York Gala
Scandinavian royalties and other heads-of-states joined for an historic gathering at
the Hilton Hotel in New York City. They were all in town to celebrate the Centennial
of the American-Scandinavian Foundation. Read all about it at or HRH Queen Silvia of Sweden looked beautiful as always and
especially elegant in that violet ball gown! This event, with tickets starting at
$500/person was on October 21st. The next day King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen
Silvia flew up to the still-Swedish community of Jamestown, New York. Children’s
Club Thule Folkdancers performed in the royals’ presence and Queen Silvia joined
them for “Små Grodorna.”
Donna Johnson of Vasa Lodge Thule and three others received an award directly
from the King commemorating her 50 year membership with The Nordic Club, celebrating their own 100th anniversary. Coordinator of the Scandinavian Folk Festival in
Jamestown, Don Sandy received the Order of the Polar Star medal from the King of
Sweden. Grattis! Don is also a member of Vasa Thule Lodge, accordionist for both the
adult and children´s folkdance clubs in Jamestown, as well as a member of two musical groups Nordanvind and Svenska Spelmän. Wish New York City weren’t so high
society – it would have been spectacular to have a chance to meet and greet our King
and Queen on a more intimate venue. Kanske nästa gång!
Submitted by: Jeanne Eriksson-Andersen, Chairman,
Lindbergh Lodge #505, New York, -Jeanne/[email protected]
Source: Sweden Today
Tranströmer Wins Nobel Prize in Literature
Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer has won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature. The
academy said it awarded the 80-year-oldpoet “because, through his condensed translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality.” Born in 1931 in Stockholm,
Tranströmer is a poet, translator and psychologist, who have been translated into 50
languages. The child of divorced parents, Tranströmer studied at Soda Latin in
Stockholm and graduated as a psychologist from Stockholm University in 1956. He
began writing early, at age 13 and published his first collection of poems in 1954 titled
“17 dikter” (Seventeen poems).
His work, though, lies within and further develops the Modernist and
Expressionist/Surrealist language of 20th century poetry; his clear, seemingly simple
pictures from everyday life and nature in particular reveals a mystic insight into the
universal aspects of the human mind. Tranströmer is a close friend of the American
poet Robert Bly and their correspondence has been published in the book “Air Mail.”
In 1990, Tranströmer suffered a stroke that affects his speech, but he continues to
write. Tranströmer has in the past been mentioned as a candidate for the Nobel Prize
in Literature, and is considered one of Sweden's foremost poets. In addition to his
work as a writer, Tranströmer was also a respected psychologist before he had his
stroke. He worked in juvenile prisons, and with disabled, convicts, and drug addicts.
He is also a pianist, something he has been able to continue after his stroke, albeit with
one hand. Here are a few lines describing a forest from one of Tranströmer’s poems
from the book “Dikter” 1985.
“… Skogen är tysta övergivna lokaler så här års.
Bara några få slags ljud: som om någon flyttade
försiktigt med en pincett
eller ett gångjärn som gnyr svagt inne i en tjock stam.”
This is the first time since 1974 a Swede has been awarded the prize (Harry
Martinsson and Eyvind Johnsson shared the honor that year).
Submitted by: Carol Blackwell, Phoenix Lodge #677
New Jersey Vasa Park
Celebrates 75
Wonderful Years
Even though the official festivities were
not to begin until Saturday, August 27th,
parties started Friday afternoon as District
#6 New Jersey members from far and wide
descended on Vasa Park in Budd Lake.
Gatherings at the summer cabins Friday
afternoon, prior to the weekly Friday night
dinner, found old friends getting together
just like old times. After dinner folks lingered on the patio late into the night sharing
photos and memories of their years at the
Unfortunately the threat of hurricane
Irene kept some folks away on Saturday,
but the majority of those who had been
looking forward to this day for nearly a
year, braved the stormy weather. And they
were glad they did! Members from as far
away as California, Utah and Colorado
made the trip. License plates from NJ, NY,
CT, PA, MO, NC, TN and FL were in our
parking lot along with a bus load of Swedes
that happened to be visiting NYC.
The entrance fee to the Park was twentyfive cents. Not only did that modest sum
gain you entry, and a commemorative journal but also tickets for either a hamburger
or hot dog platter and a free soft drink.
Remember when you could actually get
something great for a quarter?
The opening ceremonies on Saturday
dedicated 657 new memorial plaques bearing the names of our Vasa members who
are now departed. This monumental undertaking was completed by our Vice District
Master Kevin De Feo with assistance from
his wife Elve and daughter Emily. The new
name plates are laser etched on material
that will be weather resistant and will hold
up for many generations to come. It is a
beautiful memorial to those who helped
build Vasa Park.
A presentation was then made by our
District Master Jack Hanright. He and his
wife Inger unveiled the rune stone they created for Vasa Park along with their son
Patrick. It stands proudly next to the carved
wooden Viking outside the Cultural Center.
Jack explained that he selected the stone
from an old stone wall on Park property. It
could barely be lifted by a front-end loader.
He reduced its size and chiseled it into a
shape that is reminiscent of the rune stones
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Vasa Star October-December 2011
New Jersey Vasa Park
Celebrates 75 Years
Continued from previous page
seen in Sweden. He engraved the message
that Inger composed, designed and translated into the runic alphabet. Patrick painted
the letters in the traditional rune stone red.
It reads, “In the year 1936 the Swedes
bought this land and named it Vasa Park.
For 75 years we have kept it so that our
sons and daughters will know of their
ancestors. This stone was raised to remember the people that built this park.”
Then it was time for the Vasa Olympic
Games to begin, a tradition from years past,
resurrected for this special occasion. The
parade of District #6 Lodges ended at the
basketball court where Games’ Chairman,
Chad Peterson lit the Vasa flame. Nine
District 6 Lodges competed for glory. After
tug-o-war, keg toss, ticket ripping and various other feats of skill Frithiof #63 came
home with the Gold, Goithoid #486 the
Silver and Tryggve #88 the Bronze. At the
awards ceremony the following Past Park
Presidents were recognized: Rodger Grady
(1998-2000), Art Antonucci (2000-2001),
Roy Persson (2001-2003), Mark Bernabei
(2003-2004), Art Bjorkner (2007-2009),
Jack Hanright (2009-2011) and Chad
Peterson (2001). Current and Past Park
President BJ Peterson (1996-1998, 20062007) was also in attendance as was James
Radel (2004-2006).
A wonderful meatball dinner was served
in the Cultural Center for the bargain price
of $5. There was also a video display set
up of old home movies from past Park
events along with several tables of family
albums and photos of the members that
made Vasa Park what it is today. There was
no shortage of hugs, smiles and tears of
remembrance as fond memories came
flooding back. It was wonderful to see so
many family photos, lodge photos and folks
at their favorite spots in Vasa Park being
Chad Peterson lights the Vasa Olympic torch.
Vasa Star October-December 2011
taken that day to preserve the occasion. I’m
sure they will be on display at the next celebration. Fond farewells were said as hurricane Irene descended on New Jersey but
many hearty Vikings lingered to dance and
socialize, not wanting the evening to end.
A huge thank you goes out to the 75th
Anniversary Committee. These dedicated
Vasa members planned and worked for
over a year to make the day a memorable
event. District #6 is very lucky to have
beautiful Vasa Park and so many dedicated
members who work to keep it going.
So save the date: Summer 2036. Vasa
Park turns 100!
Submitted by: Beverly Blake, District
#6 New Jersey
Anniversary committee pictured left to right; Inger Hanright, Candace Peterson-Phelps, Chad
Peterson, Chairman, Cathy Peterson, Co-Chair, Debbie Larsson, Jerry Meloskie, Terry
Meloskie, Helen Haumacher and Art Haumacher.
Let’s Take a Lesson from the Norwegians
We here in northern Minnesota who is
of Swedish and other ethnic backgrounds
have watched with awe and perhaps some
envy as Norwegian-Americans have
engaged in a frenzy of preparation for King
Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway's visit
to Duluth, Minnesota this week. Duluth
Sons of Norway members spruced up their
Norway Hall to the tune of $50,000.00 in
preparation for the visit and rededication of
Enger Tower, a beautiful landmark on the
hill above the majestic Lake Superior
shore. This property and tower were built
and donated to the city of Duluth by a successful Norwegian immigrant as thanks for
his good fortune. It was dedicated by
Crown Prince Olav in 1939. A lovely luncheon with city and state dignitaries was
attended by 500 people and throngs of residents from all over the area lined the
streets to greet the royalty. Norwegian
flags flew in the breeze and the Norwegian
national anthem was sung. We of other
Nordic countries, in particular, should be
very impressed with the passion and dedication and pride of Norwegian-Americans
in their heritage (and perhaps work harder
to do the same with our Swedish heritage)!
Locally our Göta Lejon Lodge each
summer challenges the local Norwegians
to a fun-filled event called the Lutefisk
Toss. This is held during Two Harbors
Heritage Days in July and it is always a
popular event with cheering and laughter
and waving of Swedish and Norwegian
flags. And the Norwegians are always
good sports, because the Swedes once
again took the honors and carried away the
trophy for another year. Once again we
Swedes were impressed with the integrity
of the Norwegians, even as they lost. And
we of the Swedish persuasion admit that
we have had some talent who are of
Finnish descent that has demonstrated
good throwing arms for our team.
However, when an article appeared in
the local Lake County News Chronicle
describing the contest, it stated that the
Swedes defeated the FINNS! Could there
be a closet Norwegian on the newspaper
staff? Was there an attempt to cover their
loss? No! Surely not! We Swedes are trusting folks and we are certain that it was only
a typographical error! Or not? Hmmm.
In the meantime, let’s take a lesson
from the Norwegians – be loud and proud
about our Swedish heritage, wave the flag,
learn the words to the Swedish national
anthem, sing it loudly, encourage membership in our organization and if our Swedish
King and Queen come to visit someday,
let’s be “copy-cats” and give them a royal
welcome that will make the front pages of
our newspapers!
Submitted by: Patricia Olson,
Göta Lejon Lodge #251,
Two Harbors, Minnesota
Page 27
Vasa Orden av Amerika medlemmar
från Sverige besöker Vasa arkivet i USA
Under augusti månad passade
logesyskonen Karl-Erik Axelsson,
Elisabeth Agge, Anne-Sofie Hjort från
logen Enköping Nr 646, Håkan Hjort från
logen Linde Nr 492, Hillivi Sjöberg logen
Eskilstuna Nr 633 samt Lars-Åke Sjöberg
logen Mälardrottningen Nr 563 att besöka
ordenssyskon samt Vasa arkivet i USA.
Vi bodde hos Jake och Marge Gruel
som är logesyskon från Linde logen i
Milwaukee. Under sin vistelse i USA träffade vi ordenssyskon från Linde logen samt
deltog på deras kräftkalas hos Lisa och
Rolf Ekstrand. Varmt tack till familjen
Under besöket i USA begav vi oss tillsammans med Jake och Marge Gruel till
Vasa arkivet i Bishop Hill. Där fick vi träffa den nya föreståndaren Viktoria
Almgren-Kofoid. På arkivet kunde man se Karl-Erik Axelsson LL 646 samt Lar-Åke
att fastigheten fått sig ett ordentligt lyft och Sjöberg LL 563 studerar handlingar i vasa
utanför stod tre flaggstänger med USAs,
Sveriges och Kanadas flaggor som hälsade oss välkomna. Även inne på arkivet hade
många bra förändringar skett. På övervåningen finns ett kontor, sovrum samt kök.
Viktoria Almgren-Kofoid som nu är den nya föreståndaren, upplevdes som en positiv
och inspirerande person med ett stort engagemang. Hon pratar flytande svenska och
Under vistelsen i Bishop Hill hittade man tidningsurklipp då Amerikanska ungdomar
besökte Biskopskulla utanför Enköping i Sverige.
Vi tog en promenad ner till kyrkogården för att titta till Eric Janssons gravsten. Eric
Jansson som föddes i Biskopskulla utanför Enköping och bosatte sig i Bishop Hill,
Vi fick även vara med när Jennifer Johnsson, dotter till Jake och Marge Gruel avtackades efter det att hon avslutade sin tjänstgörning inom polisen efter 24 år. Tillsammans
med arbetskamrater samt chefer samlades vi i polishuset i Waukesha där det hölls tacktal
samt bjöds på kaffe med tårta.
Dessa veckor i USA tillsammans med ordenssyskon, gör att man känner den gemenskap som vår orden står för och som sträcker sig mellan kontinenterna. Varmt tack till
familjen Gruel och Ekstrand som vi fått som vänner inom vår orden för hela livet.
My name is Lucia
I come with the light;
There is nothing to fear
When the embers are bright;
No shadow is so dark
That you're ever alone;
Look to the light
And find your way home.
In life, I had plenty,
Both riches and gold,
But how can you be warm
When others are cold?
There is no glory in fine clothes
And shoes for your feet,
When people go to bed hungry
With nothing to eat.
I traded my gold
To share with the poor;
I went out by night
And laid a bounty at their door;
I can only imagine
The smiles on their face,
Where instead of dust,
Love took its place.
You see me clad in white,
With lights all aglow,
Offering a gift of plenty
As I did so long ago;
I travel from place to place,
Bringing hope and cheer;
Come, be at peace,
You are welcome here.
--Joel Bjorling, 2010
Member of Bishop Hill
Insänt av: Elisabeth Agge
Karl-Erik Axelsson, Elisabeth Agge,Enköping Lars-Åke och Hillivi Sjöberg, Stockholm Viktoria
Almgren-Kofoid nya föreståndaren samt Håkan och Anne-Sofie Hjort, Enköping.
Page 28
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Kära Vasasyskon!
Sitter i Palo Alto i Kalifornien, USA och funderar över det senaste Distriktsmötet
Vasa-orden hade i Ljungby i våras och hur det ska gå för min kära Vasa-loge. Vice
Grandmaster visade hur det går utför med Vasa om vi inte gör något och det är där
mina tankar kommer in. Om en organisation eller liknande inte är förändringsbenägen
kommer den att tyna bort. I vår ungdom kunde en gudstjänst hålla på i 1½ - 2 timmar
– idag tar den ca 45 minuter – och ändå har kyrkan kvar sina ritualer. En begravning
tog då minst 1 timmar – idag ca ½ timma. Men både en högmässa och en begravning
är fortfarande stilfull! Hur har kyrkan lyckats bevara sina ritualer trots den mycket
förkortade tiden?
Vi måste också på något sätt korta ner våra ritualer och våra möten! Hur ska vi
marknadsföra oss? Ska vi ta ut svängarna?
Här kommer så några mer eller mindre vilda idéer för att få fart på diskussionerna:
• Ska vi stå med bokstånd på Skänninge eller Kiviks marknader? Eller ska vi stå på
stormarknader typ A6 i Jönköping, Väla i Helsingborg eller Entré i Malmö?
• Ska vi engagera oss med det lokala föreningslivet på vår nationaldag?
• Kan vi få in emigrationshistorien som en kursplan på t ex en folkhögskola och
som skulle ge poäng för vidare studier?
• Ska vi annonsera i de stora reklamkanalerna i TV?
• Ska vi göra en större sak om årets svensk-amerikan, som t ex anlita en marknadsföringsbyrå som spelar in hela tillställningen och gör ett färdigt manuskript, för
att ha ett färdigt koncept att plantera i ett soffprogram i TV.
• Ska vi gå ihop med lokala släktföreningar och starta släktforskning särskilt för
dem som har släkt i USA och Kanada?
Om vi går tillbaka till Distriktsmötet: Det blev en hel del avtackningar – lite tamt
och enformigt tycker jag. Skulle man inte kunna utveckla det t ex bjuda de berörda på
högtidsmötets supé? Eller kanske skulle man lämna över ett antal Triss-lotter och om
de gav en större vinst kunde en viss procent gå till logen. Den loge-medlem som skaffar flest nya medlemmar i förhållande till hur många medlemmar det finns i dennes
lokal-loge, kan t ex få åka till USA och uppleva ett storlogemöte.
Det finns säkert många som också har tankar och idéer om hur vi ska förfara. Jag
vet att det kostar en del pengar, men på något sätt måste vi gå vidare. Vi får se det på
lite längre sikt – t ex 6-8 år, sätta upp delmål och ha utvärdering efter halv tiden, så att
det går att följa hur vi ligger till i förhållande till den uppsatta målen.
• Måste våra ritualer vara så omfattande? Kan vi trimma dem utan att innebörden
går förlorad?
• Måste alla i styrelsen vara med på alla styrelsemöten – kan det inte ibland räcka
med presidiet och FDO?
• Måste en DD vara med och kanske köra långa sträckor för att delta i ett
styrelsemöte? Eller det är ett moraliskt ansvar av hävd och tradition?
• Kan vi använda de sociala medierna mera?
• Det kanske finns företag som har verksamhet båda sidor av Atlanten – där kan
man kanske göra någonting tillsammans t ex den 4 juli.
• Jag skulle vilja veta hur det går för Norra distriktet och hur logerna där gör – där
tycker jag vi saknar en del information.
• Kan man slå ihop distrikten?
The Volvo Open
Race 2011
My husband and I had the opportunity
to sail on Kings Legend in the Volvo
Ocean Race Legends Regatta and
Reunion in Alicante, Spain in November.
It was sponsored by The Jalousie
Enclave, an exclusive property development in a UNESCO World Heritage site,
Val des Pitons on the Caribbean island of
St Lucia.
The first day of racing was abandoned
through lack of wind, conditions on the
second day could not have been better,
with the Legends boats powering around
a 22-mile course in up to 30 knots of
A testimony to the Volvo Ocean
Race’s 38-year history, the Legends
Regatta was the largest ever gathering of
yachts and sailors from previous races.
During the event, which took place in
the week prior to the start of Leg 1 of the
Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12 from
Alicante to Cape Town, South Africa on
November 5, more than 600 past competitors travelled from across the globe to
renew old acquaintances and reminisce
about past adventures.
Seven Legends Ambassadors were in
attendance: Lady Pippa Blake; Tracy
Edwards MBE; Magnus Olsson; Skip
Novak; Pierre Fehlmann; Alain Gabbay
and Juan Vila. Sir Chay Blyth was unable
to attend having sustained a broken leg
shortly prior to the event.
From the 1977-78 race was the British
65’ sloop King’s Legend, and from 1981
was the 57’ Berge Viking from Norway.
Kings Legend now had has Dutch
Submitted by: Marie Carlson
Source: Volvo Open Race info sites
Picture by: Marie Carlson
Hur är det: Finns det en tidskrift för Norra distriktet typ vår Vasa-Nytt? Om så är
fallet kanske det kunde startas ett samarbete och samtidigt förbättra informationen
därifrån, och hur ska man göra med USA-delen som vad jag förstår tappar flest
medlemmar. Det har jag alldeles för lite kunskap om, men det finns säkert duktiga
medlemmar där som kan utveckla den biten.
Jag hoppas att mina tankar kan starta en förutsättningslös diskussion, och jag hoppas få slippa höra kommentarer som t ex: ”Så här har vi aldrig gjort förr – gör vi
ingenting tynar vi bort!”
Med de bästa Vasa-hälsningar I sanning och enighet
Sven Broddesson, LL Kärnan Nr 608, Helsingborg
Vasa Star October-December 2011
Page 29
Kurbits På
MODE: Slotts Barbro från Fjäkelmyra
– där har ni årets svenska modeexport.
Kläder med hennes traditionella dalamåleri har visats på catwalken i Paris och
sålts på exklusiva varuhus världen över.
Franska modehuset Rochas anlitade
Slotts Barbro då chefs-designer Marco
Zanini, vars mor är dalkulla, ville
återknyta till sina svenska rötter.
– Han kom hit ett par dagar och vi jobbade tillsammans fram mönstren, berättar
Barbro som målar enligt traditionella
metoder med äggoljetempera och limfärg
Originalmålningarna fördes seda över till
siden av specialister i Italien.
Nu har lugnet lagt sig i ateljén hemma
på Fjärdmansgården utanför Börlänge.
Men i garderoben hänger en klänning,
special designad av Marco Zanini.
– Hen gjorde en särskild version till
mig och en likadan till sin mamma. Lite
mer klädd, med rejäl ärm och krage.
Ateljén är öppen för besök, men ring
More Men Than Women
In about four years there will be a historical trend break in Sweden: There will then
be more men than women living there. And subsequently, the male dominance will
increase every year. Sweden has had more females than males since long before the
start of the national registration in 1749. Daily Sydsvenskan has looked into the matter
and pinpointed the breaking point as April 26, 2015. After that date, expect to see
more men than women, as the life expectancy of men will increase due to a number of
medical advances. Meanwhile, Swedish women are leading less healthy lives than
before, they work harder, smoke and drink more and are also more susceptible to
stress and exhaustion. “There’s probably a ceiling for how quickly life expectancy can
increase,” says Sven-Olof Isacsson, professor of community medicine at Lund
“Swedish women are close to hitting that ceiling, therefore men are catching up
with them.” The increase in men also has to do with immigration, more men than
women immigrate to Sweden from former Yugoslavia, Africa and the Middle East.
Manliest city in Sweden? Övertorneå with 53.1 percent men. Stockholm, Malmö and.
Göteborg still has a 51 percent female dominance.
Submitted by: Carol Blackwell, Phoenix Lodge #677
Biathlon instersund
Hedestad Alias
FILM: “Hedestad” säger stationsskylten. Men det är i Sollefteå som
Bondstjärnan Daniell Craig, i rollen som
Mikael Blomqvist, kliver av tåget i kommande Hollywoods tolkning av Stieg
Larsson: The girl with the draton tattoo,
med premiär i december.
Även Kilafors och Segersta utanför
Bollnäs har fått ta på sig rollen som den
fiktiva norrländska orten.
Sites of Interest
Swedish program about Americans visiting Sweden to find their roots! A must
The logo symbolizes the core values of biathlon in the winter city Östersund.
- Hosting, we might give you your next cold but we receive you with a warm heart.
- An event in true winter conditions with cold and snow
- An event in an urban environment
- The proximity to the world
In short: Cold nose – warm heart!
- 500 leaders
- 350 active, 38 nations
- 130 media representatives
- 15 Radio & TV Stations
- Over 50 million TV viewers in the EBU
- 22,000 visitors
- 600 volunteers
- Five days of competition
- 6 races
Logot symboliserar det huvudsakliga värdet av skidskytte i vinterstanden Östersund.
- Som värd, kanske vi ger dig din nästa förkylning men med ett varmt hjärta.
- En händelse i riktig vinter med kyla och snö
- En händelse i en stads - miljö
- Närheten till världen
Kort och gott: Kall näsa - varmt hjärta!
Page 30
- 500 ledare
- 130 massmediatekniker
- Över 50 miljon TV-tittare i EBUEN
- 600 volontärer
- 350 aktiva, 38 nationer
- 15 radio & TV-stationer
- 22,000 besökare
- Fern dagar med tävlingar
- 6 races
Vasa Star October-December 2011
In Memoriam
Till minne av hädangångna
ordenssyskon genom vilkas
bortgång syskonkretsen gjort
en kännbar förlust
In memory of our departed
members who will be
sorely missed
DORINDA NYLAND died on July 3, 2011 at the
age of 89. Sister Dorinda was born on March
15,1922 in Oakland, California. She Joined Tegner
Lodge #149 on February 5, 1975. She is survived
by her daughter Celeste Spencer and husband John
Spencer, and her children Ellen, Tyler, and Linnea.
August 15, 2011. Preceded in death by her husband
on March 2, 2011. They joined Runan Magnet
Lodge #120 in 1971 and transferred to Enighet
Lodge #178, Denver Colorado on October 28, 1990.
V.O.A. Kronan Lodge #544 in St. Paul. Their commitment to each other, their family, to God, and to
their Swedish heritage is a model for all who knew
FERN RICHTER was born in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, August 16, 1921. She passed away in
Los Angeles, California, July 20, 2011. She joined
North Star Lodge #106 on November 7, 1989 as
member #2122 and served as auditor for many
years. Fern is survived by three children and grandchildren.
BETTY ARVIDSON, age 86, of Mentor, OH,
passed away on October 19, 2011, at Hospice
House in Cleveland, OH. She was the beloved wife
of Emil Arvidson and William Becker (deceased),
loving mother of Kim (Mark) Sample, grandmother
of Matthew, Gwen, and Tim; great-grandmother of
8; stepmother of Penny (Neil) Richards and Pam
(Jim) Hooley; step-grandmother of Cameron, Ian,
Dylan, and Rose; loving sister of the late Carl Lind;
and sister-in-law of Eric Arvidson. Betty joined
Nobel-Monitor Lodge #130 on February 28, 1947,
and was a Life Member.
February 23, 1914, in Batavia, IL, passed away
August 27, 2011, in Blooomingdale, IL. He joined
Viljan Lodge #349 on February 27, 1975 and was a
36-year member. He is survived by a son, a daughter, and 2 grandchildren.
MARIA I. ARVIDSON (nee Wenzel), 84, died at
home (Mentor, OH) on September 9, 2011. She was
the beloved wife for 55 years of Eric O. Arvidson,
loving mother of Gerda (Gunner) Maidhof, and
grandmother of Sylvia, Katia, and Peter, all of
Germany; sister-in-law of Emil (Betty) Arvidson of
Mentor. Maria was a 50-year member of NobelMonitor Lodge #130, having joined January 6,
August 13, 2011. She was born Dec. 9, 1924 in
Minneapolism MN. She joined Stenbock Lodge
#138 on Dec. 1, 1950 and was serving as Master of
Ceremonies. She is survived by Sisters Gloria
Adolphson, Vivian Cushing, Joyce Carlson, and
brother Ray H. Halldeen, Jr (Peggy).
PEARL L. BLACK passed away July 11, 2011, at
the age of 85. She was born March 17, 1925, in
Youngstown, OH, and was initiated into Harmony
Lodge #465 on September 13, 1997. Her husband,
James A. Black, whom she married in 1948, is
deceased. She leaves a son, Dudley A. Black, a
daughter-in-law, Elisa, brothers Paul Storm and
Carl, and grandchildren Kristin Yates and Colin
D. ARLENE HOLMGREN - age 86. Passed
away on October 9, 2011 after a lengthy illness.
1951 graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College.
Loving wife, mother, former parish worker and substitute teacher. Follow in death by husband, Arthur,
on October 20, 2011. (See C. Arthur Holmgren
C. ARTHUR HOLMGREN - age 88. Passed
away on October 20, 2011. “Arthur” was preceded
in death just 11 days earlier by his wife of 58 years,
“Arlene.” Arthur was a P38 pilot in WWII. Later,
he worked as a teacher in the St. Paul Public
Schools. He held a bachelor's degree in teaching
from St. Cloud Teacher's College and went on to
earn his Master's Degree from St. Thomas College.
Arthur and Arlene are survived by: two sons, David
(Natalie) and Wayne; Arlene's sisters and their
spouses; niece Maryellen Mikwold; nephew
Clifford Trudell; and many friends in Minnesota
and Sweden. They were both long-time members of
Vasa Star October-December 2011
husband of Frida (nee Ek) for 60 years, passed away
on September 25, 2011. He was the devoted father
of Paul (Patricia) and David (Lynn); proud grandpa
and “papa” of Nicole, Alyssa,and Richard; brotherin-law of Elsie Jones (Robert, deceased), Irma
Jackson (Delbert) (both deceased), and Barbara Ek.
Dearest uncle of many. Dick joined Nobel-Monitor
Lodge #130 on February 11, 2001.
EDWARD J. APPELGREN, 96, born July 13,
1915, passed away October 26, 2011. Ed joined
Oscars Borg Lodge No. 172, Phila., PA, February
27, 1994. Ed was a faithful and active member of
Oscars Borg Lodge, including a two-year term as
chairman, 1998-99. Dear father of Brenda Ferich
and the late Edward Appelgren; loving grandfather
of 4 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren; and
dear brother of Dorothy Paley. Sov i ro.
Cannomsburg, PA, passed away July 12, 2011, at
the age of 52. She was born in Johnstown, PA, on
October 27, 1958, and was initiated into Balder
Lodge #308 on June 11, 1994.
CARL D. MILLER, a lifelong resident of Skagit
Valley area of Washington, passed away August 9,
2011. He was a beloved member of Solidaritet
Lodge #396. He is survived by nice Donna Cook,
her family and extended family members. He
served his country in WWII and married in 1951.
For many years he came early in the morning to
help with the pancake breakfast.
JENNIE C. PEARSON passed away in Cathlamet,
WA, on October 18, 2011. She was born in
Centerville, WA, on February 25, 1914. She was a
73-year member in good standing with Svea Lodge
#469 in Longview, WA. She loved her social life
andwas active in the community. She leaves a
daughter udith (Lewis) Jones; daughter-in-law
Bernice Pearson, 8 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
Richard Allan Priem, longtime resident of
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, passed away Monday,
November 7, 2011, at age 78 years. He was a special friend and comrade for 50 years of the late
Robert Paul Thekan and was preceded in death by
his parents Raymond and Ruth Priem. Richard
Priem was the brother of Ronald, Roger (Valerie),
and Russell (Donna) Priem, and is also survived by
nieces, nephews, other relatives, and many friends.
Richard Priem was a longtime member of the
Finnish - American Society of Milwaukee, and
Linde Lodge 492 Vasa Order Of America. He was
retired after 30 years of service at Boston Store.
May 6, 2011 in Dallas, TX at the age of 90. She
was born August 27, 1920 in Manor, TX. She was
a Charter member of Carl Widen Lodge #743 where
she served as Cheer Ch, Recording-sec, Financialsec, and Auditor. She is survived by sister-in-law
Rose Anderson, nieces, nephews, step-children and
grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
should be mailed with check or money
order to: Joan Graham, 5838 San Jose
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510-526-5512. E-mail: [email protected] The
fee is $8.00 for 1 column inch. Longer
obituaries will be charged a flat rate
of $25.00. All notices MUST be typed and
WRITTEN in a format similar to those in
this column. NO newspaper clippings.
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