Early Years Update

Early Years Update
Walsall Early Years Team
Aims of the session
• Early Years Foundation Stage revision September 2014
• Children’s Centre reshape
• 2,3,4 year old places
• Safeguarding/Early Help update
• Training 2014/15
• Early Years Offer
Early Years Foundation Stage
• Available to download free from
• Comparison table of the key changes on our website:
• For regular Ofsted updates register at: www.ofsted.gov.uk
• Ofsted bench mark is Good check the Inspectors notes
and grade descriptors
Children’s Centres re-shape
Area Cluster Manager
Debs Guy
Area Cluster Manager
Tahra Hussain
Area Cluster Manager
Sarah Barker
Barbara Butlin
Area Cluster Manager
Lisa Wolverson
Area Cluster Manager
Angie Clarke
Area Cluster Manager
Andria Holmes
Mick Davies
Childcare in Children's Centres is no longer part of the core offer:
• Needs to be sustainable.
• No assisted places
Early Help/Safeguarding update
• Aimee Shaylor - Education
Safeguarding Advisor
• Mobile phones
• Social media
• Whistle blowing
Training 2014/15
• Charging and cancellation policy
• What’s on offer?
– WellComm
– Beginning with Babies
– Module
A complete speech and language toolkit, offering
screening and intervention tools for children in the early years.
• A free toolkit per setting after both sessions have been
• Session 1: Getting Started
• Session 2: Next Steps
Early Years Offer
Band A
No support required if provider is judged to have sufficient capacity, they will be invited to
join network support to improve and support with providers in Band B, C and D.
Core offer 1,2 days support per year
Band B
Band C
Providers improving but need support to maintain due to a particular and specific change. Band
B providers would be offered support to an agreed action plan.
Core offer 1, 2 days support per year plus up to 3 days a year in addition to the above
Providers making insufficient progress. A provider in Band C would be offered appropriate
support and interventions, against an agreed action plan, with specific timescales supporting
Ofsted action plans.
Core offer plus 3, 4 days support per year plus up to 6 days a year in addition to the above
Band D
Providers with an Ofsted category of Requires Improvement and Inadequate. Providers placed in
Band D will receive support brokered by the LA against an agreed action plan, which will be
monitored with agreed timescales for improvement.
Core offer plus 3, 4 days support per year plus up to 6 days a year in addition to the above
Funding for 2, 3 and 4 year olds
Provider agreement
Have your say!
• Comments and questions
• Walsall MBC budget consultation
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